Introducing Widgets, an update to our pricing plans, and a preview of 2022 |

Introducing Widgets, an update to our pricing plans, and a preview of 2022

Posted by Luke Thomas

As I reflect on 2021, it's been a busy year at Friday. We shipped a ton of stuff like:

  • A free 200-page book on working from anywhere
  • An integrated daily planner that helps you roadmap and plan your day
  • Almost a dozen integrations with task management tools like Jira, Trello, Asana, and more.
  • A Chrome extension that helps you stay on track
  • Oodles of UX & design improvements

We're not done yet though! Let's dive in with something new :)

1. Customize your Digital HQ with Widgets

First up, we're thrilled to launch widgets in Friday. Widgets allow you to customize and build out your Friday workspace without writing a line of code. It's a no-code builder for your online company headquarters. You can see how it works in the video below:

We have a few widget options available right now, like:

  • Featured Posts
  • Featured Goals
  • Most recent Kudos
  • Random Icebreakers
  • Employee milestones (birthdays & work anniversaries)

We have many more widgets coming in early 2022. Our goal is for you to create a home for your company in 10-20 minutes. This is just the start :)

2. We've made Friday more modular with improvements to add-ons

We've also made changes to make Friday more modular and flexible based on your needs. It's no secret that Friday has a lot of features. Our goal is to be a home for your company, which means we need to offer breadth of functionality over depth.

We are aware that sometimes this can get overwhelming, especially for people who are new to the product.

This is why we've moved the planner, goals, and reporting into their own dedicated add-ons. Now, you can turn each of these features on and off, based on your needs. This modularity helps keep the experience simple and uncluttered for new users, while extensible over time!

Put simply, you can enable the features you want, while hiding the stuff you don't want. You can see how this works in the video below:

3. We are updating our free and paid plans

In addition, we are making changes to our pricing and free/paid plans. We try to limit making updates as much as possible, but as our product changes, we need to reflect these changes, especially as we add more features & value. A few specifics you should know about:

Task app integrations will only be available for paid plans

In the future, if you'd like to connect a task app to Friday and regularly import tasks, you will need to be on a paid version of Friday. Our built-in tasks and calendar integrations will still be available for free accounts.

Add-ons will only be available for paid plans

Additionally, add-ons will only be available for paid accounts. This includes:

  • Planner
  • Goals
  • Reporting
  • Kudos
  • Icebreakers
  • Handbook
  • Custom Profile Fields
  • Suggestion Box

Free users will still be able to invite teammates, setup Check-Ins, write Posts, view the Home, and use the Chrome Extension. You can see the new pricing page here to see a full breakdown.

These changes will apply on January 7th.

4. What's next? The roadmap for 2022

For most of 2021, we focused on making Friday more useful for individuals. In 2022, we are going to make Friday amazing for company-wide use.

In a world where working from anywhere is the new normal, there's a fast-growing need to create a Digital HQ for your company. Organizations can no longer rely on a physical office to create the connection, awareness, and collision space to share work and get to know your team.

Right now, many companies are hacking together static wikis like Confluence or Notion, hand-coding their own company portal, or buying intranet software that looks like it was built in 1999.

We believe there's a better way.

We want Friday to be a home for the most important stuff at work that complements existing systems, like workplace chat and project management software. If you're curious how you can use Friday with your company, you can watch the video below:

In Conclusion

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday season. If you have any questions, comments, or feature requests, feel free to drop us a note!

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