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See what's going on
Automate check-ins and status updates. Get a pulse of what's going on.
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Centralize and track progress on team and company goals.
Learn more about Goals
Communicate with confidence
Share company-wide announcements and news that cuts through the noise.
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Create culture from anywhere
Recognize others for a job well done with the option to tag a company value.
Learn more about Kudos
Never miss a chance to celebrate a birthday or work anniversary.
Learn more about Milestones
*Actually* get to know the people you work with
Navigate across the company and see who does what.
Learn more about the Directory
Answer questions and learn fun facts about your coworkers.
Learn more about Ice Breakers
Search all the things
Search across Google Docs, Notion, and Confluence at the same time. Friday glues it all together.
Customize it all
Personalize your company headquarters with dynamic, customizable widgets.
Learn more about Widgets
Create a source of truth for your most important policies and resources
Learn more about the Handbook
Friday is a complement, not a replacement for Slack.

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