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14 Best Online To-Do Lists & Apps for 2021

Posted by Alisha Shibli
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To do your best work and be truly productive, you need a clean and easy-to-use system in place. There’s (almost) always a list of never-ending things that you need to do both in your personal and professional lives.

The way to manage and stay on top of everything and to limit your anxiety is to make the most of to-do list apps.

Here’s a list of 13 best to-do list apps that you can try out. 

1. Friday

Format: Online, mobile-friendly

Get a personal command center that can help you get the most out of your workday. With the daily planner, you can sync your calendar and your task list alongside your daily meetings. With Friday, you’ll have clarity on what you need to accomplish next.

Pull tasks from the task management apps you already use, like Asana, Todoist, and Trello. That way you stay above the nitty gritty project management details and can focus on the actual tasks that need to be done.

Friday also has a Posts feature, where you can write out announcements, ideas, meeting notes, and more. By connecting to other task management apps, you can easily insert your tasks into your daily schedule to make a great to-do list.

Friday has everything right there for the day. 

Best Features:

  • Be organized by having all your important tasks--for life and work-- in one place
  • Add a simple task directly into Friday or integrate with your favorite task management software
  • Friday Chrome Extension keeps you on track by showing your calendar and to-do list tasks to complete, while also blocking distractions
  • Go into Focus Time to stay focused and get work done
  • Share and collaborate on different types of notes with Posts

“It’s so helpful to see my day just by opening up a new tab! I no longer have to open my calendar, find the day, click the meeting and find the links.” - Trace Cohen — New York Venture Partners


  • Free
  • Pro: $6 per user
  • Enterprise: $9 per user

2. Todoist

Format: Web, iOS & Android mobile app

Todoist is a simple, easy-to-use, and clean way to stay on top of your to-do list and improve your productivity--whether its your shopping list or something more complex. Not only does it let you track your own workload, but it also makes it easy to share different tasks with your team so that everyone can stay on track. The app offers various useful features such as subtasks, sub-projects, recurring tasks, notifications, and more.

Best features:

  • Share your tasks with your team to stay on track
  • Offers an easy-to-use and clean interface
  • Gives you a clear view of your day in one place

“Todoist helps the creative person whose ideas are all over the place.” -- Capterra


  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: $3/person/month
  • Business: $5/person/month

3. Asana

Format: Online, Mac Desktop, Android & iOS mobile app

Asana is a project management tool with a great to-do list feature. The app is incredibly easy to use, and it makes collaboration easy among remote teams. You can add project schedules, create dependencies between tasks, and assign tasks to your team all without leaving the platform.

Best features:

  • Easy to build projects and assign tasks
  • Ready to use built-in project templates
  • Easy to integrate third-party apps

“This is the best ever tool for effective communication and collaboration. ” - TrustRadius


  • Basic plan: Free
  • Premium: $13.49/monthly ($10.99/month if billed annually)
  • Business: $30.49/monthly ($24.99/month if billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Tailored to your needs

Using Asana? Integrate your tasks with the Friday planner.


Format: Online, iOS & Android mobile app

Your to-do list goes beyond just your job. From the moment you start your day all the way till you go back to bed, there’s a whole bunch of chores that need your attention such as completing a presentation or picking up a parcel. qualifies as one of the best to-do list apps as it makes it easy for you to organize your life and stay on top of everything.

Best features:

  • Easy to create and manage all kinds of tasks—personal & professional
  • Can be accessed on all kinds of devices (including smartwatch)
  • You can assign tasks and create a roadmap for better organization

“The dashboard is also useful as it gives an overview of current and upcoming tasks.” - Capterra


  • Basic - Free
  • 1 month - $5.99 /month
  • 6 months - $4.49 /month
  • 12 months - $2.99 /month

5. Microsoft To Do

Format: Online, iOS & Android mobile app

Microsoft To Do is another great to-do list and calendar app that easily integrates with Outlook Tasks, making it easier to manage all your tasks in one place. It gives you the option to break your tasks down into simple steps, add deadlines, and set reminders for your daily checklist to keep you on track.

Best features:

  • It integrates easily across all devices
  • Gives you the option to break down complex tasks into smaller tasks
  • Gives you the option to share your to-do list with your colleagues

“Is a great little tool for creating and maintaining all your "to-do" lists.” - Capterra


  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic: $5 /month /user
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard: $12.50 /month /user
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium: $20 /month /user
  • Microsoft 365 Apps: $8.25 /month /user

Using Outlook? Connect your calendar to Friday.

6. Trello

Format: Online, iOS & Android mobile app

Trello is a comprehensive project management tool with to-do just being a part of the whole package. The app not only helps you keep track of all your projects but also makes it easy for remote teams to stay aligned. The app offers a Kanban board layout wherein you can create and assign dashboards with individual cards underneath each specifying the task details.

Best features:

  • One of the best project management tools for remote teams
  • Easy to create and assign tasks with clear deadlines
  • Checking progress on a project is as simple as moving cards along

“Trello has been a good software for collaboration, and my team and I are pleased with it.” - Capterra


  • Free
  • Business Class - $12.50/person /month
  • Enterprise - Tailored to your business needs

Already using Trello? Integrate your cards with the Friday planner.

