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10 SOP Templates for Various Use Cases This Year

Posted by The Friday Team

Every organization or team goes through various processes and procedures. 

If you want to complete projects with your goals and objectives in mind successfully, you’ll need to have a standard process that you can follow. This is where your standard operating procedures (SOP) come in.

Aside from your company’s vision statement, handbook, rules, and workflow, an SOP will outline the steps that you need to follow to complete any project or task according to a specific standard.

Creating an SOP can be tedious especially if you have multiple procedures which is why there are a variety of SOP templates for every task that you can use and follow.

Using an SOP template is a simple and easier way to ensure that procedures are executed and completed consistently.

Here are some of the best free SOP templates that you can use for ClickUp, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word. Check them out!

1. ClickUp’s SOP Template (Editor’s Pick)

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity app designed for all users to achieve their goals. With hundreds of collaborative and powerful features, it provides an intuitive experience to manage projects, align the team, and work together, all in one place. 

ClickUp’s library of templates is available for a wide range of tasks, projects, and workflows. These pre-designed templates allow users to create and manage tasks and other items within ClickUp with pre-set information to save time without having to start from scratch. 

ClickUp’s standard operating procedure template gives you a great starting point for implementing new procedures within a small team or department in an organization. This is a standard operating procedure template with basic elements that define the what and why of your SOP.

Main Elements of this SOP Template

ClickUp’s SOP template includes:

  • Four sections to define your SOP including an Overview, Who, Where, and When
  • Easy one-page template for quick navigation
  • Covers all possible angles in a simple and manageable way

How to Use This Template

Effective and efficient teams can use the ClickUp Standard Operating Procedure Template to help things get done fast.

First, hit “Add Template” to sign up for ClickUp and add the template to your Workspace. Make sure you designate which Space or location in your Workspace you’d like this template applied.

Next, invite your team to your Workspace to start collaborating.

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2. ClickUp’s Non-Profit SOP Template

Non-profit organizations can use this Non-profit SOP template by ClickUp to establish a complete and comprehensive plan when implementing and running non-profit projects. It has two pages to help define and identify the purpose and age of your project.

It is a ClickUp Doc template to start a complete procedure plan when executing non-profit projects. You can also use this SOP template as a reference for your team during project execution and completion.

Main Elements of this Non-Profit SOP Template

  • Document template to establish a plan for non-profit projects
  • Define how to implement the project
  • Define the objectives and goals of using the document

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3. ClickUp’s Accounting SOP Template

Accounting departments and teams will find ClickUp’s Accounting Template helpful for writing, monitoring, modifying, and storing accounting-related standard operating procedures. With most organizations going digital, a ready to use accounting SOP template is great for creating digital accounting documents and records. Use ClickUp’s Accounting SOP Template to collaborate and access SOPs for your team or department anytime and anywhere.

This template is complete with sections to define objectives, dates, flowcharts, and other activity SOP details. It also has pages for common accounting processes such as tax compliance, accounts payable, procurement process, and more.

Main Elements of this Accounting SOP Template

  • Write and store your SOP in a digital format within your ClickUp Workspace
  • General Accounting SOP for various processes
  • Includes pages for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cashflow Management, Petty Cash Management, and more

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Create a paperless accounting SOP for your team with this template. Get it for free!

4. ClickUp’s HR SOP Template

Human Resources(HR) teams and departments often complete multiple processes in a manual and tedious way. With the help of an HR SOP Template, HR teams are able to automate repetitive business processes for better efficiency and productivity.

The ClickUP HR SOP Template helps organized all HR processes, tasks, and duties with a pre-designed digital Whiteboard. This template helps quickly define and distribute information to anyone working under the HR department. 

Main Elements of this HR SOP Template

  • Custom statuses to add context to each actionable item in your project or task
  • Onboarding templates and offboarding views for better organization of your company employees or staff
  • Views to create SOPs for trainings, recruitment, and performance evaluations

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5. ClickUp’s Marketing SOP Template

ClickUp’s Marketing SOP template helps users and teams manage and deliver marketing campaigns in an efficient manner. Since most marketing campaigns are composed of various elements and factors, having a standardized Marketing SOP will help any team member with standard business procedures that they can follow.

Use this marketing template to create a clear and detailed SOP for each of your processes when implementing an engaging marketing campaign and strategy. This template uses ClickUp’s collaborative Docs, a document editor featuring engaging styling, customization, and formatting features. Help your team deliver consistent quality by providing them with a document complete with all the information and resources they need.

