Free Level 10® Meeting Agenda Template for Asynchronous Updates

This meeting agenda template helps you and your team set priorities and share updates before the meeting even starts. Automate your process with Friday.

Level 10 Meeting Agenda Template

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Have a High-Level Meeting Before It Starts

You don't need a meeting to share what you've accomplished. Friday is the easiest way to share updates and progress asynchronously.

Save time

Share responses and agenda via integrated workplace tools, like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Automatic Reporting and Response Roll-Ups

Measure and track results quickly. See how the team is trending over time, and if any issues repeatedly arise.

100% customizable

Customize every aspect of the agenda: questions, reminders, notifications, and much more.

Save ~25 minutes on your Level 10® Meeting with Friday

Developed by the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, Level 10 meetings aim to be highly rated meeting for your team each and every time.

They occur at the same time, same day, and always start on time. Typically, these meetings last 90 minutes. But there are several agenda items that can be taken care of with Friday, even if you do meet in person or via video conferencing. The benefit of asynchronous meetings in Friday is that you can capture many of the Issues To Discuss before the meeting even begins.

Let's take a closer look at Level 10 meetings and how Friday can help.

1. Good News (5 Minutes Saved with Friday)

This is beginning of the meeting where everyone shares good news, success stories, and personal anecdotes. However, you don't have to wait until the Level 10 meeting to share this--you can do it asynchronously in Friday. Or if you are still meeting in person, using Friday may help the team lead prioritize and share a few points in person, while Friday shares the rest of the responses with the team.

2. Reporting Mode (15 Minutes Saved with Friday)

In the traditional, in-person Level 10 meeting, participants will share scorecard numbers, and progress on their "rock" objectives. This is usually slated for five minutes. However, with Friday, you can customize the questions you want participants to respond to and knock out these reporting metrics before you even gather together.

You'll also address customer issues for a few minutes as well. Again, these are agenda items that can be communicated asynchronously via Friday before gathering together.

3. To-Do List (Save 5 minutes with Friday)

These are the issues from last week. Quick updates are given on the progress of each one. You can also provide these updates within Friday either with a specific question or a straightforward prompt like, "Provide To-Do List Updates."

4. Issues List: IDS--Identify, Discuss, Solve (60 Minutes)

This the heart of a Level 10® meeting where the leadership team actually tackles the important issues. If you do your updates asynchronously in Friday beforehand, you can ideally jump right into the most important discussion topics culled from the updates. At Friday, we do believe that you can reduce your number of meetings, however in-person meetings are important should still happen.

In this meeting, you're hoping to identify the core problems of the issues, then discuss solutions, and brainstorm potential changes. Once a decision is made, you add it to the to-do list and this is what the team tackles for the week.

5. Concluding the Meeting (5 minutes)

At this point of the meeting, the core issues have been discussed and the to-do list is updated. At this point, team members know what they will be working on for the week. The to-do list can then be shared with the whole organization, and your project management apps updated with the new tasks.

In addition to the meeting routines, the Friday Planner integrates with the top project management tools to help you organize your work, and for team members to roadmap their day.

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Why should my team use Friday for the Level 10® Meeting Agenda?

Meetings are inefficient. The Level 10 idea hopes to rectify this, but at Friday, we think you can go even further. As a team leader or manager, you are responsible for the output of your team. While it's critical that you know what's going on with your team, many people choose to hold meetings to gather this information. You could share updates and progress asynchronously instead and spend the bulk of your meeting hashing out solutions. Asynchronous meeting updates also force the introverts and quieter voices to respond.

What questions should I ask my team before the Level 10® Meeting?

We recommend the following questions:

  • What good news happened this week?
  • Give an update on your scorecards.
  • What's the progress on your Rocks?
  • Give an update on your to-do list items from last week.

We suggest updating Friday at least an hour before the meeting time, so the team lead can review. As you roll out this process, you can add and remove questions over time. If you use the Friday workflow builder, you can customize a variety of questions, like emojis, open-ended responses, and more.

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