Automate routine updates

Say goodbye to meetings that should have been an email. Friday automates any update you can dream up.

Create systems for better work

Friday helps you create predictable work habits by automating as much of the process as possible.


Customize notifications, prompts, reminders, and so much more.

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Friday plays nicely with tools you already use, like workplace chat.

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See automatic trends and analytics. Easily benchmark progress.

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Routines for you

Boost personal productivity by replicating the routines of high-performing individuals. Pick a template below:

Morning Plan

Start your day off right. Be intentional about what you aim to accomplish.

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Daily Report

Remember and document what you accomplish at the end of every day

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Weekly Review

Write down what you are thankful for on a regular basis

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Routines that reduce meetings

Spend less time in meetings because information and updates are shared beforehand.

Daily Scrum

Easily share what you are working on every day. Ideal for highly-collaborative teams.

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Plans, Progress, Problems

The easiest way to collect a status update from people on your team. Only three questions!

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Start, Stop, Keep

What should your team start, stop, and keep doing? This template can help you learn what to improve.

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Team Check-ins

Understand how your team is feeling and overall sentiment. Easily capture a pulse.

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Routines for Teams

Establish work habits and stay in sync, faster. Meetings are optional.

1-1 Meetings

Capture information before your 1-1 and have better conversations with less awkwardness.

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Team Meeting Agendas

Walk into weekly team meetings prepared. Spend less time asking what's going on.

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Weekly Updates

See what everyone accomplished during the week. Walk into weekly staff meetings prepared.

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Status Reports

Automate weekly status reports and see what everyone is working on.

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For years, I have asked each person who reports to me to take about ten to fifteen minutes to write a brief email of what they did that day, the issues pertaining to them, and their reflections.... I and those I work with find this simple tool invaluable in helping us stay in sync
Ray Dalio From the bestselling book, Principles

Routines to run your company

Create a communication architecture at work. Stay aligned with top-down updates, or get feedback directly from the frontline.

Skip-Level Feedback

Collect feedback from the front line on a regular basis to understand how you can improve as a leader

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Company Updates

Make sure everyone is aware of what's going on every month. Break through the noise of the inbox.

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Pulse Check

Capture an anonymous temperature check on how people are feeling at work to drive strategic change.

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Information-gathering is the basis of all other managerial work, which is why I choose to spend so much of my day doing it.
Andy Grove Author of High Output Management

Boost your work

See how power-ups boost your routines and help you kickstart new habits.