Main Elements of this Marketing SOP Template

  • Streamline operations by creating a step by step instruction of your workflow for each campaign or strategy
  • Ensure efficiency and consistency with an SOP for each of your marketing processes
  • Provides a separate page to define SOP for Blog Voice, Campaign Process, Design Process, Creative Process, and more

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Manage your marketing processes with this free SOP Template

6. ClickUp’s Restaurant SOP Template

Running a restaurant successfully is a difficult process that involves many factors and people involved from hygiene, food safety, preparation, and so much more. Despite a complex process, all you need is to strictly create and adhere to a detailed and comprehensive standard operating procedure document.

ClickUp’s library of templates also offers a Restaurant SOP template which can serve as anyone’s guide and source of information to everything they need to know for running successful restaurant operations.

Main Elements of this Restaurant SOP Template

  • Prepare and set guidelines for each restaurant process for successful operations
  • Document template provides a section for objectives and background information of the restaurant
  • Includes a separate page to provide information about Facility and Equipment, Health & Hygiene, Food Preparation & Safety, Menu Production, and more

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Create an SOP for your restaurant business with ClickUp.

7. ClickUp’s Warehouse SOP Template

Manage a warehouse with proper order and routine by centralizing all internal processes with an SOP document. Ensure that all facilities and materials are handled properly with the help of this Warehouse SOP from ClickUp’s Template Library.

This SOP template is great for creating a detailed document about your processes for various tasks such as ordering materials, managing catalogs, documenting deliveries, tracking paperwork, and more.

Main Elements of this Warehouse SOP Template

  • Maintain order and routine in your warehouse by creating a detailed SOP for each of your processes
  • Document includes sections about company information, processes for ordering, receiving and more
  • Includes section for approving vendors and ordering material

Try the Template

Create a complete SOP for your warehouse processes by getting this template for free

8. ClickUp’s Standard Operating Procedures Template

This general standard operating procedures template is an intermediate pre-designed template that provides a framework for managing an organization’s personnel or staff. ClickUp’s general standard operation procedures template helps ensure and maintain competent and motivated employees through proper management.

Main Elements of this Standard Operating Procedures Template

  • Framework for managing team members, personnel, or staff
  • Template includes sections for onboarding, offboarding, trainings, promotions, and more

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9. Google Docs SOP Template

If you’re looking for a simple template for Google Docs, this standard operating procedure template is a great document to start with. It is designed with a table to help you lay out an ordered process to managing specific tasks that require step-by-step management.

This template includes fields for information about your department, details about the SOP’s author, and other crucial information to managing and implementing your SOP.

Main Elements of this SOP Template

  • Simple and editable SOP template for Google Docs with tables to detail an ordered process
  • Data record to show valuable data for analysis and other observation purposes

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10. Microsoft Word SOP Template

This simple yet complete and detailed standard operating procedure template is great for all teams and departments. It can be edited and customized according to your processes and goals. 

Use this template to write your standard processes and add granular details such as scope, responsibilities, and other considerations. This template also includes a table to show revision changes to help keep track of various versions of your SOP document.

Main Elements of this SOP Template

  • General standard operating procedure document for processes and tasks
  • Table of contents to help navigation for lengthy and comprehensive SOPs
  • Change history table to record revisions and updates made to the document

Try the Template

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Who Benefits From Using an SOP?

Onboarding Teams: Standard operating procedures (SOP) are important for onboarding teams to ensure that new employees or clients have all the necessary information they need to get up and running. This document outlines the process for new hires, such as paperwork & training, so that they can hit the ground running on day one.

Management Teams: Standard operating procedures (SOP) are essential for management teams to make sure that their operations are running smoothly and efficiently. This document outlines the process for any task, such as customer service or inventory management, so that team members can stay on track and complete their tasks with ease.

Create and Write Your Own SOP with ClickUp

In addition to the wide variety of SOP templates offered by ClickUp, the app’s template library offers more than 1000 templates for every industry, team, project, and task. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, you’ll surely find the perfect template to help streamline your workflow.

ClickUp has the tools, templates, and solutions for managing everything from daily operations to complex projects, even your business' entire workflow. ClickUp's rich set of fully customizable features is ideal for aligning the team, working together, and delivering high-quality products.

Use ClickUp to help your team scale or your business grow. Sign-up for a free account and start streamlining your processes even further.

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