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7 Best Sales Apps to Boost Your Revenue - Sales Tips Included

Posted by Téa Liarokapi

Digital marketing has always been important but has become vital in the past few years. Especially during COVID, more brick-and-mortar stores have shifted from physical to online in terms of advertising and sales.

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The numbers above show a clear tendency towards a digital-first approach, so much so that businesses in 2022 have shifted towards a digital workplace model altogether.

Making the shift and creating a digital plan will help you save time and resources and boost sales. It allows sales teams to work remotely and service more customers in less time while leveraging the data they willingly give you nonetheless.

Of course, to boost your sales, you will need more than a simple digital mindset. Sales apps, marketing calendars, digital planning, and many scalable actions like producing an app for sales are in order.

Let's get into more detail.

7 Best Sales Apps To Boost Your Revenue

A sales app that only sells is not a sales app that is worth the time and effort. Many sales apps are meant to save time and resources and allow sales teams to focus on more important tasks. Make sure your sales app carries some of the following features:

  • It allows team messaging
  • It helps sales managers to build sales processes
  • It can store files
  • It can carry collaboration tools
  • It works perfectly on a mobile device
  • It is sales management friendly and not overly complicated
  • It carries all the necessary sales tools

1. ClickUp

Best for: Sales task management

ClickUp is one of the best productivity apps, where project management meets fully customizable features that offer flexibility to your sales team and allow you to incorporate your sales pipeline in the overall overview of your brand's tasks.

ClickUp works beautifully for both small businesses and ventures with larger teams by offering project management solutions, workload views, project updates, and team collaboration tools to help bring all your work—all in one place. This all-in-one app also integrates with over 1,000 other work tools, creating a seamless workflow and experience for its users.

Its free plan covers more than most tools a project management app should offer, like its Notepad feature or collaboration abilities. It takes just a few clicks to use the in-app chat feature, and its easy-to-use interface can make administrative tasks and comment sharing easy and intuitive.

Best Features

  • Team collaboration tools, like file sharing, will boost your sales team
  • The best note-taking apps features, like ClickUp Docs that make note-taking easy
  • Fully-customizable platform to help teams configure ClickUp to fit their needs as their business scales
  • Custom Fields allow users to keep track of virtually anything in the platform, including progress percentages, notes, and even client contact information
  • User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality to help users create and edit with ease
  • An easy-to-use and functional mobile app


  • The Free Forever plan is great for personal use. It includes ClickUp Docs, Whiteboards, Chat-view, in-app video recording, unlimited tasks, and more
  • The Unlimited plan is best for small businesses and teams and costs $5/member/month. It offers unlimited storage and integrations
  • The Business plan offers everything covered by the Unlimited plan and more. It costs $12/member/month, and its advanced time tracking will boost your mid-sized team's performance
  • The Business Plus is fantastic for multiple teams and costs $19/member/month. You can use it to integrate your marketing and sales team and toggle tasks with its advanced team-sharing capabilities
  • The Enterprise plan offers custom pricing and is fantastic for large enterprises. One of the best apps for project management, with live onboarding training and advanced permissions coming from the same app as your file sharing

Get started with ClickUp for free. No credit card required.

2. Moosend

Best for: Email marketing and lead generation

Moosend is among the best email marketing and marketing automation platforms. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, Moosend sports an easy and intuitive interface with a small learning curve that can turn each email into a sales rep by selling the right thing at the right time.

Perfect for email marketing on a budget, Moosend, and its competitors can double as sales apps as they follow the self-service system. Its automation capabilities can sell without selling by suggesting just the thing your recipients will love.

The platform is also ideal for lead generation, with fully customizable and responsive landing page templates and subscription forms. Its drag-and-drop editor is easy and intuitive, while the function of viewing your template on multiple screen types like tablet and mobile devices can ensure nothing goes amiss.

As far as lead management is concerned, Moosend integrates with 100+ apps, lead management apps among them.

