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10 CRM Templates for Customer Management This Year

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Keeping customers happy is simply one way for businesses to grow and maintain loyal life-long customers. 

One of the simple but most effective ways to maintain a good relationship with your customers is knowing and providing them with what they need. This can be difficult when you’re working with a team handling a number of customers who are in various stages of the sales process.

Stay in the loop with your customers by having  Customer Relationship Management(CRM). If you currently don't have the need or the resources to invest in project management solutions or construction project management apps for bigger organizations or businesses, using a simple CRM template is a great way to start managing your clients and sales better. This system will provide you with all the information you need when fostering client and customer relationships. 

If you’re busy juggling various tasks and projects, you may not have the time or resources to properly set up or invest in a CRM system. This is where CRM templates come in handy. Choose from our list of customizable and easy-to-use templates for various projects and applications to get started!

ClickUp is a work management platform that offers tools to help organize and grow your customer relationships. ClickUp offers editable and ready-to-use templates to support various projects and tasks including a CRM Template. This simple and easy-to-use CRM template by ClickUp is made for users who are looking to jumpstart their customer relationship management. It comes with various statuses, views, and a drag-and-drop functionality to help you better manage and visualize your work. 

This beginner-friendly template is made to help users who want to start staying accountable and on top of managing their customer relationships. This simple and organized template will support your basic sales and CRM needs faster. 

Main Elements of this CRM Template

ClickUp’s CRM template includes

  • Seven Statuses: Closed(Won), Closed(Lost), Proposal, Demo, Intro Call, Qualified Prospect, Unqualified Prospect to label leads and track your overall sales progress 
  • Views: Choose from a Schedule, Sales Playbook, Account Details, List, and Closed deals view to give you a look at your accounts and deals
  • Sales Playbook helps you track sales goals, account modules, time management, and more
  • Organize your account details and deals in separate lists according to your preference

How to Use This Template

Manage and track your contacts, sales, and deals with ease by using the ClickUp CRM Template. 

Just click on “Add Template” and sign up for ClickUp to start using the template on your very own workspace. Choose a specific Space or location in your Workspace to add this template.

Start collaborating and invite your team to your workspace to get started.

Take advantage of the multiple views to visualize deliverables in different categories.

  • Find client information organized in a Calendar View, ClickUp Doc, or List View
  • Find your way easily around this template with its drag-and-drop functionality
  • With the Sales Playbook Doc, stay on top of sales goals, accounts, records, outreach, and more

Choose from various view types and statuses to keep everything detailed and organized to maximize your potential sales

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2. ClickUp’s Simple CRM Template

Clickup’s Template Center offers a simpler way to manage contacts through its Simple CRM Template. This template is made for those handling contact management. Users handling a database of contacts can use this template to organize and find information at a glance.

Just like most ClickUp templates, this is also an easy-to-use and beginner-friendly template for anyone looking to get started quickly. This Simple CRM Template comes with statuses, fields, and views to help you organize sales and account information for better management. 

Main Elements of this Simple CRM Template

ClickUp’s Simple CRM Template includes:

  • Six Statuses: Closed, Disqualified, Lead, Lost, Opportunity, Won to label your task progress
  • Eight Custom Fields: Label if the information is an Email Address, Company, Disqualified Reason, Stage, Lost Reason, Phone Number, Estimated Value, Confidence for better organization
  • Views: List and Table views show users the priority level, stage, estimated value, phone numbers, and more at a glance
  • Customization: Customize contact statuses and add additional fields for more information

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3. Hubspot’s Google Sheets CRM Template

Track your sales activities and customer interactions without training for a CRM software solution with this beginner-friendly CRM Template created by HubSpot. This is great for those who are just starting out and are in need of help managing their sales leads.

This simple and easy-to-use Google Sheets CRM Template features a visual dashboard that gives you a glance over your metrics and targets in bar charts. Customize this template’s dropdowns and tabs to match your sales process and start tracking your sales data.

