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The #1 Ohlife Alternative

Friday is the easiest way to start better habits at work and in life. See why we are the top alternative to Ohlife

About Ohlife

Before Ohlife shut down, it was a private journaling app. Friday is a completely customizable way to kickstart any routine habit at work and in life. Regular writing is only one piece of the puzzle.

Why Friday is a better alternative

Build better habits of planning and reflection. Reach your full potential.


Unlike Ohlife, Friday is completely customizable for any scenario.

Better journaling

Friday is so much more than a digital file cabinet for your thoughts.


Friday integrates with apps you already use, so you get meaningful context.


Kickstart new habits by automating the boring stuff like notifications.

Kickstart any routine

Friday can help you kickstart new habits. We've got you covered, from weekly reviews, to daily updates, and more.

Routine Builder

Friday can handle any routine

Automate any routine you can dream up.

Daily Review

Remember everything you accomplished every day.

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Weekly Review

Create a routine of weekly reflection and prioritization.

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Gratitude Journaling

Remember the great things happening in your life.

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Unlock greatness

Create repeatable habits and become your best self.