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Stay aligned from anywhere

See team goals and recent progress in one place. Say goodbye to stale spreadsheets that no one keeps up-to-date.

Step 1

Add your goals

Add owners, collaborators, and key success metrics you are trying to hit.

Step 2

Power them up

Enable the goals power-up to existing routines, like a weekly update or monthly review.

Explore Power-Ups
Step 3

Share progress

Goal owners can share progress and provide context, so you can spend less time in status meetings.

Step 4

Know what's going on

See team or organizational goals and the current progress in one view.

Step 5

Connect strategy to everyday action

Goals are useless if they are disconnected from the everyday. With Friday, you can see your goals as you plan your day.

Goal FAQs

Learn more about how goals in Friday can help you align daily work to the bigger picture.

How is Friday different than other tools?

How do I integrate goals with Friday routines?

Is this only for OKRs?

Reach your goals from anywhere