An all-new, integrated daily planner to win the workday |

Introducing: an all-new, integrated daily planner to win the workday

Posted by Luke Thomas

Friday is your command center for working from anywhere. We want to help you roadmap your day, spend less time in bad meetings, and feel more connected to your team, no matter where you work from.

The Problem

In a world of remote and hybrid work, it can be challenging to create structure to your day. Some of you have more time because you don't need to commute, but the day blends together and it's super easy to get distracted now. As a result, it's easy to work longer hours and burn out.

Before, the office helped provide structure to your day, but what do you do now?

This is a question I asked myself for many years. I tried everything you can think of - paper planners, task apps, time blocking in my calendar, and so much more. Nothing worked. I would finish my days feeling frustrated and unproductive. I had more time, but I wasn't being effective.

The Solution

This problem is why we rebuilt the daily planner to help you better allocate your time and finish your day with a feeling of accomplishment. Life is short. If you are going to work, you may as well do your best work, so then you can stop working and go do other things, like hang out with your family or learn a new hobby.

Here's a list of everything we launched to help you win the day. Feel free to watch the video below or keep scrolling!

See your day in one view

The Planner now extends the full-width page to make it easier to see more of your day and what you have planned. As a friendly reminder, we can automatically pull in your meetings from Google Calendar or Outlook.

Allocate your time with a few clicks

You can now schedule events by clicking on an empty time slot in your day and choosing the event type you want to schedule.

Always know what you need to work on next

The Today view helps you see what you need to work on next. If you install the Chrome Extension, you can see this information when you open a new tab, which helps you stay accountable.

Drag and drop tasks from tools you already use

Easily drag and drop your tasks onto your day, pulled from tools you already use.

Friday integrates with leading task apps, like:

  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Clickup
  • Todoist
  • Microsoft To Do
  • Google Tasks
  • Github
  • Gitlab

Keep work fresh with bi-directional sync

For paid customers who integrate a task app, if you complete a task in Friday, we will automatically sync over the status in your task tool, so your work always stays up-to-date across systems.

Stay focused, block distractions (like Slack & social media)

Block off time in your day for specific tasks you want to focus on. When you need to focus, Friday will automatically mark you away in Slack so you won't get annoying pings when you are trying to do deep work. You can also block distracting websites too. I'm using this feature right now as I work on this post ;)

Stop burning out with breaks

Plan for breaks during your day and sync your status with Slack to let your teammates know when you’ll be unavailable.

Know exactly how you spend your time with analytics

How much time did you spend in meetings last week? How much time did you focus? For paid customers, you can see a breakdown of how you are spending your time. It's a great way understand how you spend your time.

Know what to wear by seeing your local weather

What's a daily planner without the weather? Add your location and we will automatically pull in the weather, so you can see what day is best for an afternoon walk.

Next steps

If you want to do better work, you need to try the new daily planner in Friday for free. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop us a note!

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