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What's New: Post Updates, Nested Comments, & Customizations

Posted by Luke Thomas

Another set of feature updates for your cloud HQ! It's easy to keep your team connected and to work anywhere with Friday.

Updates to Posts:

Post listing design

We’ve updated the post listing design to make it easier to browse and interact with your posts. These changes can be seen on both the Posts and Today pages.

Visibility Analytics: % Read

Now when sharing a post with your entire organization you’ll be able to see the percentage of those in your organization who have seen your post.

No more guessing if your ideas or message was received.

Nested comments

It’s now easier to reply to a specific comment to a post, which will better organize your discussions and keep the conversation flowing more naturally.

What’s Different

Customize section

We’ve combined Power-ups and Integrations into one section called “Customize” and added more details to each capability to better help you optimize Friday for your needs.

More coming to this section soon 😉

Power-ups are now called Add-ons

Kudos, Ice Breakers, Goals, and more will now be referred throughout Friday as “add-ons”.

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