Make sure you are working on the right things

Goals shouldn't collect dust in a spreadsheet. Map your work to purpose, improve transparency across teams, and easily share progress on a regular basis.


How it works

Friday makes it easy to see and share progress on key goals and initiatives.

Create goals

Create goals and assign owners to report on them. Assign collaborators and key metrics.

Share progress

Goals can be integrated with your existing routines in Friday, which makes it easier to share updates.

A birds-eye view

See how the team or company is tracking with key goals and initiatives. See if you are on track or not.

Improve transparency

Instantly see if you are going to hit your goals. Identify and fix potential problems earlier.

Goals view

Goal FAQs

Learn more about how goals in Friday can help you align daily work to the bigger picture.

How is Friday different than other tools?
How do I integrate goals with Friday routines?
Is this only for OKRs?

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