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Posts, the easiest way to collaborate asynchronously (and what else is new in June)

Posted by Luke Thomas

This month, I'm thrilled to announce a brand-new feature that will dramatically improve the usefulness of Friday, especially for those of you who are trying to create a more asynchronous workplace.

As a friendly reminder, Friday is a command center for working from anywhere. We want to be your home for the most important stuff at work and to help you accelerate the transition to a more flexible workplace.

We aren't trying to replace workplace chat tools like Slack. Instead, we want to tame them, especially in a world that demands flexibility over constant presence.

Introducing Posts

For years, we've focused exclusively on routine communication and updates (daily standups, weekly updates, etc). Today, we're launching Posts, which is our solution for ad-hoc, longer-form communication that shouldn't be a meeting, but also needs to be more thoughtful than a Slack conversation.

Posts is like an internal blog meets forum. With Posts, you can capture and share meeting notes, proposals, ideas, customer feedback conversations, and company-wide announcements. Posts also uses a brand-new editor that will be rolled out to the rest of the product in the weeks to come.

Posts is not a replacement for longer-term documentation like a wiki, but instead, aims to help you get important conversations out of noisy Slack threads. You can't do your best thinking in an environment that encourages quick-fire, half-thought out responses. Like a blog, Posts can rollup in a chronological feed based on specific categories and viewers can leave emojis and comments to facilitate thoughtful discussion.

Even better, you can push Posts into Slack or email for improved visibility. We also sync over comments from Friday into Slack automagically.

Leaders can also 'pin' posts which are visible on the Today view. We also include a link for meetings to easily capture notes (see below).

Posts also automatically rollup to your own profile, so you can see and reflect on your history of contributions over time.

Posts is something many forward-thinking remote-first companies have manually hacked together on their own. We've created something anyone can use.

Posts is free to all users but is restricted to the last 21 days of activity for free accounts (similar to routines). Paid customers will be able to create custom categories, see unlimited history, see Post analytics, and pin Posts to the homepage.

Sign up for Friday & start using Posts.

Goals: Charts and Pinning

We've also been working on improving Goals. As a reminder, Goals is the easiest way to centralize and report on team and company progress at a high-level. Now, you can see your progress towards goals and initiatives in a handy line chart. You can quickly see if you're trending in the right direction or not.

For goals you have been assigned, you can now see them on the Today view below your meetings and tasks. This is perfect if you want to make sure your daily work aligns to the bigger picture.

Additionally, leaders can now pin specific goals, which will show up on the Today view. Important initiatives shouldn't collect dust. Now, you can make sure they are visible to your entire company on a regular basis.

In conclusion

As COVID-19 winds down, the most important shift your organization can make is to create a more flexible workplace. The way you get there is by shifting more of your work so it happens asynchronously, saving meetings and real-time collaboration for when it matters most.

At Friday, we're focused on creating tooling to help you accelerate and drive this necessary change that makes work and life so much better.

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