7. Google Tasks

Format: Online, iOS & Android mobile app

Google Tasks offers a simple interface to add and manage your tasks--both personal and work-related. You can use keyboard shortcuts to create recurring tasks, put certain to-dos on your home screen so that you don’t miss them, edit, align, and organize them seamlessly.

Best features:

  • Put all the important tasks on your home screen
  • Work seamlessly across different devices
  • Allows you to export all your data

“Since it's by Google, and we use G-suite, it has made it really easy to keep it updated across people in our organization.” - TrustRadius



8. Things 3

Format: iOS & Android mobile app

A product of Germany, Things 3 is another great example of fine engineering in the productivity space. One of the best to-do list apps, it is designed to offer a top-quality user experience. Things 3 is a great choice for people who want something that’s easy to use and something that they can start using without going through many “how-tos.” 

Best features:

  • The reminder feature ensures you never miss a to-do
  • Simple forward an email to the app to convert it into a task
  • Gives you an option to add cool widgets

“It's a joy to use, feels really good, and is big on most of the features I need. ” - Software Advice


  • One-time: $9.99 /month

9. Notion

One of the most dynamic productivity platforms to emerge in the last few years, Notion can handle your to-do list, while also taking care of your document and wiki management. The key selling point to Notion is its immense flexibility--make a to-do list, start a CRM, start a budget tracker, make a packing list. Its interlocking capabilities helps you connect all of the features and pages of Notion in one place.

Many people don't enjoy Notion because of the blank slate nature of it--others crave this customization.

Best features:

  • Customization
  • Easy to get started
  • Wide array of capabilities


Personal: Free

Personal Pro: $4 per month

Team: $8 per person/month

10. Remember The Milk

Format: Online, iOS & Android mobile app

Remember The Milk was created so that you don’t have to write your to-do lists on sticky notes, whiteboards, random scraps of paper, or the back of your hand. It’s one of the first few apps that was considered popular in the productivity space. The app integrates easily with third-party apps making it easy for you to add and manage your to-dos.

Best features:

  • Syncs easily across different platforms and devices
  • Integrates easily with third-party apps
  • Add location and tags to organize your tasks

“I just use it for myself to manage my to-do lists for work I owe my various clients, and also for my own personal non-business to-do's.” - TrustRadius


Yearly: $39.99 per year

11. nTask

Format: Online, Mac Desktop, Android & iOS mobile app

Another one in the list of best to-do apps, nTask helps you manage your daily tasks and helps you organize your timesheet so that you can do a thorough risk and issue analysis. The app offers a central dashboard where you can add your to-dos, invite your remote team to collaborate on them, and check your progress.

Best features:

  • Gives you the option to convert comments into tasks
  • Offers the option to use Gnatt charts and build your projects
  • Helps you organize your to-dos and timesheet

“Amazing Task Management Software. Exceptional Time-Tracking Application.” - Capterra


  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: $3.99 per month / per user
  • Business: $11.99 per month / per user
  • Enterprise: Tailored to your needs

12. TickTick

Format: iOS mobile app, Mac Desktop, Android, Online

With TickTick you can add tasks to your to-do list using Siri. The app is both iOS and android friendly making it easy for you to access your data from almost any device. Another interesting feature the platform offers is to assign specific keys on your keyboard to specific tasks so that you can add them just by pressing the key.

Best features:

  • Option to add tasks to your to-do using Siri
  • Assign keys on your keyboard to specific tasks
  • Access the tool across devices--both iOS and android

“TickTick works well for personal use - managing daily and/or recurring to-dos through a variety of lists.” - TrustRadius


  • Monthly: $2.79
  • Yearly: $27.99

13. Toodledo

Looking for an all-in-one task and to-do list app that leans to the personal side? Toodledo is great for tracking team projects, but also has a few more productivity features that most to-do lists just don't have.

With Toodledo, you get outlines, habits, and notes along with the typical task management software.

Toodledo combines several note-taking and habit tracking features into one platform.

Best features:

  • Searchable note-taking platform
  • Habit tracker
  • Outlines


  • Free
  • Standard: $2.99 per month

14. Google Sheets

Yes, you can use Google Sheets to make a to-do list. Here are the benefits:

Saves money: You don’t need to buy any monthly subscription or pay any one-time fee to use Google Sheets. It’s absolutely free to use.

Saves time: There’s a ready-to-use template that you can customize and get started with right away.

Extremely customizable: You can change the look, feel, and functioning of your to-do list completely using conditional formatting.

We walk you through step-by-step on how to create a to-do list in Google Sheets.

How can you organize your to-do list?

Having a to-do list is just one part of the equation. Knowing how to use them for your benefit is a whole another skill. Keeping to-do lists organized can be a challenge if you don't keep them in order and in the long run this can hamper your productivity. When choosing a to-do list app, look for one that you can personalize. The more you can make that app your own, the easier it’ll be to use. 

It's important to figure out what works for you since to-do lists will only benefit you if they are tailored to your needs.

What makes a great to-do list app?

Making a to-do list is not tough. Why use an app when you can note it down on a piece of paper? For you to consider a to-do list app, it needs to offer more than just giving the functionality of adding tasks. Here are a few things that make for a great to-do list app:

  • Makes it easier for you to add and organize tasks
  • Makes it convenient for you to keep track of your tasks.
  • Send you reminders about self-imposed deadlines.
  • Easily accessible by syncing across different devices.
  • Offers clean user interfaces and well-designed to-do apps.
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