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9 Best Team & Enterprise Wiki Software for 2022

Posted by Alisha Shibli

Wikis are one of the best tools that an organization can use to manage its documents and knowledge base. Not only do they help find information quickly but they’re great for onboarding and training new team members. 

What are the key features of a wiki?

The reason why most company wikis fail is because people try to do too much with them. The wiki is seen as a dumping ground for documents and random meeting notes when it should be seen as a special place for the most important written content that everyone in the company needs to know about.

Some of the key features of a good wiki software include:

  • They can be easily edited.
  • You can revert to an older version of the doc.
  • You can manage who can access a doc in permissions.
  • They are interactive and can integrate with other platforms.
  • You can easily link between different but related pages
  • It’s updated and is a dynamic source of truth

What is the best team wiki software?

Here’s a list of the eight best team wiki software that you can explore today.

1. Friday

Friday is a modern digital HQ that glues together your most important things at work, helping your team to work from anywhere.

It all starts with the Planner, which helps individual employees roadmap their day. Then with team check-ins, it's simple to provide updates to the whole team or to an individual manager on a routine basis. This function in Friday can cut your number of meetings in half

With Posts, you can bring the discussion out of the noisier chat apps and keep the conversation going. It's the perfect way to communicate internally--and asynchronously--and solves many of the issues that plague other old-fashioned wikis. 

Wikis should have three main sections:

  • The Building Blocks (pillars for the company)
  • Department/Team pages (information about each department or team)
  • The Day-to-Day (standard operating procedures and how to behave and act on an everyday basis)

Friday checks all of those boxes. You can get started with your team or company for free.

Best Features of Friday

• Share regular updates about what you are working on in a simple and automated way

• Keep the regular flow of information without another meeting

Use Posts for richer, asynchronous discussion in a forum setting

• Keep company values front-and-center with the Company Handbook

Celebrate each other with kudos

• Get to know each other with Team Profiles and icebreaker questions

 Start your company on Friday for free.

2. Confluence

Kicking off our list of best team wiki software is Confluence. Built by Atlassian, it is an effective knowledge and content management tool. It’s great for collaborating on content and ideas and connecting with people across the company. 

This company wiki software allows real-time editing which allows team members to work on the same page at the same time. You get all the other great features such as adding in-line comments, @mentions, and more. Using Confluence, you can create content such as docs, PDFs, images, and more.

Best Features: 

  • Customizable templates to easily kickstart any project.
  • Connect JIRA and Hipchat to streamline all collaboration.
  • Real-time editing and version tracking.

Types of companies:

Confluence is perfectly suitable for a variety of business sizes, primarily medium to large companies. Organizations with its team spread across borders can get value from its real-time editing feature.


  • Free: limited features
  • Standard: $5.50 per user/ month
  • Premium: $10.50 per user/ month
  • Enterprise: Tailored to your needs

3. Slab

The preferred choice of over 7000 companies including Vox Media and Asana, Slab is another one of the many great team wiki tools for remote teams. It offers an attractive editor that allows you to create beautiful documents that are easy to consume and great to look at. This company wiki software also allows you to embed docs and files from other tools into your documents.

Content in Slab is organized by ‘Topics’ instead of the commonly used tags or folders. All your documents appear on the left side of your homepage. The tool also gives you analytics to gauge whether your knowledge is being read and understood by the team.

Best Features: 

  • Attractive and intuitive interface.
  • Integrates easily with Google Docs, Dropbox, Slack, GitHub, Asana, and more.
  • Content organized by topics instead of tags or folders.

Types of companies:

Slab will fit perfectly in a team of 10-15 to a team of 25-30 members. It offers flexible pricing that adapts to the size of your team.


  • Free: limited features
  • Startup: $6.67 per user/ month
  • Business: $12.50 per user/ month
  • Enterprise: Tailored to your needs

4. Slite

Another one on the list of best team wiki software is Slite. It brings clarity to your work by allowing you to create and store important company documents in one place. The platform gives you the flexibility to create private notes or public workspaces that can be shared with your teams.

You can choose to create these docs from scratch or import them from Google Docs, Dropbox, Confluence, Evernote, and more. Whether it’s employee onboarding, meeting minutes, or team handbooks–you can create and store all these docs neatly in “channels”.

Best Features: 

  • Make interactive wikis by embedding YouTube videos, Spreadsheets, Code blocks, and more.
  • Ability to invite external members to edit docs temporarily.
  • Easily imports documents from other tools such as Google Docs, Dropbox, and more.