Best features

  • Drag-and-Drop email editor and a wide variety of email templates
  • Dynamic content is used through custom fields to suggest the right thing at the right time
  • 100+ integrations, including customer relationship management and sales apps to make the learning curve even shorter
  • Segmentation and hyper-personalization tools
  • Ready-made automation recipes and custom reports


  • The Free Trial lasts 30 days and allows users to test all Moosend features and ensure they fit their needs
  • The Pro Plan, which costs $7/month, is billed annually, covers up to 500 unique subscribers, and gives access to automation workflows, landing page features, and the SMTP server
  • The Enterprise Plan, which covers all Pro features, plus offers a dedicated account manager and a dedicated IP. To get a quote, simply contact the sales team

3. Sprout Social

Best for: Social selling and social listening

Sprout Social is one of the apps that allow brands to integrate their sales plan with their social media management plan. Not a sales app in and of itself, but a powerful booster to any sales plan, Sprout Social offers social media management options through a single platform.

The social media management and optimization platform can boost the functions of the other apps for sales your brand trusts by giving you a comprehensive hub that includes social media performance, analytics, and the engagement your brand scores with all the different parts of your audience. That way, you can make data-driven decisions, analyze your social media traffic and branding trends, and tag your content to measure your campaign's performance across all channels.

Best features

  • Real-time collaboration tools so that nothing goes amiss
  • Reputation management and community management features
  • A fully developed mobile app
  • Multiple integrations with popular sales CRM tools like Salesforce and social sales apps like Facebook shops and Shopify
  • Easy and digestible social media reports


  • The Standard plan starts at $249/month and covers 5 social profiles, paid promotion tools, and review management
  • The Professional Plan starts at $399/month and covers all Standard features plus paid social reporting, custom workflows, and unlimited social profiles
  • The Advanced plan starts at $499/month and offers additional Twitter surveys for NPS reports
  • The Enterprise plan is custom-built to meet your brand's individual needs and includes social listening capabilities to uncover emerging trends and brand influencers. Integrate that with your favorite sales apps and see your brand reach its sales KPIs

4. HubSpot

Best for: Powerful sales hub

HubSpot is one of the undoubted leaders when it comes to sales apps. It's quite famous for its sales CRM capabilities, the HubSpot sales hub is a tool that is quite sought-after by sales reps and sales teams, and the Marketing hub can help marketers juggle tasks all in one app.

HubSpot offers a mobile app to ensure that nothing goes amiss, while its advanced capabilities can boost customer engagement and the customer experience as a whole, giving you more inbound leads.

HubSpot also offers all the capabilities of popular sales apps, like omnichannel workflows, social media ad tools, and lead-tracking options. HubSpot's tools allow you to understand your sales pipeline, your customer engagement, and various data entry and data management integrations.

Best features

  • Company scoring and predictive lead scoring features
  • Omnichannel customer communication and customer interactions tools
  • Data lead automation
  • Real-time tracking and activity
  • Company insights


For HubSpot Sales Hub, prices start at $45/month. More specifically:

  • The Starter plan starts at $45/month and includes all of the free tools but with some limits. It also includes multiple currencies and automation options and can eliminate the need for file-sharing apps
  • The Professional plan starts at $450/month and includes all of the Starter plan's benefits, with added tools that will boost your sales teams and their performance, such as sales analytics, sales automation, and custom reporting
  • The Enterprise plan starts at $1,200/month and provides all of the capabilities of the Professional plan, with an added bonus of advanced permissions and hierarchical teams

5. Acquire

Best for: Qualified leads with the use of chatbots

Acquire is a live chat software that promises to provide a perfect customer experience, making it a real booster for your sales apps and sales plan as a whole. Its advanced capabilities allow customer support agents to solve any customer issue in real-time, through desktop or using its mobile app.

Chatbot technology like Acquire carries can ensure an omnichannel experience with many features, like message routing, the chatbot app, and screen sharing, that can solve any issue.

The latter, along with the live chat software, guarantees that users understand they're communicating with a support agent instead of a bot. This, in turn, can ensure that users won't be left with an answer from the canned responses feature of the app. Rather, they will know that the brand took the time and effort to service them.

Acquire also offers a video call feature that can be useful when a customer query gets a little too complicated, making the customer experience perfect. And, as all brands know, perfect customer experiences are the best sales apps one could have before purchasing the actual sales apps that can boost their efforts.