Main Elements of this Google Sheets CRM Template

This Google Sheets CRM Template includes:

  • Easy to Use: This CRM Template is made for Google Sheets and Excel also comes with an instruction guide
  • Dashboard Sheet: Fill in Organizations, Contacts, Opportunities, and Interactions to keep your dashboard updated

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4. ClickUp’s Sales Pipeline CRM Template

If you’re looking for a template to help you manage leads throughout the sales process, ClickUp’s Sales Pipeline Template is a great way to kickstart your sales pipeline. Track and manage accounts with this flexible template that you can organize according to your process. Add this template to your ClickUp Workspace and get access to a custom field and views to get your customer and sales management system started. 

This Sales Pipeline CRM Template will also give you a look at ClickApps in action for better tracking and organization when handling a bigger team and database. The template also comes with automations to help improve your processes by automating repetitive status changes. 

Main Elements of this Sales Pipeline CRM Template

ClickUp’s Sales Pipeline CRM Template include:

  • 30 Statuses: Track your sales pipeline from lead to client with 30 statuses to keep you updated
  • Custom Fields: Access to one custom field to give you more flexibility when handling your deals
  • Seven ClickApps: Utilize Time Tracking, Priorities, Tags, Custom Fields, Dependency Warning, Multiple Assignees, and Emails according to your needs
  • Automations: Automate status changes to either change list or assignee

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5. ClickUp’s Commission Tracking CRM Template

ClickUp’s Commission Tracking CRM Template is great for users and teams managing and tracking commission-related sales. This ClickUp template supports account management in a more advanced level with additional resources as well as a detailed Help Doc.

Save time with this template’s custom fields for faster computation and calculation of sales. The template’s custom statutes also help users better understand your overall progress in one view. Take advantage of these features to keep your systems well-managed and organized,

Main Elements of this Commission Template

ClickUp's Commission Tracking CRM Template includes:

  • Custom Fields: Determine commission percentage with Actual Value, Commission Percentage, and Commission Earned fields
  • Six Statuses: New lead, Talking, Price Negotiation, Purchase Agreement Sent, In Progress, and Paid to label lead status
  • Five Views: Utilize various views and look at leads and sales progress according to your preference
  • Automatic Calculations: Focus on sales and commissions with automatic calculations once custom fields are filled out

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6. Basic CRM Template

Manage and track contacts, sales, and deals all in one place with this basic CRM Template. Streamline the way you communicate with potential and current customers with this online CRM template. It features and functions that can help you integrate revenue tracking, sales, and more in one system. This simple CRM template is also a great way to improve your internal team communication by giving everyone a better understanding of where your prospects currently stand.

Get a look at all customer contact information at one glance to gain an understanding of your current sales progress and where your deals currently stand. Update this template’s tables and columns according to your own preference and needs. 

Main Elements of this Basic CRM Template

This Basic CRM Template includes:

  • Sorting and Filtering: Tab allows sorting, filtering, and display of important customer information
  • Customizable: Update and edit rows and columns with information you will need during the sales process
  • Estimated Sale: Get an estimate of your average monthly and annual sales by adding data from active customers
  • Sales Log: Create monthly and quarterly sales reports by recording individual sales

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7. Excel CRM Template

Individuals starting out with handling a CRM will find this simple CRM template for Excel a great template to start with. Keep track of your contacts and stay in the loop with your customer's journey while keeping an eye out for any sales opportunities.

This simple CRM template categorizes your contacts between opportunities, accounts,  contacts, and calls. Group contacts by dates, revenue, accounts, and more. You can also customize your sheet to include additional tabs according to your sales process. 

Main Elements of this Excel CRM Template

This Excel CRM Template includes:

  • Simple and easy to use: This simple Excel CRM template is made for beginners 
  • Customizability: Organize, manage, and add tabs of categories you will need to organize all of your contacts and deals
  • Track deals: Get a look at all of your ongoing deals at a glance in one simple spreadsheet
  • Track opportunities: Group data by stage and track opportunities in your deal pipeline

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8. Salesflare’s Sales Funnel CRM Template 

Organize and view your leads, contacts, and sales opportunities with this detailed CRM template for Excel by Salesflare. Take a look at your sales process in one glance and create a CRM that will help you track leads and sales.

