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Top 10 Best Process Mapping Tools For Work in 2023

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A process mapping app is a software application designed to help businesses and organizations create visual representations of their processes. 

They make it easier to understand how each step of the process and identify areas of inefficiency and opportunities for improvement.

These apps typically include tools for designing and creating process maps, as well as features for analyzing, sharing, and collaborating on process maps. Check out some of the best process mapping tools to get you started! 

1. ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity tool for individual users and teams across industries to manage projects, collaborate smarter, and work together in one place. This app offers over 15 ways to view your work including its highly visual Mind Maps to organize the flow of projects, ideas, and tasks in an outline that automatically updates as you progress. 

Build and create flow charts from scratch or from a library of templates which includes ClickUp’s Process Mapping Template among other process map templates. ClickUp’s Template Library is available to help you build workflows and process maps with ease and efficiency. 

Create process maps, organizational charts, and diagrams from scratch or with a template, and draw connections between tasks to create a detailed visual that can be easily edited at any time. 

Best Features

  • ClickUp Whiteboards provide the perfect canvas to help map out your entire process with detailed flow charts
  • Draw relationships between all your work with free form diagrams
  • Use nodes as reference points for work to be completed and convert into ClickUp tasks
  • Add context to your work and link process maps to tasks, files, Docs, and more
  • Share process maps with other members of your team or workspace

Current Limitations

  • Short learning curve due to number of customization features 


  • Free Forever: 3 Whiteboards
  • Unlimited: Starts at $5 per member/month (10 Whiteboards)
  • Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise: Starts at $12 per member/month (Unlimited Whiteboards)

Get started with ClickUp for free, no credit card required

2. GitMind

GitMind is an AI mind mapping and brainstorming solution and application. It allows multiple users to collaborate and work on mind maps and charts together. This collaboration and flowchart-making tool makes it easy for teams to plan and work on projects. Aside from flowcharts, you can also create organizational charts, UML diagrams, and other visual plans.

Best Features

  • Template library to help you quickly get started
  • Browser-based tool that can be accessed through iOS and Android application
  • Provides a large variety of shapes to help customize your process maps and charts

Current Limitations

  • Navigation can be improved
  • Flowchart functionality and intuitiveness are different from Mindmap function


  • Basic: Free(up to 10 mind maps)
  • 3 Years: $1.1/month
  • Annual: $4.08/month
  • Monthly: $9/month

3. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 lets project managers add task deadlines, track KPIs, and scale efficiency with task templates. It is also a free sales process mapping software that makes it easy for users and teams to analyze sales. Bitrix24 is a free CRM app to help teams and businesses with their sales processes. Additionally, project members can access all attachments, files, and sales details in the dedicated project workspaces.

Best Features

  • Comes with a built-in online time clock
  • Convert email conversations into tasks
  • Offers employee polling feature for collecting team feedback


  • Free Plan
  • Basic: $49 for 5 members/month
  • Standard: $99 for 50 members/month
  • Professional: $199 for 100 members/month
  • Enterprise: from $399 and up

4. EdrawMax

Create professional process maps, flowcharts, organizational charts, floor plans, and so much more with EdrawMax. This diagramming tool features a real-time cloud workplace that makes collaboration smooth and easy. EdrawMax provides an infinite canvas to provide an engaging and intuitive collaboration experience for users and teams. Choose from thousands of templates and symbols to create and customize your charts. EdrawMax is also great for creating any professional visual reference for engineering, software planning, and project planning. 

Best Features

  • Intuitive drag and drop tool to create a visual presentation of any information or workflow
  • More than 1500 templates to bring your ideas to life
  • Work and collaborate with your team and share your work in any file format or channel

Current Limitations

  • Limited customization options for existing templates
  • Does not offer an online version 


  • Lifetime Plan: Starts at $198
  • Subscription Plan: Starts at $99/year

5. Gliffy

Gliffy is a diagramming software and team collaboration tool featuring an easy to use editor and interface. Make diagrams, flowcharts, wireframes, and more with this free diagram software and tool. Gliffy can be found on the Atlassian Marketplace to support documentation efforts by offering engaging and relevant diagrams to content. Gliffy can be accessed online and is available for Confluence and Jira.

Best Features

  • Create and customize charts by adding images, changing the color palette, and more
  • Drag and drop interface to draw flowcharts and org charts online
  • Collaborate with your team and share diagrams in Slack, Trello, monday.com, and more

Current Limitations

  • App can be clunky and slow when building larger charts and diagrams
  • Limited range of templates for creating diagrams


  • Professional: Starts at $8 for 1 to 9 users
  • Professional: Starts at $6 for 10 to 50 users
  • Enterprise: Contact sales to get a quote

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6. Cacoo

Cacoo by Nulab is an online tool to help create quick and easy diagrams anywhere. It is an easy-to-use online tool for anyone who wants to collaborate and discuss ideas over chat in real-time from anywhere. This tool helps improve remote work by helping add a visual element to your communication process. Save time and avoid working on time-consuming flowcharts with the help of this flowchart software.

