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10 Best Internal Communication Apps & Software for 2021

Posted by Alisha Shibli
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Back in the day, the only internal communication apps that employees used to communicate with each other in an organization were email or phone calls. Today, it’s a highly sophisticated communication system that goes beyond just getting a message across and looks at how the team can be more efficient overall.

What are the best internal communication software & apps?

1. Friday

Friday is an asynchronous remote operating system that glues together your most important things at work, helping your team to work from anywhere.

It all starts with the Planner, which helps individual employees roadmap their day. Then with routines, it's simple to provide updates to the whole team or to an individual manager on a routine basis. This function in Friday can cut your number of meetings in half. With Posts, you can bring the discussion out of the noisier chat apps and keep the conversation going. It's the perfect way to communicate internally--and asynchronously.

Best Features of Friday

• Share regular updates about what you are working on in a simple and automated way

• Keep the regular flow of information without another meeting

• Use Posts for richer, asynchronous discussion in a forum setting

• Keep company values front-and-center with the Company Handbook

• Celebrate each other with kudos

• Get to know each other with Team Profiles and icebreaker questions

See what Friday can do for your company.

2. Slack

What is Slack? It's an app that helps with business communication. It is great for organizing team projects, and easily communicating with your team members. On Slack, you can create chatrooms to organize your team members on projects. Slack also allows instant messaging and direct messages to specific people without having to message them through the company's main chatroom.

Slack can be quite noisy with lots of distractions, which is why you may want to consider integrating Friday with Slack. The Friday Planner with Slack can sync with your calendar, letting others know when you're in focus time. This mutes the notifications. You can also push notifications from Friday into Slack. With the Friday Slack integration, you can still prompt members to complete their team updates while also having a place for the most important things at first.

Learn more about how Friday integrates with Slack.

More Slack Resources:

3. Microsoft Teams

Format: Online, iOS, and Android mobile apps

Microsoft Teams is a great team collaboration and management software that helps with internal communication. It provides a simple chat-based hub for seamless teamwork and collaboration. It’s a straightforward and user-friendly tool that requires little to no time to set and get used to. You can have a real-time conversation on chat or do a video call and screen sharing--all from one platform.

Best Features of Microsoft Teams

  • Integrated with all Microsoft applications.
  • Unified platform for all kinds of communication (chat and video)
  • Straightforward and easy to set-up

What People Say About Microsoft Teams

“We use Microsoft Teams across the whole organization for internal communication. It is easy to use, notifications are on-point and the UI is clean and simple. It has a mobile application to make it much easier to access.” - TrustRadius 


  • $5 per user per month

4. Yammer

Format: Online, iOS, and Android mobile apps

Acquired by Microsoft, Yammer is an enterprise social network and  team communication software that allows team members to easily collaborate across different departments, geographies, projects, and business applications.

Best Features of Yammer:

  • Easily create and join groups relevant to your project and interests
  • Get answers to questions even when you’re not sure whom to ask
  • Keep all your important files in context by adding them to conversations

What people say about Yammer

"Had great features to really collaborate with your team. Being able to receive updates real time as well as messaging others was a great feature." - Capterra


  • $5 per user per month

Compare Microsoft Teams and Yammer.

5. Jostle 

Format: Online, iOS, and Android mobile apps

Jostle offers user-friendly visualizations that can help simplify complex processes. For example, you can create a matrix to show who does what in your team. It also allows you to filter employees by location, team, and other smart search categories. Another great advantage is that subject matter experts can manage their shared resource library without relying on the IT department to do it. 

Best Features of Jostle

  • Get complete ownership of your content without involving IT
  • Content targeting ensures that you only see content that’s relevant to you
  • The app automatically updates occur every 2 weeks


Contact Jostle to calculate your price based on how many people are in your organization. 

6. Simpplr

Format: Online

True to its name, Simpplr is a user-friendly internal communication app to use. It resembles a digital newsroom where your colleagues and you can share updates and project progress. Your team can use it as a people directory and a social media feed that helps with employee engagement. It’s easy to set up and use without the need for additional IT support.

Best Features of Simpplr

  • Social media intranet for communication and engagement
  • User-friendly interface
  • Resembles a digital newsroom

What people say about Simpplr

“It's very easy to find content on, the search function is fast and means you can get to where you are going without any pain and can get past all of the navigation structure.” -- G2


Contact Simpplr to get a personalized quote for your organization. 

