A Digital Bullet Journal that helps you do great work.

Friday is like a digital bullet journal for life and work. Create consistent routines and habits that help you be more productive & effective at whatever you do.

Create an effective journaling habit with Friday.

We get it - a bullet journal is meant to be used in an analog format, but we needed a digital version that followed a similar set of principles. Over the years, I've purchased several journals, but the habit never stuck. I was busy, life got in the way, and I forgot to write.

I became tired of this, so I built a digital solution for busy people who want the benefits of structured reflection, planning, and prioritization but haven't been able to make the paper journaling habit stick.

Part 1: Routines

Friday is based around routines, which are habits that you would like to create. You can create a variety of habits that will help you reflect, plan, and prioritize your life and work. Feel free to pick a template or create your own customized habit from scratch.


The most important thing you should know about workflows is the following:

  • They are structured (with a variety of questions/prompts)
  • We handle all the reminders (so you don't forget)
  • They run on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly, whatever you choose). Here, you can see how easy it is to customize:


Above is an example of an emoji question you can ask yourself to gauge sentiment, but there are other question types available, or you can pick a free-form option and write.

The key here is that Friday handles all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on building a habit of reflection, planning, and gratitude.

Part 2: The Index

As you create workflows in Friday, you will be able to see a running log of entries on the homepage. I've included a screenshot of how this looks below:


It may be tough to see, but I've created a "morning plan" habit where I answer the following questions:

  • What are the top 3 things I need to accomplish today?
  • What are you thankful for?

I enjoy looking back through past responses and seeing entries from the past. I'm sure you will too!

Part 3: Reporting

The next aspect of the Friday digital bullet journal is that we automatically compile charts/graphs on the fly. For example, if you have a yes/no question, we will automatically create a chart so you can track your progress over time.

This is important as it reinforces the habit and helps you establish streaks. Remember, the goal of any solution is to create healthy habits and improve productivity, otherwise, you will not capture the benefits of journaling.


Part 4: Use Friday at work (optional)

We also built Friday for Teams. While we recommend keeping your personal bullet journal separate from your work journal, you can invite peers and establish healthy work habits. You can use Friday to do weekly status reportsdaily standups, and 1-1 meetings. The list of possibilities is infinite.

A digital journal for work

We love paper journaling too, but we wanted to tap into the benefits that only a digital journal can provide. Here's how that works below:


Friday is deeply integrated into everyday tools you use at work, like project management tools. Analog journals don't do this.

See trends

Instantly measure and track results over time. See completion rate, charts, and sentiment over time. Better than paper.


With Friday, you can customize every aspect of your digital bullet journal (questions, reminders, notifications, prompts, etc).

For your Team (if you want)

Friday can be used for your own personal benefit or you can use it with your team. Browse more templates.

Daily Standup

You don't need a meeting to share information. Hold your daily standups asynchronously

Daily Standup
Weekly Status Report

Easily see what everyone is working on every week with a few quick questions to track progress.

Weekly Status Report
Customize your own

Any regular communication habit you can dream up can be accomplished in Friday.

See templates

A digital bullet journal for work.

Friday is a customizable canvas that automates healthy work habits and helps you become more effective.