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Staff Meeting Agenda: Streamline Your Meetings with Friday

Use this free staff meeting agenda template to asynchronously set action items for your next meeting, and determine top priorities for the future.

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Start Your Staff Meeting Agenda in Minutes

In less than one minute, set up an asynchronous staff meeting agenda for your team.

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Asynchronously Prioritize Items Before Your Staff Meeting

Friday helps you collect the info you need asynchronously, which means less time in meetings and more time for deep work.

Automated Updates & Meeting Prompts

You don't have time to manually ask what's going on at work. Customize your questions and send the prompts at certain times. No more micromanaging.

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Integrated Staff Meeting Updates in Team Chat

Staff updates in Friday are integrated into workplace chat and productivity tools, whether it's Slack, Teams, Trello, Asana, ClickUp or another tool.

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Ask Watercooler Questions & Send Kudos

Friday power-ups take staff meeting agendas to another level. Get your team excited about sharing an update at work

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Actually Track Goals with Friday

Update and report on goals as part of your staff meeting agenda. Friasy can help you do it. Map your work to OKRs, improve transparency for all of your deparments and employees, and easily share progress on a regular basis.

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Automatic Reporting

Create shareable reports in Friday that you can quickly send to stakeholders and all meeting participants. Easily benchmark results over time too.

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Templates for Success

Effective teams create structure and process to the way they communicate. Friday makes this easy and automatic.

Sprint Retrospective Updates

Hold less awkward retrospectives by surfacing the key information asynchronously beforehand.

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Daily Standup Updates

Stop scheduling Zoom calls. Run an asynchronous daily standup right inside Friday.

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One-on-One Meetings

Check in and see how your team is feeling/performing on a regular basis. Track sentiment and priorities.

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Automate Team Updates with Friday

Friday is the #1 asynchronous remote operating system for your company. Roadmap your day, stay in sync with your team, and build great work routines from anywhere.

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