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Types Of Company Bulletin Boards (Digital & Virtual)

Posted by Lorea Lastiri

Traditional communication methods within a company are confusing and time-consuming in the digital era. Information can get lost easily with all the forms of communication. Using bulletin boards saves time, increases productivity, teaches new information, and enhances employee morale. 

So, companies are looking for ways to relay information that save time, money and reach all people. One way to do this is through digital bulletin boards.

This article will discuss different types of company bulletin boards. You will also see the benefits of bulletin boards, what you can put on one, and how to create a virtual bulletin board.

What Are the Different Types of Company Bulletin Boards? 

There are three types of company bulletin boards that display information differently. They include online, digital or virtual, and physical boards.

1. Online bulletin boards

An online bulletin board is a platform where participants converse or answer questions posted by a moderator. 

People receive incentives depending on their participation in the forum, like answering questions the moderator provides. 

The moderator evokes feedback on specific narrative and visual stimuli like advertisements and websites. 

Then people log in and post their responses to the moderator or other people several times a day to answer the question.

2. Digital or virtual bulletin boards

A virtual or digital bulletin board is a monitor or TV screen that features company announcements. 

Digital bulletin boards allow flexibility since you can post engaging videos that capture attention. Aside from company announcements, you can post weather updates, traffic maps, news, and other social media feeds

A digital bulletin board is easy to operate since you can update the information from any computer and pre-schedule announcements on specific times or days.

How Friday Can Be Your Digital Bulletin Board and Intranet

At Friday, the focus is on solving the "what's going on?" problem at companies. Digital and virtual bulletin boards also try to solve this, but our solution is more modest. 

What if instead of blasting your message across every available surface, you create a tool that employees want to use and naturally use in their everyday work? 

That’s Friday. It’s the home for your most important things at work.

Friday is your company home that glues together your most important work, helping your organization work in an office-optional world. 

Best Features of Friday:

  • Communicate top-down company messages like a digital bulletin board
  • Posts make it easy to share company-wide announcements and see who viewed them. 
  • Digital HQ that centralizes your most important work in one place.
  • Modern and clean UX.
  • Built to complement Slack and work chat.
  • Team profiles and employee directory to get to know coworkers.
  • Add-ons make Friday simple at first, yet extendable over time.
  • Integrates with all systems of record, like HRIS, Project management, and work chat.
  • Goal/OKR tracking, perfect for executive buy-in.
  • Company handbook for onboarding new hires in minutes vs. hours.
  • Use no-code widgets to build out your company home in a few minutes instead of months!

Start your free trial of Friday today or request more information about how Friday can help your company.

3. Physical bulletin boards

A physical bulletin board, also known as a notice board, is where physical announcements are placed. 

These traditional cork bulletin boards have pinned messages or notices. Some companies incorporate both the pinboard and blackboard, known as a combination bulletin board.

What Should Be on a Company Bulletin Board?

Company bulletin boards are practical communication tools to share information and capture employee attention. They contain messages, alerts, and announcements. 

A company bulletin board is used to communicate job opportunities, fundraising, or other events. They are also a source of motivation with daily or weekly quotes to help employees keep going.

Here are some things to put on a company bulletin board.

  • Compliance posters: The law requires all employers to put up the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Employee Rights for Workers with Disabilities posters. The posters are available online for printing and postings. Use a company handbook (Friday has this!)
  • Human resources announcements: Employees need information on other positions open within the company. The human resources team should put up company positions, policies, or training workshops.
  • Community service activities: You can facilitate team spirit by posting sign-up sheets on bulletin boards. Photographs, brochures, and sample prices on bulletin boards can enhance community service activities. Other crucial things you can post include workplace contests or initiatives.
  • Personal events: Creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere creates strong bonds among employees. You can enhance employee connection by allowing them to put up individual circumstances. It can be marriage, birthdays, vacations, graduation dates, or photos. Personal photos are perfect as long as they aren't offensive. Check out People profiles in Friday!

