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A Daily Planner for Microsoft To Do

See meetings, Microsoft To Dos, and routines in one place. Roadmap your days and free up time to do your best work.

Your path to a productive day

Integrate your Microsoft To Do tasks. Centralize your activities and free up more time to do meaningful work.

Microsoft To Do Daily Planner
Step 1

Integrate Microsoft To Do

Connect your calendar, Microsoft To Do, and other task apps. See what you need to accomplish in one place.

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Step 2

Plan your day

Start your day with a breakdown of time spent in meetings, tasks you need to accomplish, and more.

Step 3

Stay focused, add notes, take screenshots

It's like a Swiss army knife. Save important screenshots, track time, keep notes, and save it all in your tasks.

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Step 4

Join video calls in one click

Always know what you need to do next. Instantly access video calls with one click.

Step 5

Reflect and Improve

Create an automated routine to recap your daily or weekly goals.

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Plan Your Day + Microsoft To Do

Stop letting work fall through the cracks. Instantly see what's on your plate.

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I would honestly integrate ClickUp with my right retina if I could
I would honestly integrate ClickUp with my right retina if I could
Jakub Grajcar, Marketing Manager @ STX Next

Microsoft To Do Planner FAQ

Learn more about how the daily planner glues your Microsoft To Do tasks and your work together.

What apps does the planner integrate with?

Can I integrate multiple calendars?

Can I filter out events?

Is there a mobile app?

Can I receive a daily agenda notification?

How do I setup the Microsoft To Do planner integration?

Roadmap and win the day

Plan, prioritize, and finish your days with a feeling of accomplishment