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See your calendar, tasks, and meetings in one place. Connect the multiple calendars you already use. Get the Friday online calendar planner for free. No credit card required.

Step 1

Integrate your personal & work calendars

Connect your online calendar with your task management tool. Or create a task list directly in Friday.

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Step 2

Roadmap your day

Start your day with a breakdown of time spent in meetings, tasks you need to accomplish, and more.

Step 3

Stay focused with the Chrome Extension

Set up focus time, block distracting websites, and join meetings. Your planner/calendar appears in each new tab.

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Step 4

Join video calls in one click from calendar/planner

Always know what you need to do next. Instantly access video calls with one click.

Step 5

Reflect on your day & improve

Create an automated check-in to recap your day, week, or month. Set due dates for your action items or move them to the next day.

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As the founder/CEO of a startup, I'm lucky to have 4 productive hours a day. Friday's planner makes me a better planner. It ensures I make time for the most important things.
As the founder/CEO of a startup, I'm lucky to have 4 productive hours a day. Friday's planner makes me a better planner. It ensures I make time for the most important things.
Ben Fisher, Founder/CEO @ Rodeo

How do I make an online calendar planner?

With Friday, you don't have to make your own! Friday is the easiest way to get started with an online calendar planner. You can connect all of your calendars and add tasks from the apps you already use. Import the project management tools you're already familiar with and roadmap your activities for the day. It's free to get started.

How do I best utilize my online calendar planner?

With Friday, you can glue many of your digital project and planning tools together. Connect to Google Calendar, Outlook, Asana, Todoist, Trello, ClickUp, Slack and Zoom. You can add tasks, multiple calendars, and roadmap your day with the Friday daily planner. This keeps you on task and focused. In Friday, you can get daily and weekly planner views.

How do I use Google Calendar as an online planner?

Setting up the default daily planner in Google takes a few minutes. In short, you need to visit Google Calendar and find the settings option for a particular calendar. Then, you need to find the "other notifications" setting under the calendar option. At the bottom, you should have the option to setup a daily agenda email.

But it's clear that Google didn't spend a lot of time improving this feature. You cannot connect multiple calendars, and your daily agenda is usually more than meetings.

Here's more on how to set up a planner in Google Sheets and how to set up a to-do list in Google Sheets.

Instead, if you signup for a Friday daily planner, you can integrate many of the tools you already use:

  • Connect your calendar (or multiple calendars)
  • Connect your task apps (Todoist, Asana, ClickUp, and others)

Friday glues all of your daily work together. You can configure a daily agenda notification to be sent. Unlike Google Calendar's default settings, you can pick a time that makes the most sense for you.

Online Calendar Planner FAQ

Learn more about how the Friday online planner and calendar glues your work together.

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