The #1 Alternative to Fellow

Maybe you don't need the extra meeting at all. Friday is the easiest way to have asynchronous meetings and updates. Try an all-in-one planner, meeting routine builder, and an async remote operating system.

Why is Friday a top Fellow alternative?

Actionable & Customizable Meeting Routines

What if you don't meet at all? Friday has customizable meeting routines for to keep your team updated for one-on-one meetings, staff meetings, and project kickoffs.

Skip the Meeting. Send Automated Updates.

Set updates for every day or every week. Prompts get sent to the whole team. Complete check-ins, daily standups and routine updates asynchronously without calling a meeting.

Roadmap your day with the Planner.

Get the Chrome extension to have your to-do list in every tab, set focus time, and join calls from the Planner. Friday powers your team's best work.

Integrated with the tools you already use

Join meetings from Zoom, and add tasks from tools like Trello, Asana, ClickUp, JIRA, and Github.


Send a note to say thanks, bond with Icebreakers, set goals, and build your company handbook.

More Than Another Meeting. Try an Async Operating System for Remote Teams.

Friday is the ultimate alternative because Friday offers more than meeting agendas.

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Async meeting routines

With Friday, you can share regular updates with your team, or weekly reflection in additional to using it on your own. Simplify your daily standups, one-on-ones, and team check-ins. Or start a completely different meeting routine. It's up to you.

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Share Information Without The Status Update Meeting

Embrace flexible work. Update your team no matter the location or time zone. No more crazy meeting times across the globe.

Weekly Update

Share a weekly recap on what you accomplished every week.

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Daily Standup

Start your day off right by sharing what you are working on with your team.

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Morning Reflection

Reflect and think about what you aim to accomplish for a day.

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