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What's new: Goals are now free, Loom integration, and more!

Posted by Luke Thomas

We just made another round of improvements to make it easier to do your best work from anywhere. Let's jump in!

1. Private Goals are now available for free accounts

For the last few months, we've offered goals as an optional add-on for paid team and company accounts. Today, I'm thrilled to share that goals is now available for everyone! If you have a free account, you will now be able to start using private goals in Friday.

Private goals are visible by you and collaborators only. Public goals (available on a premium plan) are visible by anyone in your organization, which is perfect for exploding transparency across the company.

2. See goal progress when sharing updates

We also refreshed our routine entry context panel to show goals that you are the owner of. Now, when sharing a daily standup, weekly update, or another routine, you can see your current goal progress without needing to click!

This makes it easy to adjust your work so it aligns with a goal for the month or quarter.

Right now, there's a massive disconnect between high-level goals and everyday action for most organizations. In a remote-first world where output matters more than activity, we think there's a need for tools to help connect these dots.

3. Record video updates with Loom (directly in Friday!)

Here's another update I'm really excited about. Now, you can share async video in Friday, with our brand-new Loom integration.

In routine updates and posts, you can instantly start recording a Loom video if you use the command /loom. When you're done, you can embed the video with one-click!

We love written communication, but sometimes you need to add extra context to ensure that your message is heard. That's what this integration is all about :)

4. We will be renaming some features

In the near future, Routines will be renamed to Check-Ins. Additionally, Power-ups will be called "Add-Ons." We are making these changes to make it easier to understand the feature and its intended use!

Wrapping up

In another couple of weeks we'll have another round of fun updates to share. If you have suggestions or ideas on what we can improve, drop us a note!

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