Improve your sales process and never miss a single sales opportunity by analyzing your sales pipeline with the help of this customizable CRM Excel Template. You can also add various tabs for other information and details like employee directories and third-party suppliers.

Main Elements of this Sales Funnel CRM Template

Salesflare’s Sales Funnel CRM Template includes:

  • Sales Funnel Sheet: Manage and track sales according to the stage they’re in
  • Sales Leads: Manage your sales lead according to the steps of your sales process
  • Analyze Sales Pipeline: Track new leads, revenue, active sales reps, conversion rates, and more
  • Revenue Forecasts: Get an idea of how your sales reps are performing through the Insights sheet which is automatically updated

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9. ClickUp’s Real Estate CRM Template

Real estate deals and transactions involve a lot of work and paperwork that needs to be done before a sale is officially closed. Teams handling real estate marketing, deals, sales, and transactions know the importance of having a CRM to ensure that their customers are well taken care of.

ClickUp’s Real Estate CRM is a great resource to organize and manage deals, contacts, and ongoing negotiations. This template includes task statuses and view types created specifically for real estate transactions to help keep all of your client records organized and in order.

Main Elements of this Real Estate CRM Template

ClickUp’s Real Estate CRM Template includes:

  • Fifteen Statuses: Real estate-specific task statuses to label each customer data 
  • Six Views: Sold, Doc, Schedule, Viewing request, Properties, and List views to organize your database
  • Automation: Setup automation for repetitive task and status changes
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Easily move contacts and deals in between stages for easy management and organization

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10. Airtable’s Business Development CRM Template

This Business Development CRM Template is made for individuals looking for a more detailed CRM template that can support strategic relationship management. This adaptable non-traditional CRM made in Airtable helps sales teams, business development teams, and investment teams.

Use this Business Development CRM Template to track contacts and other information needed in sales negotiations. Consolidate all of your contacts and leads and track partners, opportunities, and deals all in one place with this CRM system.

Main Elements of this Business Development CRM Template

Airtable’s Business Development CRM Template include:

  • Cloud-based System: Stay on top of your current deals and get information and data whenever you need it
  • Multiple Views: Focus on your progress toward specific contacts and deals
  • Track Progress: See your team’s progress in the deal pipeline
  • Flexible Relationship Management: Customizable management template for various sales teams and partnerships

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Best Tips for Effective CRM Management

After getting the best CRM template suited for your needs, all you have to do is set your processes in place and align your team with the goal of setting up this system in the first place. Despite having a management system, you will still need to define how your CRM can support your team and business.

Here are some tips for an effective CRM implementation:

Know Your Customers

Identify all the information and details you will need to follow up and track your leads and potential customers. Avoid including unnecessary information you will not need in any stage of your sales process to avoid having a cluttered CRM system.

Define Your Sales Process

Have a detailed and specific sales process in place. Define each step and strongly implement this order among your team. This way you are able to properly organize your prospects and customers by each of the sales cycle which will allow you to find information faster.

Use Labels and Tabs

Most templates offer a lot of flexibility and customization options. Take advantage of this and create a system that works best for you. Use a template as a starting point and make adjustments along the way. 

Manage and Nurture Leads with ClickUp’s CRM Templates

Customer relationship management is an important aspect for any business. It allows you to build strong relationships with your customers and deliver the best service and products. A CRM will provide you with valuable information that can further drive sales as well as improve business performance.

Get started by having a CRM template that you can improve as your business grows. Instead of starting from scratch, having a complete and customizable template is a great way to get your CRM system started. ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform and project management app that features more than 1000 templates for various use cases. Check out ClickUp’s library of CRM templates and find the best fit for your business goals and objectives.

Sign up for ClickUp and get access to more than 1000 templates for free!

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