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10 Best Loom Alternatives to Capture Your Screen

Posted by The Friday Team

It’s about time we face the facts: remote work is here to stay. And with hybrid and remote work comes a few challenges, including miscommunications and increased alignment meetings to keep everyone on the same page. 

Luckily, there are online tools to help kick those problems to the curb! 

Loom is a one of the most prominent screen recording tools that lets individuals and teams capture and record their computer screen, create quick video messages, and share them instantly with anyone via a shareable link. With this screen recording app, teams can relay complex and technical information in a more visual and easy-to-digest format that can be watched and replayed at any time, anywhere. 

Here are 10 of the best Loom alternatives for you to check out. We’ve included their best features, limitations, and pricing information to help you find the right tool that fits your needs!

1. Clip by ClickUp

Source: ClickUp

ClickUp is one of the top Loom alternatives available today. This might be surprising because it's known as an all-in-one project management tool. However, it offers a built-in screen recording feature that integrates into its entire PM ecosystem to help your team communicate more effectively, especially when words are just not enough and visuals are needed to add context to tasks, to fully convey your message.

No more typing endless paragraphs describing your tasks or re-recording with Loom—simply create and share a recording to add context and visuals to help your team understand with confidence. With Clip by ClickUp, you can capture your entire screen, app window, and browser tab, and add and record your voice while you create a walk-through video. When you’re finished recording, instantly share your Clip video with your team via a shareable link, or drop the link within a ClickUp task to embed it within a comment. 

Try Clip along with hundreds of other advanced features in ClickUp for free with the Free Forever Plan. 

Best Features

  • No time limit on video recordings
  • Available on every plan
  • Allows you to create and share recorded videos within tasks
  • Other in-app features such as Chrome Extension to capture images and Proofing to make annotations easy
  • Easily integrates with third-party apps

Current Limitations

  • Guests within your ClickUp Workspace cannot create Clips


Free Forever Plan, Unlimited ($5 per member/month), Business ($12 per member/month), Business Plus ($19 per member/month), Enterprise (contact for pricing)

“If you are looking to get your workflow organized, either alone or with colleagues, ClickUp is a very intuitive and powerful tool to use. Also, its price is half that of some of its competitors. I can track my time easily and record screen videos. This saves me a lot of time instead of jumping from tool to tool.” - G2Crowd

Use for ClickUp for free, forever—no credit card required.

2. SoapBox by Wistia

Source: Wistia

Soapbox is a screen recording and video creation tool that lets you record professional-looking videos from your screen or webcam, and share it with your team within minutes. Easily record your videos right from your browser, trim and edit videos in-app, add presentation elements such as slides or videos, and export the video to share with anyone or build a library of content. 

Best Features

  • Video creation and editing
  • Custom branding
  • Video analytics 

Current Limitations

  • Its free version only covers up to 10 videos max and 200 GB
  • Must upgrade to get access to trim videos and other features


Free, Plus ($19/month), Pro ($79/month), Advanced ($319/month), Premium (contact for pricing)

3. ScreenRec

Source: ScreenRec

ScreenRec is a free screen recording tool that enables you to record your screen for unlimited time with no watermarks and it gives you the ability to take and annotate screenshots. You can easily record your screen, voice, computer audio and webcam to create tutorials or send personalized and encrypted video messages showing what's on your screen. After recording your video, instantly get a private shareable link, making it perfect for business communication.

Best Features

  • Built on top of a professional video streaming platform that offers advanced privacy and security features, such as 128-bit AES video encryption
  • Ability to take screenshots and record your screen, microphone, computer audio, and webcam
  • Get 2GB of free private cloud storage for unlimited recording without watermarks

Current Limitations

  • There is no video editor 


Free to use; Upcoming business plans with more advanced features

“ScreenRec offers a unique combination of features for free. I use it daily to show my remote team what's on my screen, especially when reviewing copy, designs, and website functionality. It has saved me SO much time that I used to spend emailing.” - Gerry Dimova, SEO Content Marketing Manager at ScreenRec

4. Sendspark

Source: Sendspark

Sendspark is one of the top Loom alternatives for sales videos and more scalable than Loom. Use Sendspark if you need to record a lot of similar but still highly personalized videos for sales outreach, client onboarding, or customer follow ups.

Best Features

  • Use dynamic variables to automatically add your viewer’s first name, company name, or job title to videos 
  • Combine videos to record custom introductions on existing videos
  • Create personalized videos to help connect with your audience
  • Easily share videos in Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, HubSpot, Outreach, or any other email platform

Current Limitations

  • Has limited video editing capabilities 
  • Does not have a mobile application or desktop application. It works primarily through Google Chrome 


Sendspark has a Free Forever plan, and paid pricing plans start at $15 per user/month. 

“Sendspark is perfect for creating personalized videos at scale. It's not AI, but you're able to automate so much that it only takes ~10 seconds to genuinely personalize each video.” - Bethany Stachenfeld, Co-founder & CEO at Sendspark

5. Usersnap

Source: Usersnap

Usersnap is a customer feedback tool for companies to use to collect screen recordings, voice feedback, or screenshots with annotations and comments. This tool helps you collect more product insights with in-app surveys, feature request boards, and screen captures. Instead of making users go through more than one tool to submit feedback, they can easily submit screen recording feedback through Usersnap and send it directly to their stakeholders and company.

Best Features

  • Screen recordings with voice feedback
  • Quality assurance/testing with visual feedback (screen recordings and screenshots)
  • Integrations to other dev tools to handle bugs and experiences (including ClickUp and Jira)
  • Survey pop-up capability

Current Limitations

  • Paid plans are costly 


After the 15-day free trial, Usersnap's pricing for more than 2 team members starts at $69/month and add more team members for $9 per user/month.

