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Posted by Luke Thomas
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As I've mentioned in other posts, I've worked for several fully/partially distributed companies ranging in size from three people (an early stage startup) to over one-hundred-and-fifty employees (an established company).

I've spent a ton of time leading and being a part of a distributed team. I've also spent many hours researching and writing on the topic of working remotely. I've seen the best of remote work and I've seen the not-so-great of distributed work arrangements. As I've built Friday, I've had the chance to learn and hear stories from customers who have embraced distributed work inside their organization.

Long story short, I've been collecting a ton of data points over the years about how to make remote work....work.

Current State

After surveying the current state of blog posts and books, I've come to the realization that there's a need in the market for a book that covers foundational principles of distributed work in an unbiased way.

I've become bored of the posts. It's the same thing repeated in a different way.

A pet peeve of mine in the remote community is that people offer advice like, "you should have a company onsite", but they don't dive into why you should have a company onsite. From my perspective, this is a bit of a cargo cult and while the advice may be good, it doesn't provide a framework for thinking and applying the principles to your team/company.

These principles may make sense for you...they may not!

I enjoy living outside of a major city while still having the freedom to pursue meaningful work; I'm very interested in making remote work a bit more popular. I don't believe we will get there by sugarcoating reality and making it seem like distributed work is working on a beach while sipping a piña colada.

Working remotely is tough and challenging at times, but worth it. At least for me. It may not be your cup of tea and that's okay. This book we are writing on distributed work will give you clarity so you can make a better decision.

There are too many people who believe that everyone should work remotely. I disagree with this notion and will outline why in the book.

Why should you care what I have to say?

This is a very good question.

I clearly have opinions about remote work, but I will do my best to present them in an unbiased way. I want to help you make a better decision about remote work by laying the cards on the table.

Unlike other writers, I'm not trying to convince you to work remotely.

I started writing about remote work several years ago. This has been a topic of interest of mine for many years.

Here's some samples of my writing:

  1. Thoughts on Remote Work (I wrote this when I was 23)
  2. Working remotely (track my progress)
  3. Working remotely - progress update
  4. Communication redundancy
  5. Making remote work more common
  6. What is asynchronous communication?

While some of the examples above are old and outdated, I've been writing and thinking about this for a long time and I want to share everything I know.

About the Book

Title: Distributed Work: being successful from afar (without feeling so remote)

Flexible Work Book Chapters

  1. My motivation for writing the book
  2. Flexible Work: the new rules of the modern workplace
  3. The rise of distributed work
  4. The office vs. remote work: how our environment influences how we communicate
  5. The downsides to working remotely
  6. Communication EQ - how to pick the right tool for the job at hand
  7. Creating a communication architecture
  8. Leading a distributed team
  9. Personality differences and remote work
  10. Better remote meetings
  11. Improving relationships as a remote team.
  12. Remote team on-sites
  13. Mental health & remote work
  14. Hiring at a remote company
  15. Creating accountability with your distributed team
  16. Getting hired at a remote company
  17. Logistical considerations of remote work
  18. How to hold remote meetings
  19. Creating a remote work policy
  20. What's holding remote work back?
  21. Our favorite apps for remote teams
  22. Is remote work right for you?

If you'd like to get early access, feel free to drop me your email. I will keep you in the loop on new posts as I write them.

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