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10+ ClickUp Templates for Various Use Cases This Year

Posted by The Friday Team

ClickUp is a great project management tool that allows you to manage tasks, projects, and workflows. With its extensive features, tools, and functions, it can be challenging for some people to fully adapt to this workspace. 

This is why ClickUp offers a library of more than 1000 ready-to-use project templates for any kind of team or project. Save some time and use a template as a starting point instead of starting from scratch. 

Choosing from ClickUp’s templates is a great way to streamline your work and create a structure for you and your team to work together.

Here are some of the templates that can help you get started for various use cases. Check them out!

1. ClickUp’s Project Management Template (Editor’s Pick)

ClickUp is the ultimate project management platform designed with features and tools to centralize all your work apps in one dynamic and collaborative work hub. It offers various solutions for managing all types of projects and business workflows. ClickUp’s Template Center offers a ready-to-use project management template to help you manage everything from daily operations to complex projects.

This template helps support project planning through every phase and aspect. It is an efficient and customizable template that includes every tool and view to help project managers track a project’s overall progress and budget. It also allows project managers to prioritize, assign, and schedule tasks in an organized way as well as communicate with all members involve with the project.

Main Elements of this Project Management Template

ClickUp’s Project Management template includes:

  • Custom Statuses: Mark task status to keep track of deadlines and delays 
  • Custom Fields: List, Board, and Gantt view to help visualize and view your workflow and streamline all phases of the project
  • Pre-Saved List: Share the same views and customize how each phase is organized visually
  • ClickApps: Improve project tracking and completion with time tracking capabilities, tags, dependency warning, emails, and more

How to Use This Template

Project managers and teams can use this project management template to help everyone stay on the same page when it comes to tracking project progress.

First, hit “Add Template” to sign up for ClickUp and add the template to your Workspace. Make sure you designate which Space or location in your Workspace you’d like this template applied.

Next, invite your team to your Workspace to start collaborating.

Take advantage of the multiple views to visualize deliverables in different categories. 

  • Use List View for grouping, sorting, and filtering tasks
  • Use the Board View to build an Agile workflow
  • Have your team add important details to the pre-built Custom Fields to get a better context of where tasks currently stand

Choose from various views types and statuses to keep everything detailed and organized to maximize your potential sales

Try the Template

Get started with ClickUp’s Project Management template for free, no credit card required

2. ClickUp’s Meeting Agenda Template

Lead one-on-one meetings with purpose and clarity. Using ClickUp’s one-on-one meeting template is a great way to connect and align with the people you manage or members of your team in the most effective way possible. Create an outline of your meeting agenda, list topics for discussion, and define purpose and objectives with the help of this meeting agenda template.

This ClickUp meeting template for 1:1 meetings is designed to keep all of your agenda for your meetings with individuals in an organized and centralized way. Set up and manage your next 1:1 meeting fast with this template. 

Main Elements of this Meeting Agenda Template

ClickUp’s template includes:

  • Customization options: Customize each one-on-one document with your format of choice and add charts, visuals, and more to add better context and information
  • Assigned comments: Add comments to the people you lead to collaborate on ideas or track key takeaways together
  • Pre-built pages: Create nested pages for employee roles, expectations, and recurring tasks and meeting agendas

Try the Template

Add this Meeting Template to your Workspace for free

3. ClickUp’s Content Calendar Template

ClickUp’s Content Calendar template supports marketing teams from planning, and ideation, to publication. Choose from customization options to manage all kinds of content for teams of every size. Manage projects and campaigns with this template’s statuses, custom fields, and views to manage and build your content calendar.

ClickUp offers a variety of content calendar templates for various use cases including blogs, social media, emails, editorial calendars, and more. Teams handling large volumes of content can manage their workload better with the help of this content calendar template.

Main Elements of this Content Calendar Template

ClickUp’s template includes:

  • Eight statuses: In Review, Concept, In Development, Open, On Hold, Closed, Ready, and Published to keep track of progress and give visibility to stakeholders
  • Custom fields: Keep track of granular detail such as target audience, budget, channel, objective, goal, and more
  • Views: Choose from a Calendar, List, Board, or Gantt View to help build your content database
  • Best use cases: Website, blog, social, and email

Try the Template

Get started with ClickUp’s Content Calendar template for free

4. ClickUp’s Roadmap Template

Achieve product completion by getting a macro-level view of vision, direction, and commitments of features and initiatives for a product with this ClickUp Product Roadmap templates. This template is great for product managers or project leaders who needs a way to better track and share their product roadmaps. This template also helps provide weeklyt execution updates to leadership. It also allows product managers to publish release notes internally and externally.

