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10 Gap Analysis Templates for Analyzing Your Business This Year

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Setbacks and conflicts may arise regardless of how prepared you and your team are when executing a project or task. By regularly identifying gaps in your work process, you are able to improve the way you achieve your goals.

Using Gap Analysis templates is a great way of identifying aspects that you can improve on and what else can be improved further.

To help you find the best tool to find gaps in your system or process, we compiled various gap analysis templates for various use cases to help you get started.

1. ClickUp’s Gap Analysis Template (Editor’s Pick)

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity app designed to manage everything—from your daily to-dos to complex projects, even your business' entire workflow. With hundreds of collaborative and powerful features, it provides an intuitive experience to manage projects, align the team, and work together, all in one place. It also has a library of templates for every type of project or task to help you get started.

ClickUp’s Gap Analysis Whiteboard template is a great tool for identifying gaps or the differences between your organization’s current state and desired state. Organizations can use this gap analysis template to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in their processes, systems, and operations, and take steps to mitigate them before they become significant problems. 

Organizations can use this template to their advantage to identify areas where they need to improve in order to achieve their goals. This can help them to prioritize their resources and efforts on the areas that will have the greatest impact.

Main Elements of this Gap Analysis Template

ClickUp’s Gap Analysis template includes:

  • Use the template to help you focus on the most pressing and priority issues rather than wasting resources on non-critical areas
  • Provides insights that can help organizations make informed decisions about which strategies to pursue, which tactics to use, and which resources to allocate for maximum impact
  • Includes several columns or sections for identifying potential gaps, setting goals, and creating an action plan

How to Use This Template

Highly effective teams can use the ClickUp Gap Analysis Template to identify and evaluate the differences between a team or organization’s current performance and your goals.

First, hit “Add Template” to sign up for ClickUp and add the template to your Workspace. Make sure you designate which Space or location in your Workspace you’d like this template applied.

Next, invite your team to your Workspace to start collaborating.

Take advantage of the multiple views to visualize deliverables in different categories. 

Finally, have your team add important details to the pre-built Custom Fields, such as goals, project progress, and objectives to get the most complete details of your projects and tasks.

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2. ClickUp Product Gap Analysis Template

Perform market research and determine the markets with more demand than supply using ClickUp’s Product Gap Analysis. ClickUp's Product Gap Analysis template is a pre-built template designed to help organizations identify product gaps or areas where their product falls short of customer expectations. 

Main Elements of this Product Gap Analysis Template

  • Includes customizable fields that allow organizations to tailor the template to their specific needs
  • Progress tracking features that help organizations monitor progress, identify potential issues, and make data-driven decisions
  • Collaboration tools allow users to assign tasks, provide feedback, and communicate with team members in real-time

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Complete your ClickUp Workspace with this Product Gap Analysis template

3. ClickUp’s Skills Gap Analysis Template

Determine the source of any gaps in your team’s productivity and gain a competitive edge by adding this Skills Gap Analysis Template to your Workspace. Unlock your business’s full potential and come up with smart strategies for managing your talent with this template. By addressing skills gaps through training and development programs, managers and leaders can improve the overall performance of their teams and the organization.

Main Elements of this Skills Gap Analysis Template

  • Automate repetitive tasks, set reminders, and configure custom workflows to improve efficiency
  • Identify gaps within the organization that cannot be addressed through training and development alone, and may require new hiring to fill those roles
  • Customizable views and sections for Skills Enhancement Process, Skills Type, Department, and Priorities

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4. ClickUp’s Project Management Risk Analysis Template

ClickUp’s Project Management Risk Analysis template helps project managers analyze project risks and provide appropriate mitigation actions. The template provides a mechanism for monitoring progress and tracking each risk to ensure that mitigation strategies are effective and that risks are being addressed in a timely manner. By addressing potential risks proactively, project managers can increase the chances of project success and minimize the impact of potential issues.

Main Elements of this Project Management Risk Analysis Template

  • Mark if items are Complete, In Progress, To Do, Discarded, Reviewed, and more
  • Assign responsibilities for managing and mitigating each risk, ensuring that everyone on the team knows what they need to do to address potential issues
  • Comes with a Getting Started Guide to help users navigate the different aspects of the template

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5. ClickUp’s Risk Analysis Whiteboard Template

ClickUp’s Risk Analysis Whiteboard template is designed to be used in a collaborative setting, with team members working together to identify and analyze risks. This promotes open communication and ensures that all team members have a shared understanding of the risks associated with a project or operation.

