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What's new in Friday (April 2021)

Posted by Luke Thomas

It's been a busy month at Friday and we're excited to share what we've been up to. Let's jump right in!

1.) All-new routine reports

We've made it easier than ever to see useful reports for any routine in Friday. Some of you use routines to kickstart better meetings by sharing updates beforehand, while many of you use routines to eliminate the meeting completely. Routine reports in Friday now have three distinct views (including a brand-new one!):

Snapshot Report

This view is perfect for teams who use Friday reports to kickstart meetings. As the name suggests, this is a snapshot of responses for a given moment in time (every day for standups, every week for weekly updates, etc).

We will automatically compile and aggregate responses, and we'll also give a cone of shame to anyone who doesn't respond. Why? Well, who wants to show up to a team meeting with the cone of shame?

Compare Report

Easily see micro-trends unfold in a grid view. It's like a spreadsheet-like view on steroids:

In this view, you can see aggregate results over time, like the response rate. We'll automatically generate charts and graphs for any question that can be aggregated (i.e. - 1-10 scale, sentiment scale, etc)

2.) Early Access: Handbook power-up

We also launched early access to our new handbook power-up, which is a one-page, interactive view of the most important building blocks for your company: like your mission, vision, values, and more.

It's a common practice for a company to document values and other key information in a wiki, but people never visit this information, so it never becomes a part of your culture, which is self-defeating.

Friday makes your handbook come alive and integrated into your everyday work, like the ability to tag your company values when sending kudos:

You will also be able to see stats and trends over time.

You will also be able to see where your coworkers are located on a world map (perfect for distributed teams). This can be an easy way to break the ice!

As a reminder: power-ups extend the Friday experience without being overwhelming. Think of them as lego-building blocks for building your own configurable Friday instance without all the bloat. We have more power-ups on the way soon!

3.) Routine Streaks

Now, you can see how many times you've completed a routine consecutively. This provides helpful motivation, just make sure you don't break the chain!

4.) Improved Navigation

We made some improvements to our navigation so you can easily see content that is geared towards you vs. the broader team and company. We've called this section, "your desk" and highlighted your today, planner, and profile. We think want these views to be the digital version of showing up to your desk at the office.

5.) Updated Profiles

We've also made some improvements to profiles in Friday. Over time, all activity rolls up to your own profile, but we're working on making profiles a place where others can learn more about you.

Profile header image

Showcase what makes you unique. As you can see below, I'm a big fan of my family and dogs:

Quick Facts

We've also organized key bits of information about you in a sidebar. You can see how this looks below:

We have many more profile improvements arriving in May, so stay tuned!

6.) Rate your day from the planner

We also added the ability to rate your day before you finish up your work. An hour before the end of your day, we'll send you a ping and ask you to review your day. You can highlight how you felt and how productive you were.

In the future, we'll create useful reports based on this information and help you identify the activities that drive epic workdays (cough, cough...fewer meetings)

7.) Upcoming free plan changes

We also have some changes to our free plan arriving in May. To kick things off, here's how we think about pricing at a high-level.

  • Free - targeted to individuals and small teams who are interested in seeing how the product works.
  • Pro Plan ($6/mo) - for teams and groups who want advanced features and reporting
  • Company/Enterprise Plan - for organizations who want Friday to be an operating system for working from anywhere

Specifically, we will be making the following changes to our free plan in May:

  • Routine reports - this will only be available for paid customers. Previously, the snapshot report was free. We want to make reports 10x better, and to achieve this goal, we need this to be on our paid tiers. The reports that we generate will incur a cost and unfortunately, we can't give this feature away anymore.
  • Admin privileges and organization settings - If you want to change the account owner and add multiple account owners besides yourself, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan. Organization settings will be only available for paid customers.
  • Profile activity rollup - all your activity in Friday is aggregated and rolled up to your profile. This will only be available to paid customers in the future. Many of you use this information for quarterly/annual reviews, which is an incredibly high-value use case. With that being said, we're going to improve the aggregation of your Friday activity in the future and create useful views to help you measure productivity and sentiment at work. Once again, we will incur a cost to generate these reports.

Wrapping up

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to drop us a note at support@friday.app. We'd be happy to help!

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