The product roadmap template comes with custom fields, statuses, tags, several view types, and automations to help you create a better plan of action to align your team or organization around various organizational goals. Achieve your goals and objectives with the help of a well planned product roadmap with ClickUp.

Main Elements of this Product Roadmap Template

ClickUp’s template includes:

  • Ten statuses: Mark tasks, items, and deliverables with current status such as In Development, Scoping, In QA Review, Closed, Ready for Development and more to keep everyone updated about each item’s progress
  • Custom fields: Use custom fields such as confidence %, phase, initiavie, leadership request, release status, and more to provide better context with each action item
  • Product request form: Ready to use customizable form to get product suggestions and feedback

Try the Template

Get the Product Roadmap template here

5. ClickUp’s Dashboard Template

The ClickUp Project Management Dashboard template helps project and product managers keep tabs on a project’s development, budget, team workload, status, and more. It provides an overview of all the inner workings of a project. The dashboard template also provides a way to look at important project data to help leaders and managers make informed business decisions when it comes to achieving their goals and objectives.

Use the template’s statuses, custom fields, and views to better understand where each phase and aspect of the project currently stands. Visualize your tasks and dependencies through various views including a calendar and timeline view. A workload view also shows the amount of work each team member is assigned during the time period selected. 

Main Elements of this Dashboard Template

ClickUp’s template includes:

  • Statuses: Mark if tasks are In Progress, Completed, To Do, or On Hold
  • Custom Fields: Add granular details such as planned cost, issue level, project phase, remaining budget, and more
  • View types: Choose from a variety of views for grouping, sorting, and filtering tasks
  • Real time insights: Get high-level metrics for project progress as well as task status, budget, and any other critical information

Try the Template

Try this Project Management Dashboard template for free!

6. ClickUp’s Marketing Template

Handle a whole marketing operations team with ease by adding this ClickUp Marketing template to your workspace. Get started and set up your marketing operations with the help of this ClickUp template. It supports general marketing operations including creating team OKRs, individual team member career development, onboarding, and so much more.

This Marketing Team operations template comes with various statuses, ClickApps, and several view types to give you more flexibility when managing a marketing team. ClickUp also offers other types of marketing templates for specific campaigns and projects such as content calendars and SEO. 

Main Elements of this Marketing Template

ClickUp’s template includes:

  • Status: Choose from 17 statuses to mark and label the current status of each action item or task
  • ClickApps: Utilize time estimates, custom fields, priorities, dependency warning, tags, and multiple assignees according to your needs
  • Six views: Choose from a variety of view types to look at your overall progress
  • Marketing wiki: Introduce your team to other departments in the company, and consolidate useful information, news, or resources

Try the Template

Use the Marketing Team Operations template for free here

7. ClickUp’s SOP Template

Standardize your process and operating procedures with the help of this easy to use SOP template from ClickUp. Give your team a document they can refer to when implementing or completing processes or tasks. This template should make it easy for you to create a standard SOP for various types of tasks. Use this across your team or organization to ensure consistency and quality for outputs and project outcomes.

This office SOP template allows you to easily create and implement standard operating procedures across your team or company. The template includes fields for providing an overview as well as a breakdown of key elements in an easy to understand format.

Main Elements of this SOP Template

ClickUp’s template includes:

  • Walk through step by step for certain processes and tasks
  • Overview of process
  • How-to section to help team members with a sequential set of actions
  • Sections for defining an audience, due dates, and other important details

Try the Template

Use the SOP template today for free

8. ClickUp’s Scrum Template

Implement an Agile Scrum methodology within your team with the help of this ClickUp Scrum template. Better structure and manage your team’s work with Agile practices by getting support from this ready to use ClickUp template.

This template provides Agile Scrum teams and project managers a solution to standardize software and product delivery. Manage backlog grooming, sprint planning, and daily standups up until sprint reviews and retrospectives with this template. Use this Scrum template to help your product, engineering, and QA teams collaborate and communicate with each other better.

Main Elements of this Scrum Template

ClickUp’s template includes:

  • 30 Statuses: Choose from up to 30 task statuses to label each action item or task
  • Custom fields: Define upcoming tasks or deliverables with item type
  • Tags: Organize tasks by adding custom tags
  • ClickApps: Utilize a total of 13 ClickApps to add functionality to your workspace

Try the Template

Use the Scrum Template for free here

9. ClickUp’s Real Estate Template

Handing real estate sales is a tedious and lengthy process that requires a lot of work. Use this real estate spreadsheet template from ClickUp to better handle your leads, sales, properties, and more. Organize the sheet according to your process and needs to improve your process and find anything you need when you need it. Record, analyze and monitor your real estate listings in one place. 

