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The best (free) Journey alternative

Friday is the best alternative. Unlike, we are more than a private journal. We can help you do better work and be more successful.

How is Friday different?

Journey is a great tool if you want a space for writing. Friday is the easiest way to fast-track success


Unlike Journey, Friday has customizable templates for any scenario.


Private journaling is nice, but Friday is so much more than a journaling app.


Friday integrates with work apps that you already use on a regular basis.


Friday is constantly updated and improved on a weekly basis.

All-in-one journal, planner, & habit tracker

Friday makes it easy to kickstart any routine at work or in life. It's a better alternative to Journey

Journey alternative

Why Friday is the better alternative to Journey

Journey is an Android/iPhone based app that helps you keep a private journal. Friday is a fully customizable way to kickstart any routine in life and at work. Journaling on a regular basis is one piece of the puzzle.

Kickstart any routine with Friday

Friday helps you automate the successful habits of high performers.

Daily Review

End your day by remembering everything you accomplished.

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Weekly Update

Reflect and figure out where you can improve in the upcoming week.

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Gratitude Journaling

Quickly share what you are thinking about on a regular basis.

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Get better at what you do

Create habits with Friday and level-up at work and in life.