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10 Best Free Product Management Templates for Product Managers This Year

Posted by The Friday Team

As a product manager, you know how important it is to have the right set of tools to help you plan and manage your products. 

In recent years, template-based planning has become increasingly popular among product managers as one of the most efficient ways to stay organized and on track. 

To find the very best templates for product management this year, we've gathered ten of our top choices — all available completely free! We've put each one through its paces so we can confidently say that these are some great options for staying productive while managing your products. Read on to discover what makes them so special!

1. ClickUp’s Product Brief Document Template (Editor’s Pick)

Click's Product Brief Document Template is a pre-built ClickUp Doc designed to assist with organizing the most crucial elements for product development. The template provides a structured framework to capture and communicate important information related to product requirements. Using this template helps users organize essential elements for product development, ensuring that all necessary information is captured in one place. 

Main Elements of this Product Brief Document Template

ClickUp’s Product Brief Document template includes:

  • Users can include detailed information about the product, such as its purpose, target audience, unique selling points, and key features
  • Sections to define the scope of the project, including the desired outcomes, timelines, resources, and any constraints or limitations
  • Can be used to communicate product requirements effectively with the engineering team

How to Use This Template

Highly effective teams can use the ClickUp Product Brief Document to move a product swiftly through the development process.

First, hit “Add Template” to sign up for ClickUp and add the template to your Workspace. Make sure you designate which Space or location in your Workspace you’d like this template applied.

Next, invite your team to your Workspace to start collaborating.

Take advantage of the multiple views to visualize deliverables in different categories. 

  • Use Calendar View to manage your publishing timeline and keep track of deadlines or delays.
  • With the Workflow Kanban Board, you can easily view the progress of each asset. 
  • With the Channel Kanban Board, sort each asset by channel in which it’s published.

Finally, have your team add important details to the pre-built Custom Fields, such as links to drafts or pricing information to get the most complete details of your campaigns.

Try the Template

Get started with ClickUp’s ClickUp Product Brief Document template for free, no credit card required

2. ClickUp New Product Development Template

The ClickUp New Product Development Template is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline the product development process. The template helps product development teams visualize and plan the product roadmap. This allows teams to outline the product vision, direction, and key milestones. Use the template to facilitate clear communication and alignment between stakeholders on what needs to be developed.

Main Elements of this New Product Development Template

  • Provide sections or tools for generating and managing product ideas
  • Include sections for documenting product requirements
  • Add context by adding visual elements such as charts or diagrams to represent features, releases, and prioritization

Try the Template

Complete your ClickUp Workspace with this free New Product Development template

3. ClickUp Product Development Roadmap Whiteboard Template

The ClickUp Product Development Roadmap Whiteboard Template is a valuable tool for visualizing and managing the life cycle of a product, project, or plan. It aids in setting and tracking short- and long-term goals to achieve success. With this template, users can create visually appealing roadmaps that display key milestones, timelines, and deliverables. With the the ClickUp Product Development Roadmap Whiteboard Template, teams can streamline their efforts and improve communication throughout the product development journey.

Main Elements of this Product Development Roadmap Whiteboard Template

  • Allows product managers and teams to collaborate effectively, ensuring everyone is aligned on the planning and development process
  • Serves as a central hub for coordinating project goals, schedules, and stakeholder expectations
  • Quarterly overview of product development plans 

Try the Template

Get this Product Development Roadmap Whiteboard Template from ClickUp

4. ClickUp Product Features Matrix Template

The ClickUp Product Features Matrix Template helps users compare different features between various products. It allows users to make informed decisions by analyzing and evaluating the key features of each product. This template is designed to assist product teams in choosing which product to work on next by comparing their features. It provides a structured framework for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of different products, enabling teams to prioritize their development efforts effectively.

Main Elements of this Product Features Matrix Template

  • Template uses a visual format, such as tables or matrices, to present the feature comparisons
  • Users can customize the template to suit their specific needs by adding or removing columns, modifying categories, or including additional criteria for evaluation
  • Template can be shared with team members, stakeholders, or clients to facilitate collaboration and streamline communication during the decision-making process

Try the Template

Get this Product Features Matrix Template from ClickUp here

5. ClickUp Digital Product Checklist Template

Create and implement your digital product from start to finish with the Digital Product Checklist Template by ClickUp. The ClickUp Digital Product Checklist Template is a resource provided by ClickUp, a project management and productivity platform. This template is designed to assist in the process of launching and managing digital products effectively.  By utilizing this template, users can ensure that they cover all the necessary components and tasks associated with launching a digital product. The checklist template aims to streamline the product launch process and improve efficiency.

