Automatic agendas for your weekly team meetings

The team meeting agenda template helps you automate the collection of agenda items and points of discussion before your weekly meetings. We handle it all for you, restoring sanity.

Walk into weekly team meetings prepared

Are you tired of asking people to add agenda items to a doc? Friday makes collecting an agenda easy; we do the work for you.

Save time compiling agendas

The team meeting agenda template can be baked into workplace tools you already use, like Slack, Teams, and project management apps.

Auto-benchmark trends

Easily measure and track results over time. Charts & graphs will help you figure out if things are trending in the right direction.

100% customizable

With Friday, you can customize every aspect of the team meeting process (questions, reminders, notifications, and much more).

Weekly Team Meeting Agenda FAQ

Friday can help lay the groundwork for better meetings.

Why should I collect an agenda before team meetings?
"I'd rather use Google Docs or Microsoft Word"
How can Friday help me automate agenda creation?
Do you help me take notes in a meeting too?
What questions should I ask?
How much does this cost?
Do you integrate into my calendar?

More than a meeting agenda

Friday creates process and structure to the way that you communicate at work. Browse more templates.

Sprint Retrospective

Hold less awkward retrospectives by surfacing the key information asynchronously beforehand.

Sprint Retrospectives
Daily Standup

Easily see what everyone is working on every day with a few quick questions to track progress.

Daily Standup
Customize your own

Any regular communication habit you can dream up can be accomplished in Friday.

See Templates
It's a wonderful tool to report on work done during the week, particularly for teams that are not seated on the same location as their leader.

Team Meetings in less time

Friday makes it easier to show up to meetings with the information you need. Spend less time in meetings asking people what they are working on.