Best features

  • Fully customizable 24/7 chatbots
  • Smart action routing through behavioral data
  • No need for prior code knowledge
  • Co-browsing capabilities for safer experiences
  • Mobile-friendly video chat


Acquire's pricing is custom, so the best you could do is to contact the sales team and discuss a quote you'll be happy with. Note that the plans are:

  • The Starter plan is better for small businesses that are just embarking on the journey of digital engagement and includes pre-built integrations and general support, among other things
  • The Commercial plan is perfect for mid-sized businesses and allows API access and tools like custom reports and conversational bots
  • The Enterprise plan is best suited for large companies. It provides a dedicated CSM and support

6. Typeform

Best for: Surveys simply care and boost your sales

Collecting and incorporating data into your sales management plan is something that all sales managers want. And there's no better way to do this than having a dedicated survey app to boost your sales activities simply by incorporating your users' feedback into your overall plan.

Typeform is fantastic for creating forms that are interesting, intuitive, and follow the natural continuation of a user's action. This helps users engage organically, making Typeform one of the best online form builders.

Typeform's result is conversational and engaging and allows users to feel like they're collaborating with your brand instead of just gathering information and data. This, in turn, allows brands to create a sales process that will be customer-centric and leverage user data to yield the best possible result. You can also create a form and embed it into your brand's mobile apps, no questions asked.

Typeform's tool carries a conditional logic feature to create a more human look and feel, making filling out the form as easy as talking to friendly sales reps and giving them all the right information about the product you're interested in. It also allows brands to skip unnecessary questions and get straight to the point.

Best features

  • Interactive video conversations
  • Fully customizable branding
  • A variety of form templates
  • Photo and video libraries for more interesting-looking forms
  • Chatbots


  • The tool offers a Free Plan that requires no credit card
  • The Basic plan starts at $25/month, is billed annually, and includes unlimited forms, 100 responses/month, and one user
  • The Plus plan starts at $50/month, is billed annually, and comes with every feature the Basic plan covers, plus 1000 responses/month and no branding on your forms
  • The Business plan starts at $83/month, is billed annually, and includes all Plus plan features. Additionally, it offers 10000 responses/month and conversion tracking

7. ReferralCandy

Best for: New leads and sales through referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the oldest sales tactics in the book, and referral tools are among the top sales apps. ReferralCandy allows you to leverage the power of referral marketing and inbound lead generation simply by helping you run your referral program while you sit and relax.

ReferralCandy tracks and rewards users who bring out the best in their social circle and refer their peers to your business, powering up the sales app you're using. Connect it with your brand, mobile sales apps included, and see your conversion skyrocket.

ReferralCandy carries multiple integrations with some of the most popular apps for sales, like Shopify and email marketing and marketing automation platforms. Just build your referral marketing program and turn your audience into sales reps by giving them a unique link and encouraging them to share it with their peers.

Best features

  • Integrations with your favorite marketing apps
  • Customized and mobile-first referral pages
  • Rewards management
  • Dedicated dashboard to track your key metrics
  • Referral and contact management


  • The Premium plan starts at $47/month, billed annually. This plan carries all the main features small businesses need, such as data reports and unlimited customers
  • The Plus plan starts at $239/month, billed annually. It's best suited for growing teams who need to delve into referral marketing. This plan carries everything included in the Premium plan, plus premium support and a dedicated account manager
  • The Enterprise plan is a custom plan that's best for bigger ventures. It carries everything that's included in the Plus plan, as well as custom integrations and unlimited campaigns

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How to Build Your Sales Strategy (4 Important Tips)

Closing sales is not easy for a sales team, and it's true that more than most consumers have grown weary of field sales reps that would try and sell them something irrelevant to their needs. The same goes for a sales call or a generic email offer. Consumers trust digital more and more each day simply because sales apps leverage data through real customer interactions.

This leads to users receiving suggestions based on their preferences, which means they'll come back and perhaps refer some new customers while at it. But some business fundamentals go into using and leveraging customer relationships that have more to do with your sales agents understanding your users and less with the sales apps you're going to choose.

1. Understand your personas and tone

One major issue that goes into customer relationships that most marketers forget is creating and adjusting the tone of voice after understanding what the ideal customer looks like. Understanding this can help brands leverage real-time insights and data and make closing sales easy for their reps.

To create tailor-made offers that will help you be on the same page as your customers, you need to create the profile of your ideal customer or buyer persona. This should be as detailed as possible. The details, such as geographic location, educational background, gender, etc., should lead to a specific benefit your product can offer and the problem it could ideally solve.

