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8 Best Online Calendars & Apps To Help You in 2021

Posted by Joseph Schlegel
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Busy at home?

Busy at work?

That's why it's essential to employ a powerful yet simple online calendar or calendar app to roadmap your schedule while prioritizing the most important tasks that need to be done.

How do you find the best online calendar or calendar app for when there are so many calendar tools, productivity tools, and planners available?

Instead of filtering through the hundreds of possible contenders, check out Friday's top online calendar and app choices for productivity.

How To Use The Friday Planner with Google Calendar & Outlook

Friday is not a calendar, but an online planner and operating system to help you be more productive.

When you're thinking about scheduling and roadmapping your day, Friday is the planner to help you be the most productive.

Connect multiple calendars from Google and Microsoft Outlook to see what meetings you need to attend that day--and you can join those phone calls or video meetings directly from Friday.

See meetings & tasks in one place. Have your meetings, tasks, and work routines in one daily schedule, with information pulled from tools you already use like Asana, Trello, Todoist, ClickUp, and others.

You will receive a daily agenda notification that surfaces everything you need to do over the course of the day. This includes a synced and shared calendar.

Access meetings and appointments across *multiple* calendars, which is perfect if you have a business calendar and personal calendar.


  • Planner: Know exactly what you need to accomplish at all times. Combine all of your calendars, integrate your project management software, add your must-do tasks, and know what your day looks like. Review more daily planner apps.
  • Agenda emails: Create automated daily agenda emails in Friday. Integrate with Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Google Cal.


  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: $6/person /month
  • Enterprise: Contact for more info

“It’s so helpful to see my day just by opening up a new tab! I no longer have to open my calendar, find the day, click the meeting and find the links. I’ve used the Planner and extension to help manage all my work and coordinate everything I have to do.”Trace Cohen New York Venture Partners

Start with Friday for free.

What are the best online calendars and calendar apps?

1. Google Calendar

Formats: Mobile app, tablet, and online

Google Calendar provides multiple views of your day, week, and month prioritization, guest invites, web access and more.

Safely backup data, so you don't lose your schedule if you lose your device. With Assists, Calendar helps you create events in just a few taps with smart suggestions for event titles, people, and places.

Integrate Google Calendar with Friday to see your calendar and meetings in one planner.

"I love how Google Calendar automatically uploads everything to the cloud. I also love how it suggests locations based on the address one types in (of course it doesn't do this for private addresses, but it is still a handy feature.) It will set reminders by month, day, hour, or minute, and it also asks if one wants to set up recurring appointments for a number of weeks, a number of days, or annually (handy for Birthday reminders.) The app will also convert between time zones across the world—another useful feature." — G2Crowd


  • Create events in a few taps with smart suggestions for event titles, people and places.
  • Events from email are added to your calendar
  • Schedule View brings calendars to life



2. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Formats: Mobile app, tablet, watch software, and online

Microsoft Outlook is an information management software system from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Though primarily an email client, Outlook also provides an online calendar, task managing, contact managing, note-taking, journal logging, and web browsing. Organizations use this software app throughout the company (Microsoft Exchange Server or SharePoint) for shared calendars, mailboxes, folders, data aggregation (i.e., SharePoint lists), and appointment scheduling.

Integrate Outlook with Friday to see your calendar and meetings in one planner.

"The best thing about Microsoft Outlook is that we can categorize our emails very easily. Also, with the advanced search feature, it is very easy to find an email. The UI is also very professional and is much better than Gmail. The flagging feature is also very well implemented." Varun B.


  • Multi-user software for calendars
  • Task management features
  • Easily categorize emails


  • Free
  • Basic: $5/person /month
  • Pro: $12.50/person /month
  • Office 365: $20/person /month

3. Todoist

Formats: Mobile app, tablet, and online

Todoist specializes in productivity software and creates tools that simplify and organize your workday. Their team is composed of designers, engineers, and communicators united by a common goal, not a common location. Regain clarity by placing tasks into Todoist, no matter where you are or what device you use.

