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13 Best Weekdone Alternatives: More Than Goal-Setting & OKRs

Regardless of size, industry, and means, every innovative company is looking for the next breakthrough to increase efficiency. There’s certainly no miracle solution to reach the unique goals each company plans to meet. 

How can the standard fundamentals of business, such as communication, goal setting, and tracking objectives and key results (OKRs) be maximized? How can companies meet expectations when companies are scattered with employees working from home? Is Weekdone the answer, or are there Weekdone alternatives that could help you more?

What is Weekdone?

Weekdone might be your first point of call when looking to improve business performance, and for good reason. It’s internationally acclaimed and used across a variety of industries, with great overall reviews at that. Weekdone is acclaimed for its ability to prioritize, track, and group OKRs.  

Best Features: Weekdone’s primary functions are goal tracking and streamlined messaging processes. The significance of these features is twofold. They create a centralized chain of information and effectively track and communicate OKRs. 

Format: Weekdone is available on iOS, Web, and Android. 

Pricing: Plans range from $108 per month (up to 15 users) to $648 per month (up to 90 users). Past 90 users, contact Weekdone for pricing information. 

Top Weekdone Alternatives

Throughout this article, we’ll see how Weekdone alternatives compare in performance, basic functionalities, and browsing experience. 

1. Friday

Formats: Web, Slack & Teams Integrations

Best Features: More than only an OKR tool, Friday empowers individual productivity, asynchronous meeting, smoother goal setting, and team profiles to help connect your team to work from anywhere. Friday glues your most important things at work together.

  • How can Friday help your team? Automate routine updates like daily standups and weekly updates. You can have more efficient meetings or completely eliminate them.
  • Roadmap your day in the Friday Planner: Connect your online calendar and join meetings in the Friday planner. Friday brings together team updates with personal productivity. 
  • Your team can set their to-do list each day, copy it over to their daily standup or other team update in Friday. They can provide progress updates on their team goals right inside  Friday. 
  • Integrate with Slack, Zoom, Google Meetings, and other productivity tools like Trello, Asana, or ClickUp. 

By creating team updates in Friday and holding more asynchronous meetings, you can cut in half the number of meetings that your team has. 



  • Planner
  • Unlimited routines
  • Unlimited users
  • 21-day response history

Pro: $6 per user/per month

  • Unlimited response history
  • Reporting
  • Goals
  • Team profiles & routines

2. Range

Formats: Web 

Best Features: A check-in feature allows users to share information in a forum-based system, post updates, and share project goals. You can schedule recurring meetings, and it’s hosted through Range, leading to more efficient and effective meetings.

Users can integrate helpful apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams into Range. Security features such as data encryption afford an added layer of safety. Among Weekdone alternatives, Range stands out as a flexible option because of its pricing variety and ability to interface with other apps.

Pricing: Free, Standard ($8 monthly per user), Premium (Custom Pricing)

3. I Done This

Formats: Web

Best Features: I Done This boasts intricate tracking systems that encompass all work elements: projects and tasks and daily thoughts and obstacles. However, this Weekdone alternative does not carry an internal communication system.

Pricing: Standard ($9/12.50 monthly per user), Plus ($22/25 monthly per user), Enterprise ($35/40 monthly per user)

4. Hypercontext (Formerly Soapbox HQ)

Formats: Web, iOS, Android

Best Features: Polls and surveys allow managers to understand how employees perceive the workplace and projects. An anonymous review system gives employees the ability to share their voices with management. Hypercontext (Formerly Soapbox) is an ideal Weekdone alternative for businesses that are looking to improve business performance.

Pricing: Basic (free), Pro ($5.60 monthly per user), Business ($8.80 monthly per user)

5. TINYpulse

Formats: Web, iOS, Android

Best Features: TINYpulse assists businesses in streamlining internal communication. It is one of many platforms that can connect to other workplace apps such as Slack, Teams, HRIS, and SMS text messaging. 

This allows for polls and surveys to be easily distributed among remote teams. Also, you can customize these polls by anonymity and format.

TINYpulse is an excellent Weekdone alternative because it offers an in-person demo, along with a 14-day free trial, so that users can ensure that they’re getting the most of their experience and have the option to cancel if it’s not for the best. This is in contrast to Weekdone’s 3-day free trial. 

Pricing: Tinypulse has not provided public pricing details. 

6. 15five

Formats: Web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows

Best Features: 15five offers a number of features, with its Full Potential Index as an excellent tool. Based on organizational psychology, it combines obstacles, goals, strengths, weaknesses, and employee opinions. It provides a complete picture to managers in need of employee evaluation. 15five has a specific index for tracking and measuring OKRs.

