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What is a daily report?

A daily report isn't rocket science - it's a quick recap of your day and what you accomplished. The goal is to keep stakeholders and others in the loop on your accomplishments, so you can spend less time in meetings and more time doing great work.

You can also use this routine for your own personal productivity - it's like a journal for work.

Why should my team do a daily report?

For individuals, a daily report is a nice chance to reflect on your day and prioritize the future. This daily checkpoint helps you take a step back and be more intentional about where you are spending your time.

For team leaders, you are responsible for the output of your team. While it's critical that you know what's going on with your team, many people choose to hold meetings to gather this information. We think this is massively inefficient. You could share this information asynchronously instead.

What questions should I ask my team in the daily report?

We recommend the following questions in your daily report:

  • How did you feel about today? (emoji question)
  • What did you accomplish today? (open ended)
  • What are your priorities for tomorrow? (open ended)

As you roll out this process, you can add and remove questions over time. If you use the Friday workflow builder, you can customize a variety of questions, like emojis, open-ended responses, and more.

How do I write a daily report to my boss?

The purpose of the daily report to your boss is to inform your team lead of what has happened during your workday.


• Tasks that you completed and worked on

• Progress towards major goals

• Any blockers getting in your way from further progress. This could include decisions you're waiting on, or other work from colleagues, or other process-oriented problems (i.e. the new software hasn't been installed yet).

• Any other issues? Also, alert them to other issues or items.

Friday includes daily and weekly report templates to help keep your boss or manager informed. Friday can also gather feedback from your whole team.

Daily Report Template FAQ

Best practices about how to use thee free daily report template in Friday.

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