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The easiest way to start a Gratitude Journal

The gratitude journal template makes it easy to reflect and build a regular habit of gratitude. We will automate prompts, reminders, and more.

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Gratitude Journal FAQ

We've compiled a best practices guide to answer any questions you have about how Friday helps you become more grateful.

What is a gratitude journal?

What are the benefits of gratitude journaling?

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Automate gratitude journaling

Stop trying to remember to write in a physical journal. We help you automate the habit online, so you are more likely to do it.


Friday automates prompts and reminders, so you are more likely to build a habit of gratitude.

See stats

Easily track results over time. Our stats will help you figure out if things are moving in the right direction.

100% Customizable

Every part of Friday is customizable. Pick and choose prompts, reminders, scheduling, and more.

Friday gives everyone the opportunity to reflect on the help of their teammates and to give thanks.
Friday gives everyone the opportunity to reflect on the help of their teammates and to give thanks.
Shani Podl, Vice President, Doran Scales

More than daily gratitude

Friday is a tool for you, but can also be a tool for your team and make work better. Browse more templates.

Sprint Retrospectives

Hold less awkward retrospectives by surfacing the key information asynchronously beforehand.

Sprint Retropspectives

Daily Updates

Easily see what everyone is working on every day with a few quick questions to track progress.

Daily Updates

Customize your own

Any regular communication habit you can dream up can be accomplished in Friday.

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An easier way to practice gratitude.

Friday is a completely customizable canvas to automate routine updates, like daily journaling, weekly updates, and more.