Zoom Chat Standup Bot | Friday.app

Automate routine updates in Zoom Chat

Friday streamlines routine updates like daily standups, weekly updates, and so much more.

How it works

Friday makes it easy to setup and establish communication routines, directly in Zoom Chat.

Routine Builder

Fully Customizable

Every aspect of a Friday communication workflow is customizable - questions, cadence, reminders, and more.

Daily Standup

Automatic Reporting

Stop wasting time compiling reports for various stakeholders. We'll do the hard work for you. Instant trends. Shareable reports.


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Spend half as much time in meetings by getting updates out of the way.

Weekly update

Share a recap of what you accomplished over the week

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Daily Standup

Share what's going on everyday with the rest of the team.

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Start, Stop, Keep

What should you start doing, stop doing, and keep doing?

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Spend less time in meetings

Automate communication and routine updates, directly in Zoom Chat.