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Daily Huddle Template FAQ

Everything you need to know about running daily huddles in Friday.

What is the daily huddle?
Why should this happen everyday?
Should they be asynchronous?
How do I get up and running?
What questions should I ask in my daily huddle?
Can I customize this routine and ask different questions?
Does this integrate with Microsoft Teams or Slack?
What are other best practices to the daily huddle?
How much does this cost?
How can see daily huddle responses?

More effective daily huddles

Meetings are best for collaboration, not information sharing. Friday makes it so you can walk into meetings and instantly jump into resolving blockers and more.


The daily huddle is deeply integrated into workplace tools you already use, like Slack, Teams, and project management apps.


Easily measure and track results over time. See completion rate, metrics, and sentiment over time. Easily export to PDF or CSV.


With Friday, you can customize every aspect of the daily huddle report (questions, reminders, notifications, prompts, etc).

Work Better at Work

Friday creates process and structure to the way that you communicate at work. Browse more templates.

Sprint Retrospective

Hold less awkward retrospectives by surfacing the key information asynchronously beforehand.

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Weekly Status Report

Easily see what everyone is working on every week with a few quick questions to track progress.

Weekly Status Report
Customize your own

Any regular communication habit you can dream up can be accomplished in Friday.

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Daily Huddles in less time.

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