15five urges businesses to place more emphasis on their staff, promising that investing effort into their people is key to seeing good results. 15five is an excellent Weekdone alternative because of the variable pricing points and specific focus on OKRs.

Pricing: Basic ($7 monthly per user), Plus ($14 monthly per user), Performance (Custom Pricing)

7. Lattice

Formats: Web 

Best Features: Security features (data encryption, penetration tests, vulnerability checks) sets Lattice apart as one of the most secure Weekdone alternatives for people management, employee engagement, OKRs and goal-setting. Also, Lattice is connected with many apps such as G-Suite, ADP, Rippling, Bamboo HR, and Outlook. These connections mean that you can address OKRs, performance, and other business aspects using Lattice.  

A sophisticated analytics program brings hard data and numbers to human practices such as management practices, employee satisfaction, employee performance, and company diversity. This data approach sets Lattice apart from other Weekdone alternatives by offering a holistic perspective on business performance.

Pricing: Performance ($9 monthly per user), Performance and Engagement ($12 monthly per user), Enterprise (Custom Pricing) 

8. Ally

Formats: Web, iOS, Android

Best Features: Ally stands out by virtue of a customer service program aimed toward improving user experience and business performance. The Ally program targets OKRs, and when the user needs aid in composing OKRs, revamping an ailing program, restructuring workflow, among other services, Ally is on-call.

Specialists are available by the hour from 2-40 hours per week to help. Like Weekdone and other Weekdone alternatives, Ally has an internal communication system and is compatible with external applications such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and G-Suite.

Pricing: Growth ($7/$9.50 monthly per user), Enterprise (Custom Pricing)

9. Engagedly

Formats: Web, iOS, Android

Best Features: This software is designed to weave goal-setting and OKRs into a performance review. This simplifies management’s role and grants transparency to employees who want a tangible tracking method for their work and performance feedback.

In comparison to Weekdone and Weekdone alternatives, Engagedly excels in tracking and communicating employee performance, OKRs, and internal communication. Granting kudos and cheering on coworkers is a fun way for remote teams to stay connected.

Pricing: Engagedly has not provided public pricing details. 

10. WorkBoard

Formats: Web, iOS, Android

Best Features: WorkBoard is an effective Weekdone alternative that focuses on the day-to-day necessities of office and white-collar work, like meeting minutes. It provides a structure for running effective meetings such as recording minutes and setting daily/weekly recurrence.

OKRs are linked to performance evaluation so that staff and management can track progress and measure outcomes. It is acclaimed for displaying a user-friendly interface with consistent but not disruptive maintenance.

Pricing: WorkBoard has not provided public pricing details.

11. Elate

Formats: Web, iOS, Android

Best Features: The primary features of Elate are goal management and OKR tracking. They also offer consistent customer services, bringing solutions to OKR planning, development, and execution.

Elate offers integration with valuable tools such as Jira, G-Suite, Salesforce, and Quickbooks. This makes Elate helpful in OKR across the board. In comparison to Weekdone, Elate offers fewer tools but more outstanding customer service. 

Pricing: The three options are Grow, Accelerate, and Enterprise. Pricing details are not displayed online. 

12. 7geese

Formats: Web, iOS, Android

Best Features: 7geese differentiates itself from Weekdone and Weekdone alternatives for its modern and customizable dashboard. 7geese offers a wider range of features than Weekdone. In addition, dedicated customer service staff offers solutions to business performance issues that may be difficult to fix internally.

Pricing: Align ($10 monthly per user), Perform ($14 monthly per user), Grow ($19 monthly per user)

13. Perdoo

Formats: Web, iOS, Android

Best Features: For free, or a very low price, users can enjoy the essential functions of a business performance program. An internal communication system, data presentation, and OKR tracking are all strong points of Perdoo’s software. It’s an affordable Weekdone alternative that is well-suited for remote teams working for small businesses.

Pricing: Free, Premium ($7.20 monthly per user)

Conclusion: Which Weekdone Alternative is Right For You?

Whether it’s Weekdone or a Weekdone alternative, choosing any workplace performance software should be based on your evaluation of OKRs, internal communication, and human resources. 

Consider your own company's strengths and weaknesses: if your employees meet their goals but seem burned out and disengaged, search for the Weekdone alternative that emphasizes transparency, teamwork, and communication. 

If you are facing any level of productivity issues, don’t discount the importance of communication, but consider the underlying factor: the OKR itself and how it’s presented to your employees could be the area that needs focus. 

Finally, consider the challenges of a remote team. Which software will help your staff communicate effectively, stay focused, and collaborate well?

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