“I love the versatility of the product and the fact that it is simple to use despite the depth of its features, and that it can be used across so many platforms (Web browser, PC app, Outlook add-in, and iPhone and iPad apps, all of which I use, to name a few). What really makes the product indispensable to me is the Outlook add-in and the ease of converting emails into tasks seamlessly, though I also rely heavily on the iPhone/iPad apps.”G2Crowd


  • Easily organize and prioritize assignments.
  • Get a clear overview of all company tasks.
  • Divide and conquer your task lists in shared projects.


  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: $3/person /month
  • Business: $5/person /month


Formats: Mobile app

Teams can plan their day in seconds with's calendar app. Use this helpful application to focus on meaningful action items that will deliver on your goals.'s dashboard consists of your to-do list, planner, and calendar, allowing you to plan while staying on top of your daily agenda. Drag and drop tasks into your schedule to produce an efficient daily plan..

“I consider the client-friendliness and multi-functionality of is one of its best qualities. I always use on my mobile phone; I note down jobs nearly every day and personal items that I need to do; the whole collection of objects helps categorizing activities far simpler. It integrated with my computer, making it much easier for the entire process.”G2Crowd


  • Reschedule tasks, mark them as done or delete them completely.
  • Prioritize daily tasks to save you hours of extra work and burden.


  • Standard: Free
  • Premium: $5.99/p /month

5. Calendy

Format: Online

At Calendly, they're excited about improving the way the world schedules. They're obsessed with providing an elegant, delightful experience for our customers. Calendy is an automated calendar that takes the work out of connecting with others so you can accomplish more. Millions of users benefit from an enjoyable scheduling experience, more time to spend on top priorities, and flexibility to accommodate individual users and large teams alike.

Calendly works with Google, Office 365, and Outlook calendars and apps like Salesforce, Stripe, PayPal, Google Analytics, GoToMeeting, and Zapier for a seamless user experience

"I use Calendly. I like to set up my podcast interviews. There is a free and a paid version. The free version allows you to use one category, while [with] the paid version, you can set up multiple categories. Plus, you can customize the URL." Networking With Michelle Show.


  • Straightforward automated scheduling tool
  • Millions of registered users
  • Compatible with Google, Office 365, and outlook Calendars.


  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: $8/person /month
  • Pro: $12/person /month

6. SavvyCal 

Format: Online

With SavvyCal, you and your team will be able to find the best time for scheduling calls and meeting appointments. Remove the hassle of trying to find a meeting time that won’t overlap other meetings and activities, by being able to sync up your schedule and the schedule of your recipients. This scheduling tool helps you save time and have more effective workdays. 


  • Personal appointment links you can send to your recipients
  • Block of time to have meetings and to not have meetings
  • Overlay meeting schedules to pick which time is best for everyone involved


  • The Basic Plan: $12 per user per month
  • The Premium Plan: $20 per user per month

7. Calendso

 Format: Online

An open-source alternative to Calendly, Calendso is a customizable scheduling tool that can help make your daily life easier. It can be beneficial to you, whether you are a small startup, or a large corporation. If you are looking for a software where you are in control, Calendso can be an option.  


  • Open API
  • Integrate with other tools


  • Self-Hosted: $0
  • Hosted: $12 per user per month

8. DigiCal 

Format: Mobile app

DigiCal is a calendar app where you can synchronize all of your calendar apps. You can see all the different activities you have to do for the day, and it can help you when organizing and planning. Depending on your preference, you can choose the way you want your calendar format to look like. 


  • Subscribe to different calendars so you can stay up to date with different events
  • Weather forecast is integrated within the app
  • Sync all your calendars


  • Basic: $0
  • Digi+: $4.99

Which Online Calendar or Calendar App Should You Choose?

After reviewing the top calendar apps, which one should you choose?

It's important to determine your criteria to make yourself and your team its most productive.

Think about these question before settling on a decision:

  • How do you interact with your team?
  • Is the online calendar for personal or team use?
  • How do you roadmap your day, keep task lists, and join meetings?
  • Do you need it to sync with your other calendars?
  • In which formats do I primarily interact with my calendar?

Ultimately, the best calendar to use will depend on your specific needs. After pinpointing your exact uses for a calendar, you can then make a more educated decision. Also review our FAQs below for more help in choosing the best calendar app.

Online Calendar & Calendar App FAQs

What makes a great online calendar or app?

Which online calendar app is best?

What is the easiest calendar app?

What is the best free shared calendar app?

Is there a better calendar than Google?

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