Use statuses, custom fields, and various views according to your preference and which options will work best for you. Create and customize your list of properties for selling so you can focus on your handling your leads, sales, and transactions. 

Main Elements of this Real Estate Template

ClickUp’s template includes:

  • Statuses: Mark if items are canceled, under negotiation, under promotion, sold, or to sell
  • Custom fields: Add granular details from price, area, buyer, assessed value, property tax, and so much more to better define your property list
  • Task views: Look at items and listings from various views such as sold, location, property, and more
  • Record management: Keep track of all listings you have regardless of how many and where each one located

Try the Template

Get this ClickUp Real Estate template for free

10. ClickUp’s Social Media Template

With so many aspects involved with social media marketing and campaigns, having a separate workspace for all your social media efforts is a way to better organize your entire process. Use this social media template to plan and implement your content plan. Add this to your workspace and distribute it to your team to improve collaboration and communication.

Main Elements of this Social Media Template

ClickUp’s template includes 

  • Seven statuses: Label if action items are Canceled, Complete, For Approval, For Revision, In Progress, Published, and To Do
  • List view: Take a look at pending tasks in a list view by to-do, in progress, and more
  • Board view: Kanban-style view that gives you a glance of all tasks

Try the Template

Get this free Social Media template today

11. ClickUp’s Creative Agency Template

Creative agencies looking for a way to manage their overall operations in one space and application can use this ClickUp creative agency template. This has everything a project manager will need to manage sales pipeline, project scopiung, resource management, client onboarding, project delivery, change requests, client feedback, and more.

Use up to thirty statuses, six custom fields, ClickApps, various view types, and automations to fully centralize your agency under one platform. This template is equipped with advanced functions to provide you with all your collaboration and communication needs. 

Main Elements of this Creative Agency Template

ClickUp’s template includes:

  • Thirty statuses: Choose from up to 30 statuses to label your project tasks and deliverables
  • Custom fields: Add granular details such as PMO Item Type, Schedule, Scope, Project Description, Creative Project Phase, and Budget
  • ClickApps: Utilize Time Tracking, Tags, Time Estimates, Custom Fields, and more to add functionality to your workspace
  • Automations: Automate repetitive task changes and updates

Try the Template

Start using this Creative Agency template today

Benefits of Using ClickUp Templates

ClickUp templates can be easily customized according to your specific needs. These templates are a great way to create a well-designed and professional-looking workspace on ClickUp. 

Here are some of the advantages of using a ClickUp template:

  • Templates can save time and effort by providing a pre-designed structure that can be easily customized
  • Ensure consistency in design, formatting, and content across different documents or projects
  • Give your work a more professional and polished appearance
  • Can be customized to fit your specific needs, allowing you to add or remove sections, change formatting or design elements, and tailor the content to your audience or purpose

ClickUp templates can help facilitate collaboration by providing a clear structure for tasks and projects. Using a template can help project managers ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

Best Tips to Manage Your ClickUp Template

Take advantage of ClickUp’s templates to help you better manage your work and collaborate with your team. Here are some best practices for managing your ClickUp templates:

  • Organize your tasks into folders and subfolders. You can create a folder for each project type or team and then create subfolders for different stages of the project.
  • Give your templates clear, descriptive names so that you can quickly identify what they are for
  • No template is a perfect match. Add or remove sections or tasks from your templates before fully utilizing and sharing your workspace with your team
  • Test your template and make sure it works according to your needs. Make any necessary adjustments and then save it as a new template

Follow these tips and ensure that your ClickUp templates are well-organized, up-to-date, and effective tools for managing your projects.

Do All of Your Work with ClickUp

ClickUp templates can be a powerful tool for managing your projects more effectively and efficiently. These can save you time, ensure consistency, facilitate collaboration, and help you stay on track toward your goals. 

ClickUp is designed to be used by teams of any size and across industries. Every single template from the template library is created with the essential tools that are tailored according to your work or project.

Maximize your productivity and get access to tools, features, and a user-friendly workspace for free. Try ClickUp for free today and get access to a library of templates for every use case and project to help you manage your workflow and improve productivity all from one platform. 

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