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The 15 Best Intranet Software To Try in 2021

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When you want an internal digital workplace for your company, you should consider intranet software--even if you're a remote team.

What is intranet software? It is a private network that companies use for communication, task delegation, and analytics within their workforce. 

Think of it like an internal social network. Intranet software is only available to your company and its contents are not available to the public at large. The company can keep it exclusive, making it accessible only to employees and staff.

If you have a small or medium business, they're useful to make employees feel connected despite remote working. For example, some intranets have a social-media-like dashboard that lets you post work progress and receive likes or feedback. Meanwhile, enterprises benefit from intranet tools like live-streaming services that can host thousands of participants.

Overall, intranets have proven they can enhance employee engagement. By keeping the same tools, calendars, and files together, you create a more cohesive digital operating system for team communication. But which intranet is right for your company? Below, we'll introduce you to the 14 best company intranets for a great employee experience.

1. Friday

At Friday, the focus is on solving the "what's going on?" problem that face distributed and remote teams that are trying to scale. Friday is an asynchronous remote operating system that glues together your most important things at work, helping your team to work from anywhere. It's not a virtual office where you can annoy your co-workers and walk around like in a video game. It's not a project management tool either. Friday is the place where you can share regular updates, shout-outs, progress on goals, and learn a bit more about the people that you work with. It’s a tool your team can use on a regular basis--asynchronously.

At Friday, you’ll have a simple and automated way to share regular updates about what you are working on, enabling the regular flow of information without another meeting. You also get more to keep your team working together asynchronously -- like icebreakers, goals, a company handbook, and even a daily planner.

Best Features:

Type of Company:

Friday is an asynchronous remote operating system that would benefit remote-first teams and companies working from anywhere. Reduce your time spent in meetings and glue your most important work together.



  • Planner
  • Unlimited routines
  • Unlimited users
  • 21-day response history
  • Icebreaker and Kudos Power-Ups

Pro: $6 per user/per month

  • Unlimited response history
  • Reporting
  • Goals
  • Team profiles & routines

Start with Friday for free. 

2. Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint is one of the most reliable intranet software available. It allows you to share common resources through a shared home portal for your coworkers to see. For private messages, you can break down your team into specific divisions. Each division gets a visual timeline and calendar, so you can easily estimate the time to complete projects together.

Best Features

  • Excellent mobile version 
  • Custom coding capabilities
  • Project summary tools with clear timelines

Type of Company

The most basic package has OneDrive, Lists, and SharePoint tools great for SMBs. If you need it for an enterprise, Office 365 offers more applications for scalability.


  • SharePoint Online: $5/user/month
  • SharePoint Online: $10/user/month
  • Office 365 E3: $20/user/month

3. Igloo

Igloo Software is a cutting-edge intranet designed to optimize internal communications and discovery, for a better employee experience. From file sharing and calendars, to dedicated spaces and robust search capabilities, Igloo offers a host of features designed to help create a digital workplace that meets the needs of everyone in your organization — end users, content creators, and administrators. Whether your focus is on communication, knowledge management, culture and engagement, or collaboration, Igloo’s digital workplace adapts to your company needs. 

Igloo’s digital workplace solutions help your entire workforce get more from the tools they rely on for daily collaboration and knowledge management, through integrations with Microsoft Teams, Salesforce and SharePoint and more. Built-in analytics enable organizations to optimize performance and usage. Ideal for the hybrid work environment of the future, Igloo is perfect for distributed and mobile workforces. 

Igloo is hosted in the industry-leading Microsoft Azure cloud and offers the highest standards of compliance and security. From guaranteed uptime to regular third-party vulnerability testing, to giving you full control of your data — we’ve got you covered. With all the features and integrations you need to keep everyone connected, Igloo is your digital destination for communication and collaboration.

 Best Features:

  • Easy to deploy and easy to use
  • Includes pre-configured templates with a recommended architecture, permissions and functionality while also allowing for flexibility to modify them to meet unique customer needs
  • Robust content governance
  • Digital Workplace Mobile app for instant access, anywhere
  • Industry leading support services such as consulting, training, & more

 Type of Company:

Igloo Software is scalable to a variety of business sizes, primarily medium to large companies across the healthcare, education, retail, and financial sector. International organizations in will get value from its translation and collaboration features.


