Free Progress, Plans, Problems Template |

Progress, plans, no more problems.

The progress, plans, problems (PPPs) template helps you quickly diagnose what's going on at work. Easily understand priorities, momentum, and what roadblocks currently exist.

Integrates with everyday tools

The progress, plans, problems template in Friday is deeply integrated into workplace chat and productivity tools like Slack & Teams.

See results over time

As people fill out the PPPs, it will roll up to their own employee profile so you can see data over time. Perfect for 1-1s and other meetings.

100% customizable

With Friday, you can customize every aspect of the PPPs (questions, reminders, and more)

Progress, Plans, Problems FAQ

We've answered your burning questions below.

How does progress, plans, problems work?

When should I send the plans, progress, problems questions?

What can I customize in the PPPs template?

Who can see the responses?

How much does this cost?

Communication Templates

The progress, plans, problems template is only one of many communication habits you can run in Friday.

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Stay connected with your team

Friday makes it easy to create communication workflows at work. Try it out for free.