Remote Work Habits: process makes perfect |

Remote Work Habits: why process makes perfect

Posted by Luke Thomas

This is part ten of a series on remote work principles. Read the previous post.

To use a road-trip analogy, a big difference between establishing guardrails and creating roadblocks. The guardrails are helping and keep you on track and safe, while the roadblocks prevent you from getting to the final destination.

A process-driven remote work environment creates predictable results. It gives employees a lane in which they should work, but it doesn’t restrict them in how and when the job gets done.

As a leader, putting processes in place helps your employee do their job better and it gives leaders peace of mind too. If they know what communication channel to use for different use case and they understand how the team is updating everyone on projects, this makes their lives easier.

Research sides with us on this. If you ask someone to design a product, you might get a handful of good ideas. But if you ask someone to design or build it while sticking within a tight budget, chances are you’ll get much better results, according to a study published by The Journal of Product Innovation Management

So don’t overthink a tight deadline or budget because chances are, these restraints will offer the guidance your team will need to produce outstanding results.

Constraints are good for creativity and predictability.

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