The #1 Penzu Alternative |

The #1 Penzu Alternative

Friday is the easiest way to build a habit of journaling. Our automated reminders help you build habits of reflection and planning.

How is Friday different?

Friday is a completely customizable way to build better habits of journaling. But it's so much more!


Friday is completely customizable, for any routine you can dream up


Friday integrates with existing tools. Easily attach your work from other systems.


Friday is constantly updated, so you have the best experience possible.


Friday offers better security for all our users, not only paid ones.

The best Penzu Alternative

Penzu is a writing app that helps you keep a private journal. That's it.

Friday is a fully customizable set of tools to help you reflect, write more often, and become a better version of yourself. Yes, you can build a writing habit too if you want!

If you'd like to see other apps for journaling, check our ourĀ best digital journaling apps list.

Completely Customizable

Friday offers the ability to create your own writing routine. Customize writing prompts, reminders, and so much more.

Routine Builder
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Kickstart any routine

Friday helps you establish new behaviors by automating routines of reflection, planning, and prioritization.

Morning Gratitude

Start your morning with a bit of gratitude and reflection

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Daily Report

Remember what you accomplished everyday

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Daily Standup

Share what you are working on with your team

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Become a better you

Friday helps you kickstart important habits so you can reach your goals, faster.