Types of companies:

Slite was built keeping small to mid remote teams in mind that are either new to remote culture or in the process of streamlining their processes. Its specially made templates make getting started as easy as possible.


  • Free: limited features
  • Standard: $8 per user/ month
  • Premium: $15 per user/ month

5. Notion

One of the most popular team wiki tools in the market, Notion is the preferred choice for teams at IBM, Pixar, Spotify, and more. You can create personal and private workspaces to organize your content.

The one feature that sets Notion apart from most company wiki software out there is its highly customizable interface. It also allows you to create nested pages, keeping everything neatly organized.

Businesses and teams across the spectrum can use Notion to create comprehensive docs and knowledge bases to share information with each other.

Best Features: 

  • Highly customizable interface.
  • Thousands of templates make getting started easy.
  • Desktop and mobile apps, as well as a web clipper.

Types of companies:

Notion’s features make it a great fit for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


  • Personal: free
  • Personal Pro: $5 per user/ month
  • Team: $10 per user/ month
  • Enterprise: Tailored to your needs

6. Tettra

If your team uses Slack a lot then Tettra will blend in with your team easily. You can connect the relevant Tettra category to the relevant Slack channel. This way, any time you publish something in a specific category, it’ll send a notification to that Slack channel.

You can also search for docs in your Tettra knowledge base from your Slack app. And if there’s a doc that hasn’t been created yet but could be a great addition to the existing knowledge base then you can suggest them using the suggestions feature. 

Best Features: 

  • Great for teams that use Slack as a key communication channel.
  • Great control over who can access the documents.
  • Content can easily be searched within Slack.

Types of companies:

Tettra will fit perfectly a small team or an enterprise. It offers flexible pricing that adapts to the size of your team.


  • Starting: free with limited features
  • Scaling: $8.33 per user/ month
  • Enterprise: $16.66 per user/ month

7. Guru

Also known as GetGuru, this is a powerful yet manageable company wiki software that hosts knowledge base and important docs for teams that enjoy flexibility. Guru offers cards for easy knowledge sharing. You can also use its Google Chrome extension to add information and tasks directly to the platform.

Best Features: 

  • Assigns experts to certain cards for effective management.
  • Easily integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • The Google Chrome extension allows you to add information directly to the platform

Types of companies:

With companies such as Slack, Airtable, Square, and more, Guru can easily be adopted by businesses of all sizes. However, looking at the pricing, it might be better suited for mid to large companies.


  • Starter: free up to three users and $5 per user per month for teams that need more
  • Builder: $10 per user/ month
  • Expert: $20 per user/ month

8. Google Drive

If you’re looking for something simple and easy to access, then Google Drive is the way to go. Unlike other team wiki tools, Google Drive doesn’t have a host of attractive features, but it gives you all the basics you need to get started. 

As a small business, you can create different folders for different teams of categories and add docs in them. The sharing feature allows you to select members who can see the docs and make any amendments to them.

Best Features: 

  • Simple interface and easy to get started.
  • Edit and store over 100 file types, including PDFs, CAD files, images, and more.
  • Uses AI to predict what you’re looking for and shows the most relevant content.

Types of companies:

Google Drive is perfect for teams of all sizes. However, it’s truly beneficial for teams that are still trying to find their footing and getting things organized. It gives them a good head start to manage their knowledge base.


  • Free

9. HelpJuice

Last in our list of best team wiki software is HelpJuice, a tool that lets you create both internal and external knowledge bases. It makes it easy for both internal and external members to find answers and relevant documents. 

With hundreds of custom-made templates, you can customize your wiki to look like your company website making it easy for your team members to browse all the docs giving them a seamless experience.

Best Features: 

  • Strong styling and customization tools.
  • Analytics that tell you the most searched questions, who searched for what, and more.
  • Option of custom branding to make it your own.

Types of companies:

HelpJuice is great for large enterprises that have many internal teams and work with various external partners. 


  • Starter: $120 for four users/ month
  • Run-up: 200 for 16 users/ month
  • Premium Limited: $289 for 60 users/ month
  • Premium Unlimited: $369 for unlimited users/ month

Choose the best wiki software for your company

If you’re looking for the best wiki software to get started, then this list can be a good starting point. Understand your needs and then go through each software exploring their features, pricing, and more to see which one best suits your needs.

Team Wiki Software FAQ

What's a team wiki?

What are the benefits of wiki software?

What's the difference between an internal and external wiki?

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