7. Smarp

Format: Online, iOS, and Android mobile apps

Smarp is an employee messaging app that helps you reach each and every team member with relevant content whether they are at their desk or on the go. You can connect and collaborate with your colleague 1-on-1 or in a group with the platform’s built-in chat functionality. It also allows you to discuss and use secure transfer to send files, images, videos, and more at the click of a button.

Best Features of Smarp

  • Connect with your team members irrespective of where they are
  • Filter content by role, department, location, language, and more
  • Access Smarp with a personal email or phone number

What people say about Smarp

“It is so easy to use and really well formatted. Really nice layout and great as a branding and content sharing tool. SMARP is a great portal to deliver personalized content to everyone. It is super simple to find and share relevant content.” -- G2


Contact Smarp to get a personalized quote for your organization. 

8. SocialChorus

Format: Online, iOS, and Android mobile apps

The SocialChorus FirstUp communication platform is another one of the best internal communication apps for unified workforce communications. It gives all your employees a cohesive digital experience where everyone feels connected and aligned to the organizational goals.

Best Features of SocialChorus

  • Measure engagement and sentiment across your team
  • Smart search across all your systems, services, and resources—from one place.
  • Get targeted information to all your team members

What people say about SocialChorus

“SocialChorus has helped us reach more associates than ever before. We are now able to target communications to specific groups of associates and deliver information that is relevant to their location and role within the company.” -- G2


Contact SocialChorus to get a personalized quote for your organization. 

9. Workvivo

Format: Online, iOS, and Android mobile apps

Workvivo offers a familiar and intuitive internal communication tool that enables teams to stay engaged. Employees can share and engage with content via personalized activity feeds by liking, commenting, and sharing updates with their team members.

Best Features of Workvivo

  • Important information can be broadcasted to everyone
  • Reduces email dependency
  • Analyze your engagement through activity measurement and pulse surveys 

What people say about Workvivo

“Workvivo is very easy to use with a modern and engaging user interface. It is a great way to distribute content internally to our team and to ensure that each department is aware of the latest blogs, whitepapers and podcast releases.” -- G2


Contact Workvivo to get a personalized quote for your organization.

10. Chanty

Format: Online, iOS, and Android mobile apps

Chanty is a one-stop-shop for well-organized tasks, conversations, important messages, and all the content you share within a single employee communication app. It allows you to get easy access to the entire message history and easily find people from your team. It makes it easy for you to communicate and collaborate with your team from across the world.

Best Features of Chanty

  • Share different types of content (video, gifs, podcast) in a single app
  • Save cool and innovative ideas with pins
  • Share clean lines of code and get an instant reaction in a team chat

What people say about Chanty

“Chanty's remarkable feature is that it has a Team book feature that allows any team to create & organize tasks, conversations, annotated messages, & everything shared. Besides, it is also possible to send instant direct messages to any team members.” -- G2


  • Free
  • Business: $3 per user/ month

What is an internal communication app?

An internal communication app is a platform that teams use to communicate with each other. This goes beyond the traditional mediums including email and phone calls. With remote work on the rise, a lot of employees are no longer restricted to their desks. Also referred to as “deskless or mobile employees”, they don’t have access to their emails at all times. Therefore, an easy mobile-friendly solution is needed to keep everyone on the same page.

Thats’ where internal communication apps come into the picture.

What are some internal communication needs?

Clear employee communication, whether you’re a remote team or a co-located team, is paramount to achieving organizational goals. What once used to happen at the water coolers or through company bulletin boards now happens through internal communication apps.

Here are some internal communication modes that can help bridge any communication challenges.

1. Daily team huddles

Each team meets at the start or end of the day to discuss their goals, progress, questions, and give updates. This ensures that every member is on the same page and any problems are identified sooner rather than later. Learn more about the importance of daily huddles.

2. Weekly team updates

Team updates could be an organization-wide stand-up where each team looks at the big picture and checks in with everyone on their progress and next steps.

3. Virtual water cooler 

Like the watercooler talk but not sure where to start? You can set up channels in Slack where the team members can have non-work-related chats. They could share jokes, GIFs, and pretty much anything that’s casual and light-hearted.

Internal Communication FAQs

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