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Posted by The Friday Team

If you're reading this, chances are you're interested in writing a guest post for our own blog. That's great news! We are accepting guest posts and love working with talented writers to share their insights with our audience.

Before you start putting finger to keyboard (or pen to paper), there are a few important things you should know about our guest posting guidelines.

Content Quality Guidelines

All guest blog posts must be original content. That means no republishing something you've already published elsewhere, and no copying someone else's work. We run all guest posts through our internal processes to check for quality and plagiarism.

We do not accept guest posts that are nothing more than thinly-veiled sales pitches. If you're looking to promote a product or service through your guest post, that's fine, in fact, encouraged - as long as the promotion is subtle and the focus is on providing value to our readers.

Guest posts must be well-written and free of grammar and spelling errors. We also expect guest posts to be properly formatted and easy to read.

Topics We Accept

Do you love software, improving workflows, and other tech-related topics? You're in luck - that's what we primarily focus our content on.

The most interesting topic pitches will center around software or app listicles. A listicle is defined as an article that's primarily composed of reviewing a list of software, usually with a catchy headline (ie: "10 Best Project Planning Apps"). We find this type of content to be highly shareable and easy to read, and our readers seem to love it.

Examples of previous listicles published on

That said, we are also open to topics around templates and comparison articles.

Examples of these articles would be:

Categories of software we love to cover:

  • Project management software
  • Enterprise software
  • Planning apps
  • Marketing tools
  • Business software
  • Productivity tools
  • Time management tools
  • Meeting tools

Quick note: If you are a guest blogger who represents a SaaS app we'd love to have you include your tool as part of the listicle to help you gain more conversions! Since we are exclusive partners with ClickUp, if the topic you suggest is relevant, we may ask you to also feature the ClickUp product. 

Technical Guidelines

  1. Guest posts must target a keyword
  2. All guest post content must be at least 2000 words in length. This is also subject to change depending on the keyword and competitiveness of the term.
  3. All guest posts must be submitted in a Google Doc with public sharing
  4. Include a short bio (50-75 words) and author headshot
  5. A maximum of 5 external links (do-follow) can be included (excluding tool’s home pages)
  6. Include 5 internal links to blogs on
  7. Posts should be formatted as follows:
  • 2 Title suggestions
  • Meta description
  • Image folder link (Google drive, etc)

Write for Us: The Process

If you think you have a great guest blog post idea that would be a fit for our blog, the first step is to fill out the form below. 

At the bottom of the form, there is a line asking you to type in a p hrase. Please use “Monday sucks” to be able to submit the form. This is meant to ensure that you’ve actually read our entire guest post guidelines and understand the parameters we’ve set. 

Once we've received your submission, one of our team members will review it and get back to you within 5 business days.

If your guest post idea is approved, we'll send over any additional details needed, and ask you to send over your completed guest post. Once we've received your guest post, one of our editors will review it for quality and make any necessary edits.

Once your guest post is edited and ready to go, we'll publish it on our blog and add internal links to give it some SEO juice!

Ready to pitch? Submit your pitch by filling out this form!

We can’t wait to host your guest article!

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