The #1 Alternative to Any.Do

Friday is the easiest way to roadmap your day, connect your project management tools, and keep your team up-to-date.

Win the Day with the Friday Planner

Make a daily plan

Connect your online calendar with your task management tool. Or create tasks directly in Friday. Friday brings your most important work together.

Roadmap your workday

Set focused time and join meetings directly from the Friday Planner. It's the mission control center for your meetings and action items.

Create focus time on your calendar for deep work

Stop the continuous notifications and eliminate distracting websites when you are working. Friday helps you finish your most important work and tasks.

Be organized today...and tomorrow.

Set due dates for your action items or move them to the next day. At the end of the workday, reflect on what you've done and prep for tomorrow.

What makes Friday a better option than Any.Do?

Friday is a suite of modern workplace tools to help you plan, do, and focus on the work that matters most. From anywhere.


Roadmap your day with the Friday Planner. Connect all of your calendars and join meetings directly from Friday.


Friday integrates with tools you already use. Add your tasks in Friday or from other tools. Join meetings from the Planner.


Focus on the tasks that matter most. Set focus times during your calendar and update your status to your team.


Install the Friday Chrome extension, and block distracting websites while you work. This isn't a feature in most to-do lists.

More than a To-Do List. Optimize Your Day.

Friday is the ultimate Any.Do alternative because it's more than a to-do list, task manager, or project management tool. Roadmap your day, connect with your team, and build great work routines.


Friday is Your Remote Work Operating System

Start asynchronous team check-ins for daily standups, status updates, weekly reports, and goal-setting. You'll always know how your team is performing without getting bogged down in task details.

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Any Team Update and Work Routine is Possible in Friday

Friday takes you beyond a to-do list and is the pulse for what's really happening in your company.

Weekly Update

Share a weekly recap on what you accomplished every week.

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Daily Standup

Start your day off right by sharing what you are working on with your team.

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Chrome Extension

See your schedule and to-do list in every tab. Block out distracting websites. All with the Friday Chrome Extension.

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The Top Any.Do Alternative

Roadmap your day, keep your to-do lists, manage team updates, and focus without distractions.