After that, you will need to leverage real-time data and analytics. One of the main reasons why digital efforts like email marketing rely on apps that can provide real-time data is to come up with a spot-on solution to the customer's problem. Many of the best apps, like Moosend and other ConvertKit alternatives leverage customer data to create sales recommendations that will have users contact sales reps and turn recipients into hot leads.

Of course, understanding your brand's tone is just as important:

via SimpleStage

Your tone of voice makes you memorable and able to connect with your ideal customer persona. It's what will shape your digital sales efforts, from spot-on ads to personalized videos that sell without selling. It can also set the mood for what you offer or even what your next move is going to be. This is why your brand's tone can be adjusted according to the platform you're using at that stage or the sales rep who handles an interested client.

2. Create SMART goals and plans

First of all, you'll need to create a plan that will be SMART:

via The Coaching Tools Company

Goals that are specific are easier to reach. Measurable sales goals will show you the progress you've made. Actionable and realistic goals allow sales reps to understand what they're doing and marketers to know what the best sales apps are for each goal. Finally, time-bound goals allow your marketing and sales teams to understand how to invest their time and what priorities they need to set.

After that, start creating your sales plan that will boost sales, lead generation, and overall awareness. You need it to be tailor-made and carry calculated actions. Perhaps, for your audience and your offer, a sales call will work better than a catchy subject line. It's up to you, your offer, and your plan.

3. Understand your competitors and perform market research

Never forget the importance of market research and understanding your competitors. You know your product, sure, but how does it work against what users already know? Perhaps one of your competitors has a sales app, for example. Will creating a mobile sales app help you boost your sales and attract their audience, or is a mobile app something your ideal customer won't bother with?

Creating a cohesive plan for your market research will not only help you understand your target market and your competitors. It will also allow you to understand the task management steps your sales teams need to take, the automation recipes you need to take notice of - always in tandem with your customer data, of course - and the sales process you need to develop, especially if you're a small business.

Market research will, eventually, show you how to turn your goals into action plans and your pain points and your customer's pain points into strengths. It can also help you understand the people you want to sell to, how to practice spot-on lead generation and sales prospecting, and how to, eventually, increase sales without trying too hard.

4. Align your sales and marketing teams

Speaking of marketing, create and honor a service-level agreement (SLA) between your sales and marketing teams. This agreement will detail how each team can support each other, contribute to the other's goals, and honor boundaries in a way that still moves prospects toward conversion.

The role of marketing, digital or not, is to create space for new leads and retain old customers. The role of the sales teams is to keep a repeater's CLTV high while promoting new offers and benefits. It makes huge sense for the two teams to be aligned in both larger and small businesses through streamlined processes and collaboration tools. Of course, this takes a customer relationship management tool that keeps both teams updated about how prospects react to products.

A sales CRM can help unify the efforts of both sales and marketing teams by aligning their goals and building a sales funnel that will make sense both from a marketing and a sales perspective.

All in all, unifying sales and marketing will help your sales reps understand your marketing team's vision and your marketing team understands how your sales reps communicate with consumers.

Of course, none of the above is possible, as we mentioned before, without using some of the best sales apps and customer relationship management apps and coming up with new sales activities.

Additional Strategies You Can Use

I couldn't close this chapter without including a couple more sales strategies that could help brands and sales reps alike.

  • Invest in phone calls. Cold calling, sales calls, video calls, you name it, can be valuable assets. Make sure to look into the various types of desk phones and equipment and see your sales skyrocket through a contact center
  • Create a mobile sales app for your brand. Generally speaking, a sales app will boost your revenue, as more than most users shop through their mobile devices
  • Give inbound and outbound sales the same attention, and personalize and optimize according to the channel. If a user comes through your mobile app, make sure you honor that
  • Don't forget to be adaptable and always track your data

The Takeaway

One thing to remember is that no matter how well-developed your mobile app is and how good your sales reps are, you won't boost your conversion without being flexible and using multiple channels for customer acquisition.

Create a blog, become authoritative in your niche, find the tools that meet your needs, and see your small business thrive in no time.

About the Author:

Téa Liarokapi is a Senior Content Writer for Moosend, an email marketing and marketing automation platform, and an obsessive writer in general. In her free time, she tries to find new ways to stuff more books in her bookcase and content ideas - and cats - to play with.

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