  • Single Solution (up to 5,000 users): starts at $599 per month
  • Corporate Intranet (unlimited users): Contact Igloo Software to calculate price based on the number of users

4. Workplace by Facebook 

Workplace by Facebook essentially operates like a regular Facebook feed, but with a dashboard connected to your coworkers to serve as corporate intranet. You can share live videos, like each other's work progress, and send private messages to keep each other in the loop. A bonus feature is a shared knowledge library for employees to find resources in one central location.

Best Features

  • Live broadcasts available 
  • Integrates with Google Drive, Zoom, etc
  • Shared knowledge library 

Type of Company

Workplace by Facebook is more suitable for SMBs than enterprises. While enterprise teams can consider it, they may prefer other programs that offer more security and privacy.


  • Advanced: $4/person/month
  • Enterprise: $8/person/month

5. Yammer 

Yammer is an extension of Microsoft Sharepoint that adds a lot of hosting power. On Yammer, you can send messages to an entire organization seamlessly. Users can post questions as forum titles, making it easy to clarify directions or answers for the entire workforce. Yammer also lets you host polls, congratulate users, and message team leaders directly.

Best Features

  • Hosts videos meetings for up to 10,000 attendees
  • Ability to make polls and forum questions
  • Easy to communicate with entire organization

Type of Company

Yammer's high cost and robust tools make it a great fit for enterprises. 


Available through Microsoft Office 365 E3: $20/user/month

Compare Yammer and Teams.

6. SAP Jam Collaboration 

SAP Jam Collaboration has built-in tools like forums, wikis, and task assigning for a comprehensive organizer. It's also one of the most inclusive tools, providing screen reader accessibility. 

You can even use it with right-to-left language support, such as for Arabic or Hebrew. Integrate it with tools like SharePoint, Skype for Business, and OpenText Content Server, and you have a robust intranet solution.

Best Features

  • Multiple language support 
  • Ability to open forums for specific problem-solving
  • Screen reader accessibility

Type of Company

SAP Jam Collaboration has plenty of tools that make it great for medium to large businesses. Businesses with international locations will especially appreciate its multi-language support. 


Visit SAP for a free trial and personalized quote. 

7. Jostle 

Jostle offers user-friendly visualizations to streamline complex processes. For example, you can access team matrixes to show who does what in your organization. You can even filter employees by location, department, and other smart search categories. A bonus is that subject matter experts can directly manage their shared resource library, instead of relying on IT to do it. 

Best Features

  • Powerful employee directory
  • Direct resource management
  • Collaborates with OneDrive and GoogleDrive

Type of Company

Jostle has packages suitable for small businesses or teams, and others best for enterprises. 


Contact Jostle to calculate your price based on how many people are in your organization. 

8. Simpplr 

Simpplr lives up to its name with a user experience that's easy to navigate. It operates as a digital newsroom for your colleagues to share work progress and events. Users can access a people directory and feed for social interaction, enhancing employee engagement. It's all simple to manage directly, with little to no need for IT support. 

Best Features

  • Direct resource management
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Friendly social culture

Type of Company

Simpplr may be too pricey, and not have analytics tools enterprises need. However, small teams and businesses will find it easy to manage. Still, successful organizations like Coursera, Eurostar, and Eventbrite have all used Simplrr's intranet. 


Starts at $8/person/month, with a tailored price quote according to your organization.

9. ThoughtFarmer 

ThoughtFarmer is an excellent intranet for companies that focus on data collection. It also offers high security for your company by giving you the option to self-host your software on your premise. Yet, it doesn't scare off the tech novices, either. Its intuitive platform makes it easy to share videos and chat, regardless of your tech skill level.

Best Features

  • FormFlow tools simplify data collection
  • Developers can custom code the site
  • Self-hosting option

Type of Company

ThoughtFarmer's cloud service is suitable for SMBs. Enterprises may enjoy the security of their on-premise hosting plan.


The following list shows price ranges depending on your company size:

  • Cloud Service: $4-$10/user/month
  • On-Premise Hosting: $89-$119 one time fee per user

10. Interact 

Interact is a comprehensive digital workplace with customizable dashboards, onboarding tools, directories, and broadcasts in one place. It gives you the freedom to personalize your tools according to your brand, so your company feels connected to its culture. Plus, powerful analytic programs help you easily visualize areas for improvement in your business.

Best Features

  • Powerful analytics tools
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • High customizability 

Type of Company

We recommend Interact for large businesses or enterprises. Some of Interact's clients include Zillow, AT&T, Playstation, and Domino's. Highly regulated fields will enjoy its features, too, such as HIPAA security hosting. 


Interact offers two packages:

  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Both offer customizable quotes depending on your business needs.

