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Posted by Luke Thomas

Hey there! I'm really excited to share what we've been up to in May. Let's jump right into the good stuff.

1.) We're open-sourcing a book on working from anywhere!

Right now, many of you are trying to figure out if you should return to the office, and if so, how frequently? I've spent almost a decade working for partially and fully distributed organizations and I feel the pain, which is why we are open-sourcing a book to help you navigate this transition.

You can learn more about the book here!

This book reads like a user manual for leading a team or running a company from anywhere. It's a compilation of everything we've learned from personal experience, trial and error, and numerous customer conversations!

If you signup to receive early access to the book, we'll pick 5 lucky people (US-only) to receive a free hardcopy of the book!

We will also publish the entire book online for free and we'll release an audio version on Youtube and across audio platforms. The physical copy will be available on Amazon as well (mid-July).

2.) Customizable People Profiles

Friday is based around the belief that the office can no longer be relied upon to create the feeling of awareness and connection at work. So how are you going to learn more about your coworkers and what makes them unique?

That's why people profiles exist in Friday. We help create a bedrock of understanding about your coworkers that helps you accelerate fun conversations from anywhere. This is especially valuable as you hire new people you don't know.

Free accounts have 3 free questions. For paid customers, you can now customize the questions that you ask your team or company!

If you and your team use profiles in Friday, you will break down the barriers to getting to know your team. It's not about replacing in-person discussion, but about giving you context to have richer conversations!

3.) Team Directory Pages

With people profiles, it's easy to learn more about individuals, but what about teams? Well, that's why we have team directory pages :)

The new team directory page is like a one-stop-shop for understanding more about a team. For example, you can answer questions like:

  • Who is on the team? Where are they located? (see the map!)
  • Who are the team leads?
  • What is the team working on? (coming soon)
  • What are the teams goals for the quarter? (coming soon)

Team pages make it easy to navigate across the organization and see how every fits together. This feature is only available for paid customers.

Wrapping up and what's next

We left a few easter eggs in this post (if you look closely), but here's a snapshot of what we will be working on in June:

  • An all-new planner design - we've heard all your great feedback and have some really cool improvements on the way.
  • New homepage - The logged-in homepage will quickly showcase the most important highlights of your day, plus activity from your team that you should know about.
  • Lots of improvements to our Slack integration - sync custom emojis from Slack to Friday, activate focus time with a slash command, and a lot more!
  • A secret feature - stay tuned, we are testing internally right now and it makes Friday a lot more useful ;)

If you have any questions, comments or thoughts on what we should work on next, feel free to drop us a note at support@friday.app. We'd be happy to chat!

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