Main Elements of this Risk Analysis Whiteboard Template

  • Whiteboard template helps prioritize risks and focus attention on those that are most likely to occur and have the greatest impact
  • Framework for conducting a comprehensive risk analysis to identify potential risks, evaluate their likelihood and impact, and develop mitigation strategies
  • Mark if risks are High, Serious, Medium, and Low Risk Impact

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6. ClickUp’s Dependency Mapping Template

Address bottlenecks and unforeseen problems to ensure your project’s success with the Dependency Mapping Template by ClickUp. ClickUp's Dependency Mapping Template is a valuable tool that can help teams to visualize dependencies, identify dependencies, prioritize tasks, optimize resource allocation, improve collaboration, and track progress. With the help of this template, teams can ensure that they are working efficiently and effectively and that they are delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget.

Main Elements of this Dependency Mapping Template

  • Pre-built template designed to help organizations and teams map out the dependencies between tasks, projects, and resources
  • Document template that helps teams to identify all the dependencies between tasks and projects
  • Create a visual representation of all the dependencies between their tasks and projects

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7. ClickUp’s Issue Management Template

Identify, track, prioritize, and resolve issues that arise during projects or operations. ClickUp’s Issue Management Template helps teams ensure that they are addressing issues in a timely and effective manner and that their projects or operations are not impacted negatively by unresolved issues. 

The template promotes collaboration among team members by providing a shared understanding of the issues and how they are being addressed. This ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal when it comes to resolving issues.

Main Elements of this Issue Management Template

  • Categorize various types of issues such as bugs, defects, errors, and other problems that can come up during a project
  • Provides a mechanism for tracking issues from identification to resolution
  • Prioritize issues based on their impact and urgency to ensure that critical issues are addressed first, and less important issues are handled subsequently

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8. ClickUp’s Risk Benefit Analysis Template

ClickUp’s Risk Benefit Analysis Template helps organizations and teams evaluate the potential risks and benefits associated with a project, operation, or decision. Teams can use this template to identify potential risks and benefits, weigh risks against benefits, prioritize risks and benefits, collaborate and communicate with team members, customize fields to better suit their unique requirements, and make informed decisions that lead to successful outcomes.

Main Elements of this Risk Benefit Analysis Template

  • Includes customizable fields that can be tailored to the specific needs of an organization or team
  • Teams can add custom fields, change field names, and adjust field types to better suit their unique requirements
  • Easy to use document template with sections for risk analysis and benefit analysis

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9. Google Docs Competitive Gap Analysis Template

This user-friendly Google Docs Template is great for companies looking to identify where they are currently headed and what else needs to be done to achieve their goals. The template allows businesses and organizations to identify their competitors in the marketplace and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. This can help identify areas where the business or organization needs to improve to remain competitive.

Main Elements of this Competitive Gap Analysis Template

  • Easy to use and customize according to your work process
  • Add and remove sections as needed
  • Sections for listing down competitors and identifying areas for improvement

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10. Word Training Gap Analysis Template

This Word Training Gap Analysis Template helps organizations assess employee skills and knowledge, identify training needs, prioritize training programs, develop customized training programs, measure progress, promote collaboration among team members, and customize fields to better suit their unique requirements. With a training gap analysis template, organizations can improve the overall skills and knowledge of their employees, which can lead to improved productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of their workforce.

Main Elements of this Gap Analysis Template

  • Can be tailored to the specific needs of an organization
  • Dedicated sections for objectives, purpose, and training requirements
  • Provides an organized way to list down items that require improvement or updates

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Who Benefits from Using a Gap Analysis Template?

A gap analysis template is a powerful tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. It can help identify areas of improvement, prioritize tasks and goals, and ultimately lead to increased success and growth. Here are some specific groups that can benefit from using a gap analysis template:

Business Owners: Gap analysis templates can be incredibly useful for business owners. By conducting a gap analysis, they can identify areas of their business that are performing well and those that need improvement. This allows them to focus their resources and efforts on the most critical areas, leading to increased efficiency and profitability.

Managers: Managers can also benefit greatly from using a gap analysis template. By conducting a thorough assessment of their team's performance and identifying any gaps in skills or processes, managers can take proactive steps to address these issues and improve overall performance.

Get Free Gap Analysis Templates from ClickUp

Bridge the gap between you and your goals and develop the best course of action with these gap analysis templates. 

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