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10 Best Slack Intranet Integrations for 2023

Posted by Eshan Pancholi

In today’s remote work culture, the need for effective communications, simpler workflows, and seamless collaborations is more critical and relevant than it ever has been before. Thankfully large organizations and businesses can harness the power of the intranet software to help them tackle this issue. 

The business communication platform Slack offers several intranet integrations. Why is using your Intranet in Slack beneficial? It provides a platform for collaboration, instant conversations, and to share ideas and express opinions effortlessly. 

Here are the best Slack intranet integrations: 

1. Friday

Consider Friday as the missing complement to Slack for your distributed organization. Friday is a Digital HQ that functions as a modern intranet for your company. It has all of the other intranet essentials -- like people profiles, a company handbook, news/announcements, and and a variety of optional add-ons you can stack on over time.

The Slack integration in Friday lets your team share content from Friday right inside the popular workplace chat tool. Here's more on how it works.

Additionally, if you have important news and announcements that you need to share, you can use Friday to distribute this content over Slack and email at the same time! Make sure everyone sees the most important news.

Friday moves the most important things at work out of the noise of Slack and into a place where it can be stored and easily accessed. It's like an intranet for 2022 vs. 2000.

Best Features


  • Individual Pro: $4 per month. Perfect for individuals who want to see how Friday works
  • Teams$6/per person /month. An offering for teams who want to use Friday as a small group
  • Company/Enterprise: For entire organizations who want to create a customizable company home.

Use Friday for free. No credit card required. Try all the features for the first 2 weeks.

2. Jostle

Jostle gives organizations a simple architecture for everything they need to connect their people in one single place instead of trying to build an intranet. With Jostle, your employees are always in the loop, feeling they’re a part of a team. 

Jostle’s Slack integration enables your team members to directly receive intranet notifications from Jostle in their Slack workspace. Even if your team uses Slack for their day-to-day communications, you can simply notify them of important company announcements and keep them in the loop.


  • Contact Jostle to estimate cost based on how many people are in your organization. Jostle is free for up to 15 members, and not-for-profit or educational institutions can avail discounts.

3. SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most reliable and stable intranet software out there. SharePoint enables coworkers to share and manage common content, resources, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across teams and the entire organization. 

With this integration, organizations can send instant messages to users or channels in Slack. They can also add new content and manage documents in Microsoft SharePoint. You can also install the OneDrive and SharePoint app to create, share and view common files and content right from your Slack workspace.


  • SharePoint Online: $5/user/month.
  • SharePoint Online: $10/user/month.
  • Office 365 E3: $20/user/month.

4. Unily

Unily helps organizations create meaningful digital experiences for employees that unite teams and ensure better work for everyone. Unily is more of an employee experience platform that fuels culture and enables coworkers  to build meaningful connections with their colleagues and make digital workplaces intuitive and engaging.  

With Unily’s Slack integration, you can create powerful remote work digital experiences for all your people.  integration to Slack in Unily enables your teams to create a messaging hub with a suite of features like integrated widgets which tell them everything they need to know in one glance. 


  • Unily pricing is based on the number of active users.

5. LumApps

LumApps helps teams develop strong cultures and share knowledge across coworkers and the entire organization at large. LumApps helps organizations transform the way they communicate, collaborate, and engage with their customers, partners, and most importantly, their employees.

With LumApps Slack integration you can improve your employee communications with real-time chat capabilities. The combination of LumApps and Slack covers all your communication and collaboration needs, from top-down communication and team collaboration to one-to-one messaging. The LumApps integration with Slack to augment team collaboration experiences inside LumApps communities, making it convenient and intuitive to work on projects.


  • Choose from Business, Professional, Enterprise, and Frontliners plans. Contact LumApps for a quote.  

6. Honey

Honey enables your employees and coworkers to find all necessary resources and company information at a central location. Honey uses a simple design that offers personalized feeds and the option to customize notifications. Honey is an intuitive app as it is easy to organize, share, and access content and rich media files like videos, images, calendars, surveys, etc. 

Honey's integration with Slack enables your team to work smarter. With the Honey Slack app, you can include a preview of any Honey link shared in your Slack channels. Furthermore, you can search for Honey posts and people directly from Slack and also share posts from Honey to a Slack channel.


  • Starts at $12 per user.

7. Happeo

Happeo is a company intranet, enterprise social network, and collaboration platform that enables better communications, making work a happier place for all team members. With a vision to ‘get informed, get it done,’ Happeo is built so your employees can converse, share information, and fuel business growth. 

Happeo Slack bot enables organizations to show Happeo content in Slack Channels. With the Happeo Slack intranet integration, your team will get access to channel on both Slack and Happeo. The Happeo bot will instantly push updates from the Happeo Channel to Slack. The new update in the Happeo Slack integration allows you to directly message colleagues directly from their Happeo profiles. 


  • Depends on the number of users, as well as the features and add-ons you choose.

8. Yammer

Yammer is an extension of Microsoft SharePoint that improves engagement and enhances communication in your organization. With Yammer, you can build communities of interest, gather ideas and feedback, and keep everyone informed. Coworkers can make polls and post forum questions, making it easy to seek clarifications and get answers for the entire team. 

Compare Yammer and Microsoft Teams.

In just a few minutes and without a single line of code, Zapier allows you to automatically send info between Slack and Yammer. With this integration, colleagues and team members can post updates to your company's Yammer. Zapier feeds these updates into Slack and it's like being in two places at once. All you need is a Yammer account and a Slack account. 


  • Available with Microsoft Office 365 from $5 to $20/user/month.

9. Simpplr

Simpplr helps organizations to centralize internal communications. With Simpplr, you can streamline internal communications so your coworkers and teams will never miss an announcement no matter where they are. Much like its name, Simpplr sports an easy-to-navigate user experience and doubles up as an online newsroom for your coworkers to share work progress and events. 

The "Simpplr for Slack" app keeps important communications centralized and organized. Once you connect your Site to Slack, you can select whether to send only Feed posts or both Feed posts and replies to Slack. Once connected, a post in your Site Feed will also appear in the selected Slack channel. 


  • Starting at $8 per user per month and bespoke quotes based on your organization’s size, complexity, and ongoing support needs.

10. ThoughtFarmer

ThoughtFarmer’s intranet software is an excellent solution to keep your employees productive, informed, and engaged. ThoughtFarmer also offers high security by giving you the option to host your software on your premises. ThoughtFarmer uses an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to share videos and chat. 

The ThoughtFarmer Slack integration allows you to see the link preview of any URL of an intranet page into a Slack channel, with the page title, thumbnail image, and an excerpt of the content. Similarly, the URL of an intranet profile into a Slack channel will display the person's details. The integration also allows you to perform an intranet search from within Slack and then post the search result to a channel. 


  • Priced per user, per month. $5 to $10 depending on the number of users. 

Conclusion: Use Slack to Connect Your Intranet

With work from home being the norm in today’s world, investing in a robust and trusty intranet software will help you centralize communications, maintain company culture, and boost productivity for your employees. Additionally, it’s wise to look for intranet software that is scalable for your long-term business goals. The above-mentioned Slack integrations will enable your organization to enhance the working experience for your teams and foster better collaboration. 

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