“This is the more interactive tool for SaaS companies to collect customer feedback with screen recordings. The best way to collect such feedback is to set up any of the feedback widgets after an event-based KPI that drives revenue for your business.” - William Perlmutter, Senior Researcher at Usersnap

6. Scribe

Source: Scribe

Scribe is another interesting Loom alternative when you need to show instructions that don't need context. It instantly turns a process you complete on the computer into a step-by-step guide with screenshots and written steps. No need to do your hair or clean up your desktop— Scribe captures your workflow in seconds with no prep time.

Best Features

  • Instantly creates step-by-step guides with screenshots and written steps
  • Guides are shareable via link or embeddable within other tools
  • Recommended Scribes makes it easy to find guides while you're in an app or on a site

Current Limitations

  • Currently only offers screenshots, not live video
  • Knowledge management functionality is more lightweight than dedicated knowledge bases


Scribe's Chrome extension is free with unlimited users and guides created. The Pro plan is $29/user/month and offers a desktop recorder, screenshot editing, and more.

“Scribe is incredibly simple to use, allowing users to create any type of documentation in seconds. My recommendation would be to pin the Chrome extension so it becomes natural to start recording rather than taking manual screenshots.” - Jakub Rudnik, Head of Content at Scribe

7. Camtasia

Source: Techsmith

Camtasia is a video recording tool for creating professional-looking software video demonstrations, presentations, product tutorials, online lessons, and more on Windows and Mac. It offers pre-built video templates to help you create videos without prior knowledge or experience. 

Best Features

  • All-in-one screen recorder and video editor
  • Access templates to help you get started, and create themes to keep your videos on brand
  • Turn presentations into videos with the Powerpoint integration 
  • Use the Annotations feature to highlight important points in your video

Current Limitations

  • Need more effects for audio
  • The ability to reverse video clips and files
  • Plans are costly


Camtasia offers an Individual and Business plan for $299.99 per user, Education plan for $212.99 per user, and a Government and Non-Profit plan for $268.99.

Learn about the best screen recording software for Mac users!

8. Tella

Tella is a great Loom alternative for fast, efficient recording with greater flexibility and video customization options. You can use Tella to record product demos, tutorials, presentations, and so much more. Videos are fully customizable and can be instantly shareable all within your browser.

Best Features

  • You can record in multiple clips like Tiktok
  • Custom layouts & backgrounds
  • Re-record! When you mess up a clip, just re-do it and not the entire video

Current Limitations

  • No desktop app
  • No mouse click highlights


A free plan is available for up to 10 videos. For more than 10 videos, sign up for the Pro plan for $19 per month.

“Screen recordings can be a fun, creative way to communicate and create content — and Tella makes this easy. Combine clips with different layouts to quickly make any video more dynamic.” - Grant Shaddick, Co-founder & CEO at Tella


Source: Vidizmo

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a YouTube-like Loom alternative. It’s an enterprise video platform that provides a comprehensive live and on-demand video streaming, storage, and delivery solutions to enterprises. Record videos and securely access, share, edit, analyze, and transcribe your videos multilingual portal that can connect to all your important business apps like Zoom, MS Teams, SharePoint, etc. 

Best Features

  • On-demand streaming and end-to-end video content management
  • Enterprise-grade video security with end-to-end content encryption
  • Video artificial intelligence and smart video management to help auto-transcribe your videos in 50+ languages to ensure content accessibility for your global, diverse audience
  • Enterprise-grade security for private video streaming

Current Limitations

  • Has a comparatively basic content creation tool 
  • Plans are costly 


VIDIZMO provides you a week-long free trial to test out the solution completely. Paid plans start at $85 a month for internal viewing with 5 content creators, $140 a month for internal and external use with 10 content creators, and $350 per month for internal and external use with 25 content creators.

“With a code-free YouTube-like UI, using it is not a hassle at all. This tool helps you to ensure that videos are accessible to intended audiences only, and you can upload videos for your audience to watch at their own pace. An insider tip is that you can literally consider VIDIZMO as a one-stop shop for all your corporate video needs - you can even create multiple branded portal to separately secure and manage different types of videos” - Sabika Tasneem, Assistant Product Marketing Manager at VIDIZMO

10. Movavi

Source: Movavi

Movavi Screen Recorder is a screen recording software with compact design and full-featured functionality. This tool can run in the background without taking too much system resources. So, you can use shortcuts to start the recordings and take snapshots without having to wait for the program to launch. Movavi also comes with the screenshot editing tools, a handy scheduler, and multiple exporting options, including YouTube, Google Drive, and popular messengers.

Best Features

  • Different recording modes: screen with or without a webcam/audio; only webcam; only audio (system and/or microphone)
  • Screenshot editing on the go: you can add arrows, shapes, lines, and text before you take the screenshot
  • Drawing on videos when recording

Current Limitations

  • No quick access to the recordings' folder within the app
  • Limited editing options; you can only cut out unwanted parts


Movavi offers a 1-year license / 1 PC for $42.95 and Lifetime /1 PC for $57.95.

No More Re-Recording with Loom

Well, there you have it—10 strong contenders to consider replacing Loom!

Although there are some great options on our list, it’s crucial to remember why you’re looking for a Loom alternative in the first place. 

If you’re looking for a long term solution that offers the same screen recording capabilities as Loom, along with other powerful features to simplify and help you manage your workflow, then look no further. ClickUp not only offers an in-app screen recorder, but it also provides hundreds of advanced and customizable features to help you build your ideal workspace, improve team communication, and manage all your work—all in one place.

It’s time to get smarter with your workflow and keep your team communication clear and precise at all times. Let ClickUp help you get there pronto. Try it for free today! 

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