11. Jive Interactive 

Jive Interactive's most innovative feature is its PeopleGraph. PeopleGraph uses AI to detect your team's strengths and weaknesses. Then, it organizes teams for you, pairing workers with those who bring out their best traits. 

You can also use Jive Interactive for advanced file sharing, discussions, and task management. Its internal features are secure, and you can use the platform to collaborate with external partners with complete privacy.

Best Features

  • Innovative AI to organize your teams
  • Urgent notification broadcasting
  • Ability to work with external organizations

Type of Company

Jive Interactive is on the pricey side. Yet, its powerful tools can make operating large businesses or enterprises easier.


Contact Jive Interactive for a personalized quote. 

12. Noodle 

Noodle is very easy to use and personable. The tool lets you share files, manage groups, and track employee analytics. You can host blogs to share across your organization, and use a single sign-on to easily integrate it with your other tools. Noodle connects to third-party services like OneLogin, Okta, and Centrify, too.

Best Features

  • Seamless video conferences
  • Forms & workflows for data collection
  • Many integrations available

Type of Company

Noodle will feel sufficient and affordable for SMBs. Some features it has, like user profiles, help promote a friendly work environment best for smaller teams and groups. 


  • Cloud Hosting: $6/user/month (Minimum of 25 users)
  • Your Server: One-time fee of $60/user

Contact Noodle with specific proposals for tailored pricing.

13. Communifire by Axero 

Communifire is a scalable program that lets you publish news and announcements. You can ensure the right people see it by flagging it for specific teams or leaders. If you want to make sure your team reads urgent notifications, you can flag items as Required Readings. Overall, it's easy to organize important files, tasks, and tools on this program.

Best Features

  • Required Reading tracking
  • Smart search tool with filters
  • Easy task management

Type of Company

Communifire by Axero is scalable for fast-growing medium and large businesses. Some of its clients are Pandora, Toyota, and various universities. 


  • Business: $625/month to host 50 users
  • Enterprise: Custom prices tailored to your business

14. IntranetPro 

IntranetPro can take many resources and make them easy to search. It uses smart search to help you find what you need according to the most popular items in your department.

Administrators can also publish articles, and then run analytics to see which generated the most employee engagement. Finally, it lets you schedule articles in advance, so you don't have to worry about getting that blog post out on a busy day.

Best Features

  • Scheduled publishing tools
  • Ability to ghost publish
  • Smart search

Type of Company

IntranetPro is excellent for enterprises. Coca-Cola, Talbots, and McKesson all use its software. 


Contact Codesigned for a quote tailored to your business.

Blink lets you ghost publish content, so you can post as a group name rather than an individual. On its platform, you can also share locations, featured content, and send reminders to your coworkers who may be approaching deadlines. A bonus from Blink is that it can tailor your dashboard according to your industry, whether it's healthcare, transit, or more.

Best Features

  • Tailored solutions for various industries
  • Live status updates
  • Ghost publishing

Type of Company

Large businesses, enterprises, or institutions like healthcare centers can use this to make sure employees see urgent notifications.


  • Business: $3.40/person/month
  • Enterprise: Contact Blink for a quote

How To Pick the Right Intranet Software

To pick the best intranet software for your organization, ask yourself what your priorities are.

Will you need to host live meetings with many people? Do you value a social feed for quick feedback? Are detailed analytics reports required for your business? Finally, which way of organizing tasks do you find the most efficient?

While this list has the best company intranets, they each have their pros and cons. For example, Yammer can host thousands of users on a video call. With Friday, you can join calls, but can have asynchronous meetings.

Additionally, good intranet software should be scalable according to your long-term business goals. You can use programs that offer prices for both SMBs and enterprises to easily change your package over time. Additionally, it might get you deductions for being a loyal user.

Of course, the price tag is also important to pick the right intranet. Consider how much it would cost per person in your organization. Also, consider how easy the tool is to use. Some advanced tools, like customizable coding, may be more costly than necessary if no one in your team is a developer. 

Today, many teams are moving onto digital workspaces. As many employees work from home, they may relocate to become distributed across the nation or globe. 

So, one more thing to consider in an intranet is how connected it will make your team feel. Small tools like the ability to easily congratulate each other for promotions, like each other's work, and direct contact can enhance the experience for more productivity and collaboration. 

Once you have your intranet software ready, you can enhance it even more by integrating it with productivity sites. In any case, you can feel confident intranets will be a worthwhile investment for your businesses. 

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