Boost your workday

Power-ups are configurable add-ons that help you recreate the feeling of the office without requiring constant presence.

How it works

Power-ups boost your work routines and make them more fun and meaningful.

Create a routine

When you create a routine in Friday, you have the option to turn on/off power-ups. Customize them as you see fit!

Enable a power-up

Toggle on kudos, ideas, or icebreakers to take your routines to the next level and make them more fun and meaningful.

Supercharge routines

When sharing an update, you can send kudos to coworkers, answer icebreaker questions, or offer ideas for improvement.

Pick a power-up


Say thanks to your peers more than you do right now.


Learn a bit more about the people you work with.


Regularly offer up ideas for how the team or business can improve.

See everything in one place

Power-ups roll-up to their own dedicated view. Push responses into workplace chat and see trends develop over time.

We also use Friday as an idea generation/idea-sharing channel, to enable our continuous improvement drive – which is paramount to our growth strategy and innovation initiatives.
Charlie Coombs General Manager, Maersk Shipping

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