Routine Builder: the easiest way to automate async updates and check-ins |

The new routine builder: the easiest way to automate async updates and check-ins

Posted by Luke Thomas

When I started Friday, the first product was based around a simple concept that you should have predictable, repeatable streams of information flow. In a world of ad-hoc communication tools like Slack and Zoom, I thought people would seek help creating more consistent communication, so information flows to the right people at the right time, without another meeting.

Fast forward - we've powered hundreds of thousands of updates, ranging from daily standups, to weekly check-ins. According to a recent internal survey, people who use routines to share updates save hours every week, reducing or eliminating meetings that could have been an email.

At Friday, we only have three routine meetings every month thanks to routines. Many of you experience the same outcome. That's why we decided to completely rebuild the routine builder experience, so it's easy to get up and running.

What's new

I recorded a video below that outlines how to get up and running with routines. The new routine builder is a completely customizable canvas for automating any routine update at work.

With Friday, you can automate individual and team check-ins, like:

  • Daily Standups
  • Daily Recaps
  • Weekly Updates
  • Weekly Prioritization
  • 1-1 Check-Ins
  • Sprint Retrospectives
  • Monthly Recaps

All these workflows can be done from one tool!

Additionally, if you enable a power-up, you can supercharge your routines and make them more powerful. When you are done sharing an update, power-ups make it so you can:

  • Send kudos to a coworker
  • Share progress on a key goal or OKR
  • Offer up a suggestion for improving the company
  • Answer icebreaker questions so you can get to know your team

This is like lego-building blocks for making routine updates more useful and rewarding.

In conclusion

Routines help you share written updates, so you can have fewer, better meetings. The all-new routine builder is your fastest path to creating repeatable communication systems, so you can spend less time less time in aimless meetings and more time doing deep work.

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