A weekly check-in can help you grow as a leader

The weekly check-in template helps you keep a pulse on your team or company. Quickly understand sentiment, what everyone is working on, and top priorities for the next week.

Trusted by innovative organizations:

Friday helps me keep a pulse on how everyone in our agency feels things are going. We’ve uncovered vital insights around process improvements, client opportunities, and growth potential.
Ross Beyeler COO, Trellis

How weekly check-ins work

We can help you automate routine updates & feedback at work.

Integrates with everyday tools

Weekly check-ins in Friday are deeply integrated into workplace chat and productivity tools, whether it's Slack, Jira, or something else.

Measure results over time

Easily measure and track results over time. Our charts & graphs will help you figure out if things are trending in the right direction.

Fully customizable

With Friday, you can customize every aspect of the weekly check-in (questions, reminders, and much more)

Weekly Check-in FAQ

Are you curious about how weekly check-ins work in Friday?

How do weekly check-ins work?
When should I run a weekly check-in?
What can I customize in the weekly check-in?
Who can see the responses?
What questions should I ask?
How much does Friday cost?

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The weekly check-in template is only one of many communication habits you can run in Friday.

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Hold less awkward retrospectives by surfacing the key information asynchronously beforehand.

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It's a wonderful tool to report on work done during the week, particularly for teams that are not seated on the same location as their leader.

Weekly Check-ins make work better.

Friday is a completely customizable canvas that dramatically improves communication at work. You can get started for free.