The Best Alternative to Soapbox |

The #1 Alternative to Soapbox

Create work routines for team updates without scheduling another meeting.

Friday work routines

Determine Priorites Without More Meetings

Set daily standups and other work routines

Start asynchronous team check-ins for daily standups, status updates, weekly reports, and goal-setting. You'll always know how your team is performing without getting bogged down in meeting tasks and details.

Roadmap your day in the Friday Planner

Connect your online calendar and join meetings in the Friday planner. Glue together your most important work.

Mission control for your meetings & action items

Join meetings in Zoom or Google Meet directly from the Friday Planner. Integrate your to-do lists or add action items.

Create focus time on your calendar for deep work

Stop the continuous notifications and eliminate distracting websites when you are working. Friday helps you finish your most important work and tasks beyond what Soapbox can offer.

Friday is the Ultimate Soapbox Alternative

Give your team more flexibility than meeting management software

Any Team Update and Work Routine is Possible in Friday

Weekly Update

Share a weekly recap on what you accomplished every week.

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Daily Standup

Start your day off right by sharing what you are working on with your team.

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Weekly status updates in Friday are deeply integrated into workplace chat and productivity tools, whether it's Slack, Teams, or something else.

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Automate Status Updates and Team Check-Ins

Friday makes it easy to get the information you need, so you can accelerate meaningful conversation faster.