Best Features

  • Library of templates to create workflows, diagrams, and flow charts
  • Multi-user editing to collaborate with team members
  • Integrate with other Nulab tools such as backlog and typetalk

Current Limitations

  • Some tools and functionalities can be improved
  • Offline mode not available


  • Free version is available
  • Pro: $6/month for 1 user
  • Team: $6/month per user

7. Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is software for drawing a variety of diagrams. These include flowcharts, org charts, building plans, floor plans, data flow diagrams, process flow diagrams, business process modeling, swimlane diagrams, 3D maps, and many more. It’s a Microsoft product, sold as an addition to MS Office.

Best Features

  • Create diagrams and maps with the tool’s templates, stencils, and shapes
  • Share diagrams with other teammates for real-time review in the Visio web app or in Teams
  • Use grids and smart guides to create and manage professional diagrams


  • Formatting large diagrams can be laggy and slow
  • Auto-arrange features and function may result into wrong diagram arrangement


  • Visio Standard, Visio Professional, and Visio Pro for Office 365. 
  • Visio 2016 pricing is $299.99 for Standard, $589.99 for Professional
  • Pro for Office 365, either $13 per month (annual commitment) or $15.50 per month (month by month).

8. MindMeister

Create and collaborate on mind maps, flow charts, and process maps with Mindmeister. This online mapping software with a mobile application with collaborative features to help professionals and students create visualizations of specific information for use with presentations and projects. It offers templates, themes, and mixed map layouts to create all kinds of charts, visual images, and process maps according to your needs and requirements.

Best Features

  • Ready to use templates to help you get started
  • Custom styling options to make each chart and process map stand out
  • Advanced features such as outline mode, expandable notes, and integrations to improve workflow

Current Limitations

  • Lacks some features that advanced users may need
  • Learning curve for users who are new to mind mapping tools


  • Basic: Free
  • Persona: $3.49/month
  • Pro: $5.49/month
  • Business: $8.49/month

9. Visme

Visme is a cloud-based platform that allows users to create visually appealing and interactive presentations, infographics, reports, social media graphics, and other types of visual content. It offers a wide range of templates and design elements that users can customize to create professional-looking graphics. Visme is designed for both individuals and teams. It offers collaboration tools that make it easy to share and work on projects with others. 

Best Features

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that allows users to quickly create and edit visual content 
  • Collaboration tools make it easy to share ideas and feedback
  • Range of data visualization tools, including charts, graphs, and maps

Current Limitations

  • Cloud-based platform requires an internet connection to function
  • Paid plans can be steep and costly


  • Basic: Free
  • Starter: $12.25/month
  • Pro: $24.75/month
  • Visme for Teams: Contact sales for pricing

10. Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm is a software development and process mapping tool that allows users to create UML diagrams, flowcharts, diagrams, and other types of diagrams to help visualize and design software systems. It is a powerful tool that is used by software engineers, developers, and project managers to create and manage complex software projects. Visual Paradigm offers a wide range of features, collaboration tools, code generation, and integration with popular development tools like Eclipse and Visual Studio.

Best Features

  • Visual modeling tools to build and manage diagrams
  • Supports UML, BPMN, DFD, SoaML, and more
  • Agile tools to support agile teams and projects

Current Limitations

  • Learning curve due to complexity of features
  • Resource-intensive application may not be compatible with some devices


  • Modeler: $99
  • Standard: $349
  • Professional: $799
  • Enterprise: $1999

Benefits of Using a Process Mapping Software

A process mapping tool can help businesses and organizations improve their operations by helping them create a visual representation of their processes. 

Using process mapping software provides a clear and concise way to communicate information about processes to team members, stakeholders, and customers. This can help reduce misunderstandings, errors, and delays,

By analyzing and mapping out processes, businesses can identify areas for improvement and make changes that streamline operations and reduce waste. This can lead to increased productivity, lower costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

Process mapping tools enable businesses to analyze and visualize data to help make more informed decisions. This can help businesses stay competitive and respond quickly to changes in the marketplace.

Teams can also improve collaboration among team members, allowing them to work together to identify problems, brainstorm solutions, and implement changes.

Businesses and organizations that are subject to strict regulatory requirements can use a process mapping software to strictly enforce necessary procedures and stay in compliance with regulations.

Overall, having a process mapping app or tool can help businesses become more efficient, productive, and competitive in today's fast-paced business environment.

Visualize your Process Map with ClickUp

Most of these tools can help you create a process map or system to support any presentation, project, or task. If you’re looking for a process mapping application with other communication and collaboration features, ClickUp is the best option for you.

ClickUp is a project management tool with tools such as Whiteboards, Mind Maps, Docs, and more to help support every type of project and task. Get access to hundreds of customization options, tools, and functions that will let you do all of your work under one application. Connect ClickUp to your most-used apps to sync all your work and streamline your team's workflow. 

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