How to Use Posts in Friday

Posts in Friday act as your company bulletin board for important updates, company announcements, or notices. You can quickly write and edit posts. Even add videos and images for more context. It's simple to get started.

Top Benefits of Posts in Friday:

  • A post is slower paced, structured, and more organized than a long Slack message.
  • Group your posts by category and keep a running log of meeting notes, announcements, and whatever else you come up with.
  • Integrate with Slack and distribute the Post via Friday, Slack or email at the same time. See what percentage of the team or company saw your message.
  • Your employees can instantly react with emojis and comments
  • Improve your knowledge management: See a chronological feed of posts over time and give new hires access to institutional knowledge.

3 Benefits of Company Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards enhance communications, save time, and inform and inspire people. 

Look at the various benefits of bulletin boards:

  • A digital bulletin board provides a framework where employees can learn shared viewpoints and goals. It also provides a platform to face challenges together and be part of a wider community.
  • Employees can save time and enhance productivity through bulletin boards. Going through emails and other notifications can be tiring and time-consuming. Posting messages on a bulletin board will save time and increase performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Posting inspiration quotes can be a great way to motivate employees. Also, you can bulletin boards to post successful project completion and employee satisfaction to encourage employees.

What Is a Virtual Bulletin Board?

A virtual bulletin board is a TV screen that shows company announcements and news. They enable the company to communicate alerts and messages effectively. Creative and colorful announcements on the board help people retain information quickly.

What can be displayed on digital bulletin boards?

Digital bulletin boards provide freedom since you can relay different information formats that capture your employees' attention. 

Here's what you can display on virtual bulletin boards:

  • Slideshows
  • Traffic and weather reports
  • News and scrolling tickers
  • Event schedules
  • Internal updates
  • YouTube videos
  • Customized videos

5 Benefits of a Virtual Bulletin Board

You only need a TV and a cloud-based digital signage software platform to create a virtual bulletin board. These are TVs or screens employees see while walking around the office building.

Employees like information that is readily available on their screens. Bulletin boards allow you to effectively relay emergency messages, alerts, announcements, and other information.

Look at the following benefits of using a virtual bulletin board:

  • Offers dynamic content with better interaction: A virtual bulletin board is an excellent way to absorb information easily through graphics and videos. People can quickly grasp company updates, opportunities, and peer activities.
  • Saves time and effort: Information is updated at any time, saving time and effort for printing papers. The information on the screen is also live, for example, news, updates, commodity prices, etc.
  • Helps you display a lot of information: Digital bulletin boards allow you to display a lot of information at once. The data can't get lost in between, meaning people will view every piece of information.
  • Environment friendly: Displaying information on the screen helps minimize the number of papers you must print. Digital platforms are preferable changes in many companies.
  • Saves money: A digital bulletin board requires one investment and will save you printing costs that come with physical bulletin boards.

How Can Bulletin Boards Improve Internal Communication in the Organization?

Digital bulletin boards are a powerful communication strategy because they enhance mass communication. 

Most people don't read their emails, but they will see information displayed on a screen. 

Also, digital bulletin boards improve communication within the organization if specific topics show at particular times. Employees will communicate with other employees if they miss out on anything important. 

With more people working from home, companies need to improve internal communications

Virtual bulletin boards improve communication because they allow you to post announcements, news, and information to all your employees instead of one. 

You don't have to create emails for individual employees who might not go through their emails. 

So, ensure you have accessible screens in your company where people can view vital information and updates.

How Use Digital Bulletin Boards To Share Top-Down Announcements

You probably have some type of intranet, but how often do employee use that? What if you combined forces and had an intranet that also served as your digital bulletin board?

Friday makes it simple to get up and running in minutes (not months!) with flexible and customizable options that you can extend over time.

How does your message get seen?

How is it distributed?

It doesn't matter if you have great digital or virtual bulletin boards and people never see it or respond.

Posts in Friday make it simple to do this and in a way that people are sure to read.

Here's what the announcements and your company home would like in Friday. Employees would see it right when they log in, making this the optimal home for your most important things at work.

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