Main Elements of this Digital Product Checklist Template

  • Includes various checklists such as a design checklist, product packaging checklist, and selling plan checklist
  • Use template as a guide to design, package & sell for your digital product

Try the Template

Handle any project with this Digital Product Checklist template from ClickUp

6. ClickUp Product Requirements Template

The ClickUp Product Requirements Template is a template that helps in documenting and organizing the requirements for developing a product or feature. It assists teams in outlining the necessary details and specifications needed for successful product development. The template guides users to document the "who, what, why, when, and how" aspects of the product or feature development process. It ensures that all relevant information is captured and documented accurately.

Main Elements of this Product Requirements Template

  • Encourages continuous updates, allowing teams to add or modify requirements as new features or use cases are identified during the development process
  • Customize the template according to their specific needs and project requirements
  • Add sections, modify categories, and tailor the template to suit their unique product development process

Try the Template

Complete your workspace with this ClickUp Product Requirements template

7. ClickUp Product Strategy Template

The ClickUp Product Strategy Template is offered by ClickUp to assist in planning and visualizing product strategies. The template provides structure and visualization for product strategy development. It also allows users to outline their product vision, set goals, define features, and create a roadmap for releases and initiatives. With this template, teams can collaborate, align their strategies, and gain consensus on the direction of their product development.

Main Elements of this Product Strategy Template

  • Visualize releases and build consensus across key decision makers with a single source of product information
  • Custom statuses to add granular details to each task or actionable item in your template
  • Incorporate automation to improve and streamline certain processes in your product strategy

Try the Template

Add this free ClickUp Product Strategy template here

8. ClickUp Product Feedback Survey Template

The ClickUp Product Feedback Survey Template helps businesses collect customer feedback and track customer sentiment in one centralized location. This template allows businesses to gather insights and opinions from their customers, enabling them to make informed decisions and improvements to their products or services. By utilizing the ClickUp Product Feedback Survey Template, businesses can create customized surveys to collect feedback from their customers.

Main Elements of this Product Feedback Survey Template

  • Provides a structured format for capturing feedback and organizing the received responses
  • Enables businesses to analyze and evaluate the feedback effectively, identifying patterns, areas of improvement, and potential opportunities
  • Allows businesses to align their product development strategies with customer expectations, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty

Try the Template

Complete your Workspace with this free ClickUp template

9. Product Management Presentation Template

The Product Management Presentation Template is a resource that assists product managers in creating visually appealing and informative presentations to communicate product strategies, plans, and updates. This template is designed to help product managers effectively convey information to stakeholders, team members, and clients.

Main Elements of this Product Management Presentation Template

  • Provide an overview of the target market, customer segmentation, competitive analysis, and market trend
  • Showcase your product timeline, key milestones, and planned features or enhancements
  • Showcase the criteria and methodology used for prioritizing product features, helping stakeholders understand the decision-making process

Try the Template

Download this template here

10. Product Management Canvas Template

The Product Management Canvas PowerPoint Template is made for strategic planning and modeling in the field of product management. It offers a single-slide template that encompasses various aspects of product planning and successful management. This canvas combines elements such as value proposition, market segments, and execution processes to comprehensively consider all facets of a product. By utilizing the Product Management Canvas, professionals can effectively map out project activities and create an execution plan that spans from development to sales. 

Main Elements of this Product Management Canvas Template

  • Serves as a means to understand, discuss, and analyze ideas in a comprehensive manner
  • Template can be used for defining and prioritizing product features, user needs, and business goals
  • Enables product managers to identify user personas, pain points, and desired outcomes

Try the Template

Download this template here

How to Choose a Product Management Template

Choosing a product management template can greatly enhance your workflow and organization when it comes to managing your product development process. Here are some steps to help you choose the right product management template for your needs:

Identify Your Requirements: Before selecting a template, clearly define your requirements and understand what aspects of product management you need to focus on. 

Assess Your Workflow: Determine if you need a template for product strategy, roadmaps, user stories, backlog management, or any other specific aspect of product management.

Consider Customizability: Assess how customizable the template is to fit your unique needs. Consider whether you can modify sections, add or remove components, or tailor the template to match your specific product management processes.

Check Integration Possibilities: If you use project management or collaboration tools, check if the template integrates with those tools. Seamless integration can simplify the process of updating and sharing information across different platforms.

Test and Experiment: Try out different templates to see which one works best for your team and organization. Don't be afraid to experiment and iterate until you find the template that fits your needs.

Remember, the right product management template should align with your specific requirements, enhance your